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KONQUEST's Alex Rossi: "Obviously, I’ve always listened to metal since I was a kid, but with the passing of the years I’ve been (and am) into Hardcore Punk, Progressive Rock, and stuff like that. I take inspiration from things that aren’t Metal."

Interview with Alex Rossi from Konquest
by Fred Bonanno at 09 December 2022, 12:33 AM

Alex Rossi is a one man, musical machine from Tuscany, Italy. His latest band KONQUEST released their second album “Time and Tyranny“ in October of 2022 (see Metal Temple revew from November 7, rated 9/10) where Alex wrote and sings all the songs, plays all the instruments as well as all studio mixing. Despite his hectic schedule, Alex was able to take some time and answer a few questions for writer Fred Bonanno.

Alex, thank you very much for taking time to answer a few questions and let our METAL TEMPLE readers get to know more about you and your musical career a little better. First, I know you’re busy, how are you doing?

I’m quite fine, thanks! And I hope you’re too. I’m busy yes, but with work, that unfortunately it isn’t music.. ahah!

Can you tell me about your start in music, and some history about your previous bands, DRAGNET, FATE and xDELOREANx?

I started back when I was 12, and around 14 I started with my first experiences and various bands, always playin’ in more than one, just to keep my mind busy. The bands you’ve mentioned are all playin’ different genres, as I like to space and express myself throughout all kind of metal and hardcore (xDELOREANx, indeed, was a powerviolence band). And so my bandmates do! We are all playin’ in more than one band, just to relax as little as possible!

You started KONQUEST in 2019 as a solo project, you just released the second full length album this October, “Time and Tyranny”. You play all the instruments as well as writing all the songs, which in itself, is impressive as hell, just how difficult, or maybe rewarding is a better word, is it being a “one man show”?

For me it’s even easier than working full with other people, I simply record and write the song as I want! Obviously in my other bands we all work together on the music and lyrics but this time I think I should try to do all by myself, just to hear what can come out and if the result could be good.

KONQUEST recently performed in June at the Up The Hammers Festival in Greece, which must have been amazing, you had a full band with you, tell me about those members and how you choice them?

The first Konquest live line up it’s not what it should be in the beginning ahahah, since for a reason or another the other guys I contacted originally for that gig were not available on that day. So I call some other friends that already play with me and it was very easy to rehearse the songs and then bring them live. But I eventually played with the “original“ line up on Keep It True Rising later in October, which has been great as well. I love to call people I’m friend to when I’ve got to do some gig, they’re all great people and musicians.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Obviously I’ve always listened to metal since I was a kid, but with the passing of the years I’ve been (and still I’m) into hardcore punk, progressive rock and stuff like that. I try to take inspiration from things that aren’t metal, most of the time.

I’ve seen a lot of comparisons to HEAVY LOAD, would you agree with that? Are there any bands you don’t mind being compared to?

I read it so many times ahahah, and yes, I have to say that they are one of my biggest influences, at least on the first album. And they say my vocals are similar to them too, but it’s a  coincidence: that it’s my true (not so good) voice! Sure they compare Konquest to Thin Lizzy, which are one of my another biggest influences and Iron Maiden (that’s obvious, it’s like sayin that anyone who print it’s influenced by Gutenberg!)

How did you start working with Bart Gabriel of Iron Oxide Records, he mastered your album, correct?

I simply posted Konquest first demo on the Keep It True page and he asked my if I wanted to make a full record. Than he released the first record and mastered both that and this new one.

I just listened to the “Time and Tyranny” album and found it excellent, I especially loved “The Light That Fades Away”, your lyrics are very intriguing and engaging, where do your songwriting inspirations originate?

Thank you so much! Actually the lyrics are the last thing I do for a song, some times I start working on it from a title that sounds cool to me, but the lyrics doesn’t talk about something in most cases. Some of that are about personal stuff, some more ermetic, and some are words that simply sounds good!

I personally felt the album was old school, traditional metal, but strongly influenced by your unique styling of strong hooks, intricate shifts, and meaty riffs, do you agree?

Yes, it’s obviously influenced by the classic stuff but I try to put my hardcore and pop influences on it. I like catchy stuff in general, so I try to find solutions that could bring someone to dance on those songs!

Of all the songs you’ve written, any particular favorite? Any with a special or personal meaning?

I have to say that my favorites are Too Late (the first one I wrote) and Something In The Dark. But not for special meaning, it’s because they sound cool to me!

I’m Italian, and super excited to be finally visiting my homeland next year in May, tell me a little about the area of Italy you grew up in, and how did it influence you personally and/or musically?

I live and I’ve always lived in Prato, Tuscany, very very near Florence (for those who doesn’t know) and there are some legendary metal bands from there (Strana Officina, Sabotage to mention some), but apart from them there are not so many italian bands that I like. The only thing that influenced me it’s the boring life we live there, we gotta do something to have fun ahah!

Please tell me about the future plans of Alex Rossi and KONQUEST moving forward?

I’m writing the next record at the moment, or at least some songs ideas, but I’m quite slow because there’s no more lockdown that force me to stay home writing stuff, eheh. So we will see!

Thank you again for letting us get into the mind of such a creative and talented musician, and I wish you all the best with KONQUEST, or any other possible projects you indulge in, and I hope I have a chance to see you play “live” in the near future.

Too kind, thank you! Hope to see you very soon.

Take care my fellow Paisano.

Grazie, ci vediamo!


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Edited 01 February 2023

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