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Kristian Enqvist (Rising Faith)

Interview with Kristian Enqvist from Rising Faith
by Makis Kirkos at 15 February 2001, 1:00 AM

Rising Faith, a new metal band from Sweden release their first mini-CD Imagination and we manage to talk with Kristian Enqvist - drums. Read what he told us...

First of all i would like you to tell us the history of the band and who are the members…

Well we started playing in the beginning of 99. After some months we recorded our first demo simply called Demo -99. The cd received good critics from the underground scence. We recruited a new guitarist in the year 2000 called Jimmie Bergqvist and recorded our new mini-cd Imagination in September the same year. The album was mixed and mastered by Andy Laroque. The members are: Kristian Wallin - Vocals and guitar, Jimmie Bergqvist - Guitar, Stefan Englund - Bass and me Kristian Enqvist - Drums.

Are you satisfied with the sales of your mini-cd until now?

Yes, we`re satisfied. Since we have no promotion-company or label helping us, we're happy with the way it's selling so far.

Lets assume that someone hasn't listen to Rising Faith before. How would you describe your music to him ?

Hard,Melodic Metal!

Which are your basic influences ?

Maiden,Helloween,Accept,Dio and Black Sabbath

Who write the songs and the lyrics ?Tell me few words about each one of the songs, their main story, not the deep meaning.

Kristian Wallin wrote all the songs on Demo -99 and with help from Jimmie he also wrote the stuff on Imagination. Kristian (Wallin) write all the lyrics so you have to ask him about the stories behind the songs…

Which are your favorites songs from Imagination and why ?

I think my favourite is Marching On the opening track 'cause it has it all - agressiveness,heaviness and it's melodic.

What about the cover of your mini-cd. Who's idea was it ? Is there any relation between the cover, the lyrics and the music ?

The cover is a drawing by a swedish guy called Pontus Aratoun and I found it while surfing the net. I was looking for a cool artwork without any monsters or stuff like that. I also came up with the title wich i think fits with the cover. At the same time (can you imagine?) Kristian had a text finished wich fit with the name Imagination

In which studios did you record the mini-cd? Are you content with the result ? Can you describe me the feelings that overwhelming you while you were recording Imagination…?

We recorded it at Los Angered Recordings, Sweden and we're very happy with the result. Andy is a great guy and have a lot of experiences.

Now let me ask you some general questions. How you describe your self as singer & guitarist and as personality ?

Hmm neither of that since i'm a drummer he he he. That's the hard part having two Kristian in the band :))

If you could jam with any musician, or alive, who would you choose ?

John Petrucci maybe - he seems to know a couple of riffs.

Where do you think the band will be in let's say 5 years from now?

Hopefully we will be touring with Maiden ha ha

If you weren't being a musician, what else do you think that you would do ?

I have no idea really…..

Ok, let's return to your album…Tell me a little bit about your touring plans…

No concerts planned at the moment…

Which is your biggest ambition ?

To be able to have the music as a full time job.

What can we expect in the future from Rising Faith ?

Right now we're writing new songs , so you can expect an heavy release 2001.

Thank you very much for your time. The last words belong to you…

Thank you for this interview and your interest in the band. To everyone else i want to remind you that you can order our cd from our website.


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