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Lasse Pyykko (Hooded Menace)

Interview with Lasse Pyykko from Hooded Menace
by Chelsea Jennings at 15 February 2015, 11:28 AM

Finnish Doom/Death band HOODED MENACE is making waves with their darkly, deadly and harsh soundscapes, originating from mastermind Lasse, previously of underground Finnish giants PHLEGETHON. With the new heavyweight album "Effigies of Evil" just released, it was prudent that Chelsea Jennings shared a few words with Lasse about the band's dark musings, the importance of CANDLEMASS in establishing their sound and future touring.

Hooded Menace recently released their latest full-length effort in Effigies of Evil. How has this latest full-length been received by the fans since its release?

Very well. I can´t complain.

Hooded Menace seems to write a lot of dark, heavy music. Exactly what inspires the band to write things that are this heavy and dark? Where does that inspiration come from?

The inspiration comes from various things, but mainly it´s the bands we grew up with, such as 80´s Candlemass, early Cathedral and Paradise Lost, Autopsy, Asphyx etc., as well as horror films - the 70´s Euro Horror in particular - and maybe the Finnish climate and nature has something to do with our "art" too.

Following the release of Hooded Menace’s Effigies of Evil what are Hooded Menace’s tour plans for 2015? Where are you looking forward to touring most and why?

At the moment we have only one show confirmed, and that is Heavy Days in Doomtown festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. As for other gigs and tours, I´d rather not speak about as of yet.

What were the primary inspirations behind the writing of the latest album Effigies of Evil?

Basically the things listed for the question #2, but of course we refine the sound a little bit for every new album.

What song off of Hooded Menace’s latest Effigies of Evil is your personal favorite and why? How did this song come to be, and what inspired the writing of that song?

It depends the day really, but I think Crumbling Insanity is one of the best songs we have ever written. I´m really digging those melodies that carry the song, and I think there´s even a little bit of good old 80´s Metallica vibe in there. The lyrics are based on the movie The Fall of the House of Usher. Crumbling Insanity is also our sole official music video.

What exactly are the Effigies of Evil that are being discussed on this album?

People can interpret it in their own way.

If you could personally pick a few bands to tour with Hooded Menace for this album who would you choose and why?

Since we don´t want this to get totally out of hand and absurd I suppose, I try to keep it somewhat realistic and go with Derketa/Loss/Hooded Menace -tour. That would be deadly.

Candlemass is clearly a massive influence on the music of Hooded Menace. Would you ever consider touring with Candlemass if the opportunity arose, or have you every toured with them before?

We haven´t toured with them, but if an opportunity came our way, we´d jump on it for sure. Playing the same stage at Hellfest was as close as we have got (laughs). When I think of doom metal, I think of Epicus Doomicus Metallicus.

Where do you envision Hooded Menace going beyond touring that goes on behind the latest release Effigies of Evil? Where do you want to see Hooded Menace go in the next five or ten years?

After the release of Effigies of Evil, we have played a lot of good festivals here and there, and invaded the US for the second time, plus played Canada for the first time… A lot of great things have happened since Effigies of Evil. I hope we´ll be able to make a proper European and North American tours within the next few years. Nothing massive, but a little bit longer trips than what we´ve done in the past. If reasonable offers come our way, we´ll do it. Maybe something is cooking already…

Finally, what accomplishment of Hooded Menace makes you the proudest and why?

Just the fact that we´ve got this far for doing what we genuinely love to do is amazing, especially as I had zero expectations when we started. At first I didn´t plan to play any shows at all with the band, so now looking back to see what amazing places we´ve been to, playing Roadburn, USA twice, Hellfest etc., it´s still pretty surreal to me. I never thought I´d actually enjoy doing gigs, but that has changed, I guess. The split with Asphyx is one of the highlights for sure. It´s not like you get to share a wax with one of your inspirations every day, you know. It´s weird, man.


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