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Leif Edling (Candlemass)

Interview with Leif Edling from Candlemass
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 03 June 2008, 6:44 AM

CANDLEMASS were upon US soil after 17 years and the Metal Temple could not but be there to cover the band's show in Chicago. With the kind help of Charles Elliott from Nuclear Blast and the band's tour manager Niller Bjerregaard I scheduled a nice and really interesting interview with the Doom man Leif Edling!

Why did it take you 17 years to come to the US?

Well, nothing happened in the 90s and now that I think of this it's like why it took us 12 years to come to Greece! Actually, it was easier for us to come to Greece than get here in the US. You know, it's really expensive to get here. So, we took the first opportunity that showed up. I cannot think anything else. (laughs)

Now that you have seen both audiences, European and US can you find differences between them?

(thinking) We have die-hard fans wherever play like in Greece, Germany, Sweden and now we found out that we do have some in the US. We have managed to build a solid fanbase that supports us wherever we play. Ok, sometimes we do have small crowds but hell they are into the band. In the bottom line this is what it really matters to have in the crowd the people who really like the band.

I totally agree with you. Do you think that reunions are actually not that good idea? Because you have been there…

Yeah, I think that it's really up to the band; if people want to play and have fun I think they should do it. Of course sometimes you wonder why this band does a reunion? They were crap before so they will be crap again (laughs). I am not mentioning any names here…

Ok let's move on then. Do you think since Rob is also with SOLITUDE AETURNUS might cause troubles in CANDLEMASS' program.

Absolutely not. I think that it is good for us because he is already known he brings extra credit to the band.

That's pretty honest from you. I read on your website that you would film yesterdays' show in New York, so how did it go?

Actually we did not film the show.


Mmm I think there were some problems with the negotiations with the camera crew that did not show up! I guest that it might have been some misunderstanding between them and the manager or the record label. To be honest with you I don't know what actually happened and I was pretty disappointed when the cameras weren't there.

Will you make another attempt to film a US show?

No, it supposed to be done in New York and the camera crew was from there. So we cannot afford to get on the road. There won't be a DVD shooting in this tour. Well, apart from our own cameras and stuff.

What about the Lucifer Rising EP? Can you give us some details?

We have recorded it and it is going to be released on September. It will contain two new tracks, Demon's Gate sung by Rob and some live recorded songs.

Are these tracks totally new or leftovers from the King Of The Grey Islands?

No, they are brand new tracks and the live tracks are from Greece, from the Gagarin205 concert. It was a great show!

Now that you mention that, I have been in all of your Greek shows and last time I noticed that you had a big smile on your face. You were really enjoying being on-stage.

Yeah we do have great time on-stage.

So, Rob's addition to the lineup changed the atmosphere in the band?

Yeah we definitely have much better atmosphere in the band. We have more fun as a band and I think this is the way it should be. Everyone seems to have more fun and actually feels more relaxed. With Messiah things were difficult because he made it that way. Now it is totally a different thing like night and day. It's like walk in the park being in CANDLEMASS!

What about the next album, do you have any thoughts about it?

Most of the tracks are ready and when we return home after the US tour in the middle of June, we will do some more live dates, then we will have some vacation time during July and finally on August get on the studio to record it.

Musically were it stands?

(thinking) Well, I think it will be better than the King Of The Grey Islands that was better than the white album. So, we will continue in this pattern (laughs). Basically, it is pretty much in the same vein and I can surely say that I am very pleased with it.

Have you ever thought or re-recording albums like Chapter VI Dactylis Glomerata or From The 13th Sun?

No, I don't think so. The rest of the guys were not in the band in those albums \[edit: obviously he did not mean Chapter VI]. I am playing songs from that albums with my other band KRUX.

Ok, so now that you mention it, what are the latest news from KRUX?

We are still together. We did some shows the last two years and hopefully we will do some more during the autumn.

Will you do another album?

Yeah, absolutely! Fredrik (Akesson) is busy with OPETH and I am busy with CANDLEMASS but definitely the next year we are going to do another album.

Do you think that the changes in the Music industry with the significant drop in the CD sales will have an effect to the bands?

It is true that the record companies are loosing money and this has done really difficult for band to get a decent contract. And this is a shame because if the bands cannot get contracts then they will not make music and there will be nothing to download! In the end this situation will backfire to all the downloaders. People have to understand that this eventually hurts the band. You know what I think; downloading is theft! I know some say that it would be free but why we don't get cars for free and other stuff we want?

 So, is Leif an easy person to work with?

Hell yeah you know when Messiah was out of CANDLEMASS it is a democracy again! If you ask the others in the band they will say that I am the easiest person on the planet to work with. Everybody has a will and an personal opinion. It's a piece of cake being in CANDLEMASS.

If you look back to your career can you say that you feel satisfied?

Yeah, I mean we are happy to be here. You know, we were very close to split up with all the problems with Messiah. So, I feel pretty fortunate to be able to stand and talk to you about CANDLEMASS, signing autographs and hopefully we will have a good show tonight.

Ok, Leif it was a pleasure talking to you!

Thank you too man and I will see you in Greece!


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