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Leon Vinders (Seven Ends)

Interview with Leon Vinders from Seven Ends
by Angela "MetalDancer" Van Der Kreeft at 30 September 2012, 3:39 PM

Though there have been so many bands of the same fusion of genres, between Thrash and Death Metal,  nothing would stop the SEVEN ENDS to barge in hard, with blood and guts. Recently the band released its debut album “To The Worms”, which also got them a contract in Massacre Records. MetalDancer talked with guitarist Leon Vinders about the band and the new album. 

Hello Leon how are you doing? Thanks for taking the time for this interview for Metal Temple. How did Seven Ends get to be the name of the band?

The band was named Seven Ends before I joined, but I’ve heard it was formed in a drunk brainstorm session of Cor.

What made you join the Dutch Wacken Metal Battle?

We wanted to play at Wacken Open Air!!

What is your favorite memory of playing at the Wacken open air festival in Germany?

The whole show was GREAT and of course seeing some circle pits and dust clouds coming from the crowd was also GREAT.

How did you come up with the title “To The Worms”?

We had a couple of titles to choose from, I don’t know exactly why we picked To The Worms as the best choice….It sounds cool, and you can explain it in different ways. When you’re dead and buried, you can say you go to the worms, because they will eat you. But when you have are a wormbreather and you need to check your wormpopulation you can also say: I will go TO THE WORMS and check if they’re still ok….

Did one of you wrote the music or are the songs the result of the band co-writing?

For the lyrics: Jan writes all the lyrics, Music: Ricardo came up with the ideas for the songs and we played with them during rehearsals until we were all satisfied with the result.

Which of the songs on the album “To The Worms” did you experience as the most complex one to put together and why?

Chained was the hardest, because it’s full of fast string picking.

How did Andy Classen get involved into mixing and mastering the album “To The Worms”?

We checked some mixes from other bands that we liked. We found that Andy’s name was on a lot of them. So we just asked if he was interested in doing it for us.

Which of the songs on the album did you experience as the most easy and fun to play?


How would you describe your music, in which genre(s) would you place the album “To The Worms”?

Thrash Metal!

Is there anything specific that you want to share about the album?

If you like fast aggressive Thrash Metal you will need To The Worms!!!

Anything else you would like to share with the readers?

Keep headbanging, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…, don’t drink and drive, say no to drugs, love your neighbor, don’t worry be happy, but don’t show, stay cool…buy our album “To The Worms”.

Leon, I would like to thank you for this interview, I wish you all the best and to the guys. Good luck with the new release.



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