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Leon (Mutala)

Interview with Leon from Mutala
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 22 June 2008, 9:01 PM

It has only been a while since the devastating new album of Italian metallers MUTALA blew me away with its technique and melodic brutality. When I finished my review I immediately contacted the band for a small interview. The band's singer Leon was more than kind to answer a few questions and here is what he had to say…

Hello there! Congratulations on your latest album and of course welcome to the temple of Metal, since this is the first time you are featured in our magazine…

Thank you very much for your invitation and we wish to be very faithful disciples of your Temple!

Many people don't know you so I would like you to give us some information about MUTALA. How did this whole story started?

MUTALA story started in 1999 when the brothers Febe (bass) and Femto (drums) started the first session. After two months I and Kohl (guitar) joined the band. Our idea was to play Death Metal music with some melodic influences, so we played the first gigs and recorded the demo-CD What Hates Will Kill in 2000. After one year we signed with an Italian label, Nocturnal Music, and in 2002 we printed our first full length Carnivorous Disposition. On the thrust of the approval of this album, we turned out to play some gigs in Germany and Slovenia. In 2004 we stopped our live experience due to some logistic problems, but we decided to continue to write new songs. These songs were registered last year and then we signed a new deal with another Italian Label, Sweet Poison, that had printed our new full length. Cloning Wicked Minds is out from May of this year!

You released an EP in 2000 and your debut album in 2002. Why did it take you 6 years to release something again?

When we begun this fantastic musical adventure we were all together in our native city and we had much time to play, after 2002 because of our jobs we moved to different cities. So you can imagine how difficult it was to create music and play once or twice per month; just our big passion for this music and our friendship allowed us to survive and to express our ideas in Death Metal.

Why did Marco Aromatario leave the band?

We have to thank Marco very much, like other friends, Stefano Pomponio (now guitar player in NATRON), Francesco Mastrorosa, Mike Tarantino (ex NATRON singer), for their big help during our band life. They were very good live session musicians and people. Now Marco is playing with EXHUMED, a very sick brutal Death band from our region.

Was it hard for you to find a label? How did you manage to sign with Sweet Poison Records? Are you satisfied with them?

After recording, we sent the CD to various labels, and Sweet Poison Records answered us very early. We accepted their very good and efficient collaboration. They're spreading our music around the world, by working in a very professional way, and, believe me, it isn't too easy to find such a label in Italy. So for a small Death Metal band like us their work is very satisfactory.

How would you describe your music?

MUTALA plays Death Metal at 360°! Whoever loves old school Death, technical brutal and melodic influences can enjoy our music. We like plaiting the best part of technical brutal Death Metal made in USA with a lot of melodic riffs typical of European Death Metal. We like to define our music Mediterranean only to specify our southern origin, our open attitude to various influences and cultures.

Which bands have influenced your sound?

We love CARCASS and SUFFOCATION. I think these bands are fundamental for our music style, they are the great connection between old and modern Death Metal. We try to play in this way too.

Have you scheduled any live appearances to promote Cloning Wicked Minds?

The promotion of the new work started in February, with some concerts in our region, after we had two gigs in Rome, but we will be on stage from September. We're planning also some important appearance in Death Metal festivals around Italy. For us the most important part of our activity is the live exhibition, the contact with fans and people we meet in our concerts. We don't play to have success, we don't play for exhibition, the people, the clubs call us and we honor them as better as possible with devastating performances. For us it is the same to play in front of 10 or 1000 people!

What impressed me a lot in your new album was the instrumental track, which was an incredibly beautiful composition! Who had the idea of featuring a more melodic track in Cloning Wicked Minds and who has written it?

All riffs in Cloning Wicked Minds are written by Kohl, melodic track included. It was born from classic guitar studies of Kohl, and usually in every MUTALA CD you can listen to an instrumental melodic track. We like these compositions; MUTALA is a place where we can express all our ideas, sensations and feelings.

Would you like to tell us a few things about the production of Cloning Wicked Minds?

Cloning Wicked Minds is a reproduction of our personalities and ideas, so we decided to record it with the help of a good friend of us as producer. So we recorded all the instrumentals and vocals with Antonio Tafaro, a good sound engineer and a great fan of Death Metal. Then we mixed in long sessions with him.

Thank you for your time and keep up the good work! The last words are yours…

I love to terminate all the interviews inviting all of you to our gigs. But in this moment it's so difficult for us to play in your country so I will thank you for the support and I will invite all the readers to visit our web site ( to discover our music.


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