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Less Than Human (Dinos)

Interview with Less Than Human from Dinos
by Makis Kirkos at 01 January 2001, 1:00 AM

Less Than Human is an extreme metal band from Greece, that 6 months ago they have released their debut album named To Bleed True. We managed to speak with Dinos (guitar) and there is what he told us...

Hail Dino, first of all congratulations for your album…

Hello Maki, thank you very much.

 Well since that you aren't yet most known abroad, i would like to tell us the history of the band and who are the members…

Less Than Human formed at the end of 1996 by Dimitris Traskas (bass-vocals), Argiris Papadopoulos (guitar), Alekos Spanidis (drums) and Dinos Hrisohoidis (guitar). Since then until now we have release a demo with 3 tracks that it take the first place as Demo of the month to the Greek Metal Hammer Magazine, then we release a promo that drive us to our contract with the English Yperano Records. Before the recording of our debut album Argiris Papadopoulos left from the band and Grigoris Vartholomeos (guitar) take his part. Also 2 months before Petros Karaphillides (bass) came in, so Dimitris handle only with the vocals right now.

 How were the things at Fairviews Studios that you have record your album?

Well at Fairvies Studios that we did the recording the things was really good. Awesome organization and professionalism something that miss from studios here in Greece. As for the abbey road that the mastering completed, the comments are superfluous (oasis, madonna, beatles, e.t.c.).

Which are your basic influences?

I wouldn't tell it exactly influences but seems more like hearing's that thoose are Metallica, Sepultura, Machine Head, Hentrix e.t.c. The bands that we used to hear all those years at our grow up. Sure all those hearing's you may hear it at our album, but it wasn't something that happened expressly. Do you now any band without influences?

Of course no, lets assume that someone hasn't listen to Less Than Human before. How would you describe your music to him?

Even i don't like labels, i could describe it as new-thrash or more overall extreme metal. A mix with some reports of old thrash metal and some new and hardcore elements.

 Who write the songs and the lyrics?

Even that the music composed mostly from me and Dimitris (vocals), anyone into the album has pass his element, his kind of play so there is a multiformity at our tracks and that is why i can explain to someone our music. Each of us in the band hears different kind of things from Dream Theatre to Napalm Death.

 Tell me few words about each one of the songs…

Our album start with a track called Megafool and it talks about the impose of the religion at our age and for some priests that they want to bring around for something that not even they believe. Perfect Time To Explode, again talks for the anger of a human overall with what happens around him, only plastic faces…visards…Our third track Whos Fault ? Speaks for a human that always exploit and spend you, but this time he will pay. Keep Your Distance, the same subject and here..people with exceptionable action and affront. Our fifth track Trigger Happy speaks for the girlfriend of a friend of mine, that she suicide cause she couldn't forgive him from what he do to her.

 So except from the politic and the social lyrics, you also have tracks that concern your personal life…

Yes of course, then comes Broken By You …the title it says it all, only bitterness. But also that track says how we see the world.

 Which is your favorite song and why?

Probably the Broken By You, because i am sentimentally tied with it. I wrote it to a very difficult period of my life.

 Well let's go on to the production, who is responsible for the production? Are you satisfied with the final result ..are there something that you want to change?

Well the for the production responsible is the American John Cuniberti (Satriani, Forbidden, Dead Kennedys, Xentrix, Violance, e.t.c.). We are fairly satisfied with the final result because the sound came up more different parallel with other bands with our style and also that we don't hear like a Greek metal band. Surely we would like to change some things cause we always are unappeased, maybe because we have aloft standards.

 What about the cover of your album. Who's idea was it?

The rationable is of all the band but at the point the thing that we have in thought came up like that because of our graphic artist, who really is a great talent for every thought, he know to impress it to the pc monitor.

 Which is the relation between the cover, the lyrics and the music?

Well, all together seems to say one thing… anger, iron and bitterness. The music which you can feel the anger, the lyrics that you can hear the iron and the bitterness. Like the cover just like the name, that is exactly what we want to mention…Less Than Human. All those that happens around us are less than human…friendship's, relationship's, action and all that.

 How would you describe a live Less Than Human performance?

(laughs) Lot's of whipping, even here you can see our expel for those who are less than humans. Truly we are a live band.

 Ok, now some general questions…Tell me an entertaining or funny story concerning the band…

(laughs) We are in England and we recording the album, at track Keep Your distance in the middle i sing…be careful what you do..e.t.c. , so i didn't like how it ends and after a few seconds as i was singing (yell) and because i didn't like it i did a sound, somethink i say, and that like the producer, so we keep it. If you hear the track you will hear it very clear it's like a bliarghrgh.

I keep that in mind… Other than being a musician, what else do you do?

I was working on a safe company for the last 6 years but the gone Friday they send me away….Your mind Mr. Dino is somewhere else so, you are not the right person for that job they told me, of course you understand where is my mind.

 Yes i got the point…If you could jam with any musician, dead or alive, whom would you choose?

Without a second thought ..Cliff Burton, that guy was really a gamin.

 Apart from music, do you like any other kind of art?

Well overally i am nagging with the arts (laughs).

 Which is your biggest ambition?

Overall we don't have big ambitions in spite of close plans. Step by step that is, but we do have big standard's that's why we are so hard with ourselves.

 Are you satisfied with the sales of your debut album?

Well, out of our country send round at this time so i don't now what happens. As about Greece and specially northland for 2 months it goes really over good. Truly we are very satisfied with the sales. Just think that only in our city, Thessalonica, it sales 500 cd's.

 Let's talk about your touring plans…On the 14th of June you will appear live at Athens supporting Rage Against The Machine. How came up that cooperation?

It's very simple, when we were playing live at X-Club here in Thessalonica some people from the organizer company, DiDi Music, saw us and they like us. So they make us a proposal and we accept it. At last a support that is near to our kind of music, until now we have support only death and thrash metal bands.

 Which are your plans for the summer?

We want to make an our festival with extreme metal bands in some place near a beach, with tattoo bench's and generally a party scene with the cooperation of a club. We also write new songs and we are looking for a new record company. We want to release a single in cooperation with Alone Music (Record) Shop, one or two new songs with a remix.

 As my final question…. Is there any message that you want to send to the metal fans?

I truly want to thank all those people who support us at our 4-year career as a band and the fans of our music, which is METAL. We have to throw away all the labels and the blinkers that we are carrying for so many years. Support the Greek Scene, truly it has many to give just search in deep and not in top…Don't just hear, LISTEN!!!


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