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Leve Laiter (Red Rose)

Interview with Leve Laiter from Red Rose
by CJ "Music God" Plain at 29 March 2013, 11:11 PM

“On the Cusp of Change” is the dynamic and powerful new album by melodic Power Metal upstarts RED ROSE. The musicianship is outstanding and top notch. Vocalist Leve Laiter has an incredible range and plays off the music perfect. CJ had the chance to speak with him about the new album, which is now available through Scarlet Records

First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with us today and congratulate you on an amazing record. The new CD is stunning.

Thank you very much!

Let's start with the basics, who handles the songwriting in the band and what are some of the things that influence the songs?

Well, first of all, the songwriting is a long and a rocky road that we’re taking, and none of us can stay away from it. We chose this way and we are proud of it.
What about the influences of the songs? Honestly - I have no idea. Probably we’re just trying to write something that we feel – and it can be anything.

What was it like working with the incredible drummer, Matan Shmuely?

He is a good guy, and a good musician. He contributed a lot to the new album with his great drumming skills and creativity. It was a pleasure to work with him!

As I was listening to the CD, I was struck by how similar Leve's vocals are to Michael Sweet of STRYPER. Is this something that you've ever noticed? (I mean this in a terrific way. I am a HUGE STRYPER fan.)

Shame on me, but I've never heard about Michael Sweet and STRYPER before the day when I read a  couple of reviews that said my voice sounds like a voice of Michael Sweet. But now I know who is this guy, and he is GOOD!

Who are some of the bands musical idols and influences?

Well… It's hard to say, there are so many great bands. Of course DEEP PURPLE, URIAH HEEP, NAZARETH, DOKKEN, and many many many more… And how could I forget about QUEEN. They are fathers of this music.

If you could put together a "DREAM TOUR" with any bands, what bands would you love to tour with?

My dream is a tour with URIAH HEEP, but it's only my dream. I have no idea what other guys are dreaming about. But honestly it doesn't matter - any TOUR is cool. Am I right?

So, tell us more about the state of the music scene in Israel. Are there lots of bands there?

My guess is that the music scene in Israel is very very big and cool, but not for the music we’re playing. And yes – in our country we have a lot of good musicians and great singers, and of course, bands – yes, we have a lot of bands here.

I particularly love the keyboards and synthesizer sounds on the song “Original Sin.” What effects were used to achieve the sound?

You know, we have a great keyboard player, and any solos he plays I really like. I'll tell you what effects were used, hhh: heart, soul, brain, hands, and Danish beer!  :)

Will the band be doing any touring or festivals this year?

Yes, of course we'll do it. Anyway we believe that we will do it.

Will the band be doing further videos from this CD or is there any chance or a LIVE DVD possibly?

I am not so sure about live DVD, but what I know is that we'll make our second video as soon as we can. And it’s gonna be really cool!

Lastly, give a shout out to the band's sponsors or anyone that has made your dream possible.

I wanna say thanks to all of you: our parents, friends, fans and ‘Metal Temple’. Thank you for spending time with us!
p.s. We love you.


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