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Liam Cornier (Cancer Bats)

Interview with Liam Cornier from Cancer Bats
by Tim Bolitho-Jones at 17 March 2015, 4:46 AM

Canada’s premier noise-makers Cancer Bats have one hell of a year ahead of them, with expectations set high for new album "Searching For Zero". Tim caught up with vocalist Liam Cornier to find out some more about their forthcoming album ‘Searching For Zero,’ what it’s like working with Ross Robinson and whether he can school us on the Wu-Tang Clan (spoiler, he can):

Hi Liam, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. First up, you guys have a new album out soon, what can we expect from ‘Searching For Zero?’

I'm so excited for the album to finally be out ! I think everyone can expect some serious bangers that just rip by ! This album is as if you put a mic down in a sweaty basement show where we rip 33 minutes of new jams to a packed room of party animals just feeding off of sonic destruction.

The early reports are that it’s a very aggressive and nasty hardcore album, was it a conscious decision to ramp up the heavy or was it just a natural progression?

I think it was just a natural progression of the band. We'll always keep things heavy and gnarly, even when we try and write more melodic and different songs like Satellites and it still comes off as a heavy punk song haha I also think that Ross brought a lot of that out of us while in the studio, really pushing us to tap into every raw emotion connected to every song.  A lot of the songs came from some very dark places, and Ross's goal is to capture all of that on the record.

Did you get much pressure from the label to follow up on the success of ‘Dead Set On Living?’

We had just signed to a new label for this album and they were so supportive of everything we wanted to do.  From taking time off before writing and then taking almost 6 months to writing the new album and even wanting to go to California to record with Ross, they were with us the whole way. It was amazing to finaly be working with someone who would be that supportive.

This is your first time working with Ross Robinson, how did that come about?

We had just heard that he was working with bands again and was stoked to work on something really heavy. So I got his phone number and gave him a call and with in 10 minutes we were hanging out and talking about all the same ideas of what we wanted to do with this album. I went back into band practice and told the rest of the band "Ross is the best and we're totally going to record with him" Then fast forward and were in Venice Beach hanging out with the best dude ever!

You’ve cited a few left-field influences before like the Indie band Fleet Foxes, were you listening to any other bands that might surprise people while recording this album?

I think people always get surprised when we tell them what we listen to haha I listened to that new Beck album a ton while writing this record. I found that album really inspiring as someone who can never be categorized for what he should or shouldn't be in the music industry. We've been listening to the new Budo's Band "Burnt Offerings" I find listening to different styles of music just opens up new ideas and approaches to song writing that we then apply to metal and punk.

Which songs are you most looking forward to playing live?

There's a bunch of songs I cant wait to try out live. The one I'm maybe most excited for is BUDS we've been jamming that in the last few days and its going to be such a BANGER live!!!

You famously played six shows in one day back in 2012, can we expect a repeat of The Pentagram Tour or do you have any other surprises in store?

The only craziness that we have lined up so far is our 1 off show were flying to Japan for tomorrow. We haven't been to Japan in 5 years and we just got this opportunity to go and play 1 show in Tokyo but since its so close to the record release we're only going for the 1 day and then flying home. We'll spend more time in the air than we will in Japan hahaha we're always up for madness so I'm sure crazy things will come up again like the Pentagram tour.

You’ve got a pretty packed tour schedule for the next few months, do you have any favourite places to play?

We love touring in Europe. There's so many amazing cities to play and rad people who come out to the shows. You guys have such an amazing scene and we feel very lucky to be a part of.

Do you have any plans to resurrect Bat Sabbath?

I think Bat Sabbath will always be around and looking to make an appearance here and there. I think we might even play a few Sabbath songs when we go to Japan next week.  For us its tons of fun to do and always ends up being a total party, so i think we'll always keep it around. I couldn't see us ever not wanting to have fun.

Lastly, we have a question submitted by one of our website regulars. This is from a Mr. O D Bastard, of New York City. He writes “I know you guys rip it hardcore like porno flick bitches, but do you roll with groups of ghetto bastards with biscuits?”

Sounds like Mr Bastard is quoting Inspecta Deck and trying to bring the ruckus bring the mother fucking ruckus bring the mother fucking ruckus. All i can say to that is "so bring it on, bring it on, bring it on……….."

Liam thanks very much for your time.


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