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Interview with Lined from Lined
by Craig Rider at 04 September 2020, 12:07 PM

Spanish Melodic Death Metallers LINED release their sophomore album "Soulcrifice" on June 12th, 2020. Today, Metal Temple writer Craig Rider have the opportunity to review these metal maniacs in question of the new record here's what he asked.


Hello guys, how are things surrounding you and the current situation of these unfortunate events of Covid-19? It is a pleasure to be interviewing you today.

Hello and thanks for having us, it’s a real pleasure! In these dark days everything surrounding our relatives and our health issues are okay, we’ve had our problems in other scopes of the life, but we can’t complain at all.

How has the success been revolving around the new record? I know I loved it!

Thanks for your words! We have received a lot of good comments regarding our new record, a lot of positive reviews, so we are extremely happy about it. Whenever you make a new record, song… you never know how people will react to it, we were happy with the final result of Soulcrifice, and seem that the public is also.

Who came up with the album's initial concept, and what was the decision to create such a complexly dynamic record as well as being brutally heavy?

This album is the result of a hard work, especially of our two group-founding members that are still in the band (Andoni, guitarist and Ruben, drums). Their initial concept was to make an album like Soulcrife, take time to create a good album of Metal. Of course all the others have put their grain of sand to the album also. We all wanted to create something significant, use all the ingredients we had and made our best.

How long did it take to complete the recording process?

We have had our ups and downs through the years, but the idea of recording the album came in the beginning of 2019, when Aitor (our singer), entered the band. Before that we had most of the songs made already, so after that we polish them all in the way wanted to sound. Lots of rehearsals after we decided it was the right time to record our album, so in the summer of 2019 we entered the studio.

Would you say that this one is more ambitious than the debut?

It is true that this record is more elaborated than the first one; we have taken our time to complete it the way we wanted. The first one was more like an introduction or a presentation of LINED, but Soulcrife is a confirmation that we are here to stay. Is an album that in our opinion shows a more mature sound, with perhaps more ingredients and different things than the first one. With this album we wanted to make clear that Lined has a lot of things to contribute to the metal scene.

Did things come naturally on the learning curve front for such riffs, vocals and pummellings?

Definitely yes! It is unquestionable that time and experience gives you new ideas, opens your mind in terms of musical learning, and you evolve as a musician. So your riffs are different, you can amplify your vocal range, you can improve your skills…

Who's responsible for the songwriting process, and what was the main ingredient in forging the borderline foundation of the overall product?

From the start of the band the songwriting process has started by the hand of Andoni and Ruben mostly, they create the so called the basement of the song. After that all of us contribute with ideas to shape the song , that can be instrumental, concepts, lyrical… or whatever.

Who were the main influences that helped shape this album, if any, or did things just come by original perspective?

All of us have different tastes, from The Beatles to Darkthrone, so our influences are very varied. With that being said, is true that we have bands in common that we like a lot, like The Haunted, Pantera or Arch Enemy. But we never take anyones music as reference to create our own, we don´t want to sound like anyone else, we want to sound like Lined. So our music is mainly what comes to us naturally, without forcing to sound like a certain band or in a certain style. We always try to create songs that have our mark, with an original perspective.

What was the reasoning behind changing the band name from BLASFEMIA to LINED?

It was simply a change in the formation of the group. Blasfemia was a different thing, then some of the members were replaced and it started all as LINED.

How many hours or even days were spent when in the studio, did everyone complete said task proficiently and coherently?

We recorded Soulcrifice in Auryn Studios with Tristan Iñiguez, a very good professional in these issues, so that made our work a lot easier. We knew for what reason we were there for; to record our album the best we could, so we prepared ourselves with consciousness. Each of us made a great work, giving all we had, but here has to be mentioned the extreme hard work of Andoni, our guitarist, that made an outstanding work in the studio.

Was there any light-bulb moments that made you want to include something at the last minute?

We don´t remember any special moment to tell you the truth hehe but there are always last minute doubts, so we are sure that there were some things that were include in the last minute, but nothing big.

Were there any heated moments?

Fortunately we get on well with each other, and apart from the typical band “disputes” we don´t argue very much, cause all of us are very focused in this project and we always do the best for the band.

When this epidemic is over, what will be the first thing you do when life returns to normal, tour the record extensively?

That would be ideal! In this moment we are rehearsing and improving or perfecting our direct show, so when all this epidemic is over be ready to present Soulcrifice with full force.

Who's the newcomer of the band, did they slow you down at all or anyone in particular have any struggles with anything?

Aitor, our singer, entered the band in the beginning of 2019 and Iker, our bassist, entered in the summer of 2019, and both of them brought energy and new ideas to the band, always ready to give 100%, so it was a blast of fresh air for us.

This one is on my mind a lot, can you answer this question about what you do with any kind of earnings in this career and is it an income that would be considered reliable for everyday living? Or is it purely your passion/hobby?

For the moment this is our hobby, we don´t get any personal earnings from the band, and all the earnings we have, we reinvest them in the band. In a future would be our dream to make a living from the band, because music is our passion, but nowadays is impossible.

Why did you choose the sub-genre Melodic Death Metal? What makes it a driving force for you as an artist?

We never chose to make any special sub-genre to be fair, is something that comes out naturally. We come up with different rhythms/riffs, and if in our opinion they are cool or we like them, we start creating the song. Of course, we are Metalheads, so what comes out is obviously Metal, and after that we don´t really care very much about the “sub-genre”, as long as if we all like it.

Who designed the artwork, and what was the concept behind its design?

The artwork was made by Adolfo Warbanner, an awesome artist that has help us a lot with all of our designs in “Soulcrifice” (album cover, shirt desingn…). We told him of the concept was the album about, what we wanted to transmit, and he really nailed, he did a great job! We wanted to show or represet all those things that us as human beings accept, and in the same way “kills” us. We all live very comfortable in an injust society and slowly is rotting us all. The “creature” that is in the cover is that “evil” thing that control us.

What are your current thoughts on the current crisis, would you like to say your piece or is it something that you would just prefer to ignore?

We think that this current crisis is going to change everything in this society. A lot of the things we know won´t be same after this, and the governments across the world have to deal now with a really big problem. From now on we have to restructure all our economic and social system, cause we all have seen that this doesn´t work, so is in our hands to make a change for the better of the society and of the world.

I think that'll do nicely, LINED - thank you very much for taking the time for me to interview you today. I wish you well in your future projects, and I hope you will keep yourself safe in these troubling times. Cheers for "Soulcrifice"! It was a brusing banger for sure! Take care now matey!

Thank you very much mate, like we said before is a real pleasure being here for us! We very much appreciate your time and your words!! Take care!


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