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Liuk J. Abbott (The Ritual)

Interview with Liuk J. Abbott from The Ritual
by Vasilis Odontidis at 29 January 2012, 9:08 PM

Following their new album of “Beyond the Fragile Horizon”, the Italian THE RITUAL aims to reach the top while being credible and honest to their audience. Vasilis had a little talk with the band’s bass player, Liuk J. Abbott regarding the band, his own musical views and the road ahead.

Hello guys, how are you doing? Happy New Year. It is good to have you on an interview on Metal-Temple.

Hi there!! We are fine!! Happy new year! Yes, it is, let's go!!

You are a new band to the Metal scene. Can you introduce your band mates and tell us a bit about THE RITUAL?

THE RITUALstarted as a cover band, playing METALLICA and DEEP PURPLE's songs, but what you don’t know is that Marco Obice and Luca De Vito were only twelve, the music was their play time. Over the years they have grown along with their passion, and started to write their own songs. When Marco Pastorino joined the band Then THE RITUALstarted to write songs with a twist of Heavy Metal and Core. His creativity and vitality encouraged Marco and Luca to attach themselves to the modern sound. Finally the circle was completed when I joined the band three years ago. I think that THE RITUALis a whole band, because is consists of a really determined crew.

You recently released your debut album “Beyond the Fragile Horizon”. Can you give some information about it?

We worked on "Beyond The Fragile Horizon" for two years, from 2008 to 2010. When we went to the studio in April/May 2010 all the songs were finished. We had yet a clear idea of what the songs would become on the album, working with a clear mind without risking a leap into the void. "Beyond The Fragile Horizon"proves that we are a band for all purposes. I think it's an heterogeneous album but not contradictory.

Are you satisfied with the result? Would you change anything?

Yes we are! We haven’t thought about changing a thing ever, because if we have done so something on the album might have turned to the worst.

What are your influences as a musician?

I listen to many different genres from Dent and Progressive Metal to New Age and Psychedelic music, but certainly my favorite and inspiring genre is Jazz. In fact, I came from Jazz and Fusion studies. In THE RITUALI searched to mix these different genres to make an unusual sound without leaving the "core" canons behind.

What is your opinion on the music industry nowadays? How hard do you think it is for a new band to make its way to the top?

You know, today the music is a business where the competition is atrocious. The time of the great bands like LED ZEPPELIN and ROLLING STONES is dead and gone, because music industry and bands search only for the single and not for the masterpiece; On the one hand the music industry works on it to get only earnings and on the other hand the bands work on it to get a few moments of notoriety: The fifteen minutes of fame. This is destroying the credibility of the music and the talent of the musicians. So it's more hard for a band be credible than reaching the top.

I have seen that you have arranged some local live shows in Italy in the months to come. What about a European tour? How feasible is that?

At the moment there will be no tour in Europe, because we are working on the songs for the new album, but in the future, why not?

To the best of my knowledge Italy is mostly famous for its Power / Epic Metal bands. Are you satisfied with the Metal scene in Italy and how you are received there?

We have many famous Power Metal bands like RHAPSODY OF FIRE, SECRET SPHERE, DGM, BEJELIT, etc.  Nowadays, Metal is on the verge of leaving the underground, but the cultural situation in Italy rests suffocated. I think that Italy needs a cultural revolution. We have many formidable musicians but most of the public does not understand. I'm not talking only about the "Metal" genre, I'm talking about that people consider the art as an addiction of life. The art is emotion; It reminds us that we are human beings. We must destroy the mechanism and just open our minds.

What are your expectations and goals as a band for 2012?

For the New Year we want to work on the promotion of the band, we will definitely work hard on it. Certainly we will go on the local stage as much as possible.

Well Liuk, thanks a lot for your time. I wish you the best of luck in your career. You are free to close this interview as you see fit.

Thank you for this interview and for your support! Rock N' Roll, guys!


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