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Liv Jagrell (Sister Sin)

Interview with Liv Jagrell from Sister Sin
by Angela "The Hunter" at 09 December 2012, 2:20 PM

Not that is so hard to stumble upon a good Hard N’ Heavy act as there have been so many options open for us listeners. However, among some of the coolest stuff of the genre, several bands were able to capitalize and achieve a new dimension of clarity and greatness. SISTER SIN is one of those acts. For the celebration of their new release, “Now And Forever” via Victory Records, Angela The Hunter talked with Liv Jagrell, the band’s lead vocalist, about the new album, how the band is going and the future.

Liv, thank you so much for answering our questions via email, I truly appreciate it!

You are so welcome! I love Metal Temple!

Could you please give our readers a brief history of the band?

Dave started the band with a couple of other people in 2002. They hooked up with me through  an ad I put in the paper about me looking for a band. At first they didn’t want a girl at all, but after my audition they quickly changed their mind.  In 2004, Jimmy joined us and we truly felt we had something really good going on. We have had this problem with bass players over the years but with Strandh now in the band we feel that we got the right one this time!

Your have just released your third album, “Now And Forever”. Who produced it? Where was it recorded?

It was recorded in a studio outside of Stockholm and the producers name is Chris Snyder. He did a really good job with the recordings and the arrangement of the songs but unfortunately we did not feel 100% about his mixing, so we had to remix with Cameron Webb. Cameron really did an awesome job on the songs, we are so pleased and happy to get to work with him.

How has the fan response been?

So far very good! Almost too good to be true! Both fans a journalist seem to understand what we wanted with this record and we are very happy about it. There is nothing more satisfying then when the world understands and appreciates your message.

Which one of your albums to date would you say has been the most enjoyable?

That’s hard to say… I mean the first is always special, it’s so exciting to finally get an album done.. And the "True Sound of The Underground" was really a pleasure to record. Henrik Edenhed (producer of that one) is really easy to work with so I would probably say that one to record, but "Now and Forever" is by far the one I’m most happy with, both the songs and the sound are perfect.

Any plans for a tour in the works?

Right now, the first tour we have is in February in the US with Doro. It’s gonna be a great tour, I’m so looking forward to it!

Any bands out there that you would love to tour with? How about a favorite venue?

I would love to play a whole tour with Motorhead and of course some day to play with Twisted Sister. Dee Snider is my all time favorite front person. As for venues, I like the House of Blues in the US, they are always very good and give you good food.

Do you have any band, or artist, that has inspired you as a vocalist?

Yes as mention before, Dee Snider as an entertainer and frontman, but vocally, I have to say Sebastian Bach is my biggest influence.

Now, it’s difficult to plan things like this, but where do you see yourself and the band in say, 5 years?

Touring all over the world! Hopefully to places we never been to like Japan, South America and the Middle East. I wanna do this for the rest of my life and I’m really gonna try to achive that.

Ok, last question. Where do fans go if they want to find EVERYTHING they could ever want about Sister Sin?

Hmmm I guess just Google us hahah! Otherwise it’s our Facebook site, we keep that updated every day! The Victory Records website stays really up to date with all of our tours, new merch, and video relases, so check that out as well.

Thank you again for your time! We wish you safe travels on the road ahead.

Angela The Hunter


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