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Lord Divine's Hugo Galli: "Diego's vocal pattern is unique and adapted perfectly to the complex style of the band. I consider that with his incredible voice, "Facing Chaos" is the best Lord Divine album so far. I cannot imagine it with someone else"

Interview with Hugo Galli from Lord Divine
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 24 May 2019, 9:55 AM

Being part of a rather different market in the world of Metal, the Progressive Metal band Lord Divine has been showing aspirations to become greater and stronger. Recently recruiting one of South America's finest at the helm of the vocals, signing to a record label in Europe and producing an amazing album, a big step was made. Steinmetal had a chat with the band's veteran Hugo Galli regarding the new album, the new recruit and the band's integration in Europe.

Greetings Hugo, it is a pleasure having you for this interview for Metal Temple online magazine, on behalf of your band Lord Divine. How have you been sir?

Hello, it is a pleasure for me to be able to carry out this interview, I am very well, thank you very much.

Recently Lord Divine returned with a new album, titled “Facing Chaos”, after five years, which once again is in English, in comparison to the previous issued in Spanish. Looking through your past discography, I noticed that you have been crossing between English to Spanish and vice versa ever since your inception. If you decided that you would turn head on into the global market, why did you continue producing albums in Spanish in the first place?

That's right, it's been a while since our last album, but at last we're back with "Facing Chaos", our new album, returning to our progressive metal style, something we really wanted with the band.

Our idea was, and still is, to enter the global market, this has not changed. What happened was that the record label that produced us back then, had a proposal from Agora Records of Mexico to edit "Where the Evil Lays", our debut, in their country, but they wanted this record in Spanish. We gave him the OK and quickly we got to work on the translation of the lyrics, and that's how "Donde Yace El Mal" came out.

After finishing the live performances of our second album "… In Disgrace", the band had some lineup changes, which resulted in the album "Imagenes", an experimental album that was recorded in Spanish and came out only in digital format. The idea was to reach the local audience in a friendly language while also trying out new musical styles. Officially that was the only album composed and recorded from the beginning in Spanish by Lord Divine.

Before the “Facing Chaos” album, Lord Divine made an important step in its ongoing career with the recruiting of one of Argentina’s finest vocalist, possibly one of the best in South America, Diego Valdez. The first time I listened to the guy’s performance was with Helker, simply exceptional. What led to your band contacting him?

That's right, Diego Valdez is one of the best vocalists in South America and it's a great honor for us to have him in Lord Divine, we are fans of him too, we call him "The Voice Of Metal".

We met Diego through Ivan Iñiguez of Panda Studios in Buenos Aires, who had listened to a demo of the new material, which he liked a lot and invited us to make some mixes to the studio. Lord Divine had returned to his original line up and we were composing and beginning to record "Facing Chaos". At first Diego Valdez was only going to produce the vocals of the album, but our singer decided to leave, so then we proposed to Diego Valdez to be the singer. He really liked the material and told us that he would gladly accept being the voice of the band.

How do you see Valdez’s vocal pattern linking with the rather complex vision of Lord Divine? And of course, how do you find “Facing Chaos” with him at the helm of the vocals?

Diego's vocal pattern is unique and adapted perfectly to the style and complexity of the band. I consider that with his incredible voice he made "Facing Chaos" the best Lord Divine album so far. I cannot imagine it with someone else.

In overall, “Facing Chaos” is one hell of a diverse album, it portrays a fine imagery of contemporary multi-faceted Metal. What can you tell about the progress the band made with this release?

Well, thank you very much. I think that Facing Chaos is product of evolution and maturity through the years of the band. The biggest progress so far was to be able to edit the album for the first time in our career through a record label from Europe and that the material is distributed in Europe and the United States, which allows us to promote our music beyond our country.

Other than maintaining the band’s legacy that has been around since the early 00s, what can you say were your prime influences for “Facing Chaos”? Which favored directions influenced the songwriting and musical patterns on the album?

We have many influences and very varied, but our main references are: Symphony X, (personally I'm a big fan of Michael Romeo), Dream Theater, Evergrey, Soilwork, In Flames, and from the old school we like Pantera, Megadeth, Yngwie Malmsteen, Angra, etc.

"Facing Chaos" is the rebirth of the band, musically speaking, we went back to our roots and when composing we tried very hard to create an album that reflects what we really like to do with a lot of power and complexity within our own style.

Concerning the album’s lyrics, what can you tell about the themes discussed on the songs presented? Any particular theme that you can relate to?

The lyrics speak of the internal struggles of people from different points of view, how to face them and overcome the adverse situations of life, giving the best of us, making it clear that with effort everything can be achieved.

Any particular song on “Facing Chaos” that you can say is your favorite, a tune that you believe is the main hit? Please elaborate

My favorite song on the album is "I Am" which could be the main hit, the lyrics speak of someone who after so much struggle finally reaches the top and feels invincible, feels safe. But the album has other great songs to keep one's company such as "Reborn", "Light trough Darkness", "The Darkest Light", "Be Afraid", "The Rage on me".

 “Facing Chaos” I believe is the band’s debut album to be released in an offshore label, Fighter Records, sub-label of Xtreem Music based in Spain. How did this relationship start? Was it a mutual interest to go forward side by side?

After finishing mixing and mastering the album we started looking for record labels, we had many answers but after analyzing their proposals, we decided to sign a contract with Fighter Records that was very interested in our material and was the one that best adapted to our needs too.

How do you see the musical standards of Lord Divine in comparison to the current state of the European Metal scene, where I believe you have been trying to take part? Do you see Lord Divine being able to be more active in Europe in the future?

Our musical style is very strong in Europe and our biggest dream in the near future would be to be part of the European scene and share the stage with the big bands from there.

Discussing the European market, do you have plans to head over from Argentina to take on the clubs and enhance your fanbase in the coming year?

Yes, totally, as I put in the previous question, it would be an honor to be able to play live for the European audience and let them know about our music.

Hugo, I would like to thank you for this interview. It is a first time for me interviewing an artist from Argentina, which I think hosts one of the strongest Metal scenes, yet still rather unknown by numerous Metalheads worldwide. All the best with “Facing Chaos”, make the best of it.

Thank to you very much. Really It is the first time I answered a personal interview, thank you very much for the opportunity you give to Lord Divine so that people know a little more about the band and our new album. Greetings to all!


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