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Luke Rauch (Druids)

Interview with Luke Rauch from Druids
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 18 May 2019, 3:35 AM

DRUIDS recently released a new album called "Monument." Metal Temple writer Martin "Doomed" Desbois recently had the chance to catch up with guitarist Luke Rauch, to talk about the new album and how if feels to be creating music again.

Hi, Martin Desbois from Metal-Temple! Nice to have the opportunity to have this chat with you, since I like what you're doing and I consider myself a fan!

Thanks Martin. Happy to be talking with you.

It's been more than ten years now that the band is alive. How does it feels to be creating for more than a decade?

It feels better than ever at this point. The three of us are locked in creatively and share the same vision of what we want the band to be. We’re all very happy.

I heard Keith moved in Arkansas a while ago, is he still there or you three found a way to accommodate each other?

Keith lives in Iowa now so we’re able to get together more often. Even when he lived in Kansas City, he still made the trip up to Iowa for rehearsals and shows. It is much easier for him now though.

You are doing pretty well lately playing in some festivals like the 80/35 one in Des Moines, IOWA, your hometown and the stoner jam 19 in Austin Texas last month. Playing with likes of YATRA, RIFFLORD, HOWLING GIANT to only name a few. You must be very proud of that mighty exposure and achievements?

Stoner Jam was a blast. It was a great opportunity for us to meet new bands and play in front of a good crowd. This will be our second time playing 80/35 and we always have fun. Good times.

Two years after releasing "Spirit compass"  which was an EP , you are back offering now a full length album consisting of five songs.C an you tell me more about the theme behind it? It seems all tracks have some main inspiration?

‘Monument’ is mainly about growing older and learning how to deal with what life gives you. Whether it’s good or bad. It’s a bit more personal than our past records but I think that’s where the band is heading lyrically.

You did work with Brandon Darner, who worked in the past with RADIO MOSCOW, how was it? Are satisfied of the results?

We really enjoy working with Brandon and Micah. They understand our vision which is obviously huge. There’s nothing worse than having to explain every single element that we’re trying to achieve to someone who is completely clueless to what we do.

You've been a lot after the release of "Cycles of Mobeum", what are the plans for a monument tour? Is there a tiny chance for you to tour outside USA? Canada maybe? That would be awesome!

We’re hitting the entire US this year starting in June. Canada is definitely in the cards for next year.

Which bands shared the stage with you lately? Do you have some crazy moments to share with us? I ask but I’m sure there's always some hehe?

We’ve recently played with Orphans of Doom, Droids Attack, Yatra and Green Death. All good friends/great bands. We luckily haven’t had many crazy moments. I got food poisoning in the middle of Montana and had to cancel a show. More frustrating than crazy.

Are you still creating music on a trio basis? Or did you let others collaborate?

It’s just the three of us. Every now and then we’ll have a guest vocal but ‘Monument’ was just us.

Which song you really like to play LIVE ? I'd like to know if possible for each members?

I’d say collectively ‘Mirrors of Trigon’ is a favorite at the moment. It’s a roller coaster of a song.

You guys like doing music inspired by the occult, rituals, like many bands did in the seventies. In "Monument' what inspired you mostly this time?  The supernatural?

A lot of my inspiration comes from sci fi films/books and life experiences. I write the lyrics as a fictional story and sprinkle in personal experiences.


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