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Maciej Smigrodski (Thaw)

Interview with Maciej Smigrodski from Thaw
by Chelsea Jennings at 31 January 2015, 3:24 AM

Ambient Black Metal band THAW might well be considered as part of a new wave of genre innovators, along with Swiss titans BÖLZER, or German occult Black Metallers ASCENSION. Hailing from Poland, a country well-known for spawning much of the world's greatest Extreme Metal, it would not be folly to expect exceptional material from the grim quartet. Chelsea Jennings had a quick chat with vocalist/synth player Maciej Smigrodski about the band's lust for experimentation and their bleak brand of music.

Thaw have a very unique experimental noise to them. What gave Thaw the idea to experiment with so many new sounds and noises?

I think we're listening lot of music including stuff that are sound-oriented, not only music-oriented (Merzbow just to nam one). So it was natural for us to include this element.

Thaw seem to play bleak, heavy music. What prompts Thaw to write such dark, depressing music with such sad lyrics?

I think these are elements that exist on sub-consious level. We didn't think that we need to play such a depressive music, we just did.

What new sounds and various noises does Thaw care to experiment with in the future?

Time will show. I think it is possible that we will include more repetitivness and space, but to be honest everything can happen.

Thaw’s latest album Earth Ground came out in 2014. Has this album been received as well by fans as Thaw hoped it would be?

Yes. Press and people reactions were great. I think we're totally satisfied and it give us motivation to rise the level even higher.

What are Thaw’s plans to tour in 2015 behind Earth Ground’s release in late 2014?

We will play some gigs in Europe (London is confirmed) with our friends from Mord'a'stigmata in March. Then we're doing this great tour with Behemoth and Bolzer. So that's what we can confirm right now.

What is one place you would love to tour in 2015 that you have not toured before? Why would you want to visit this place?

My dream is to visit Japan and New Zealand. But every place outside our country would be great. We love playing shows, it's essential for our band.

Some songs on Earth Ground include dark titles such as Last Day or No Light. What inspires Thaw to write such dark, sometimes morbid titles and lyrics to songs?

On Earth Ground lyrics were created after music. They are images coused by listening to music. That's what I see listening to our songs.

Where do Thaw see themselves wanting to go in the next five or ten years?

Recording as many albums as we can and doing to as good as possible. We also hope to visit as many places as we can.


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