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Interview with Mahavatar from Mahavatar
by Makis Kirkos at 31 May 2001, 1:00 AM

Mahavatar is a new doom / gothic band from New York, USA, with a very unique sound. We know how difficult is for a US metal band to release a CD with so many extreme elements. Meet Mahavatar and read what they told us. Extreme music makes your head banging.

Since we are an Internet Magazine, I would like you to tell us your relation with the Internet…

Mahavatar: We are very much involved with the Internet. We recognize the power of the technology, so that is why from the beginning we set up a band web site. If you go to you will learn more about our message and the music that fuels the indisputable energy we call Mahavatar. Karla uses the Internet for promotion and communication with our fans and music industry people all over the world, so we have a very strong relationship with the Internet.

Please tell us the history of the band and who the members are…

Lizza (vocalist): Auditioned drummers and found Peter. In the summer of 1999, Karla (guitarist) was recommended by En Esch (KMFDM), a mutual friend. Eddie (keeper of sub frequencies) joined Mahavatar in November 2000.

Mahavatar means Mind Hypnotic Vision Towards Revolution, how did the title come up and how do you define the word Mahavatar?

M: The origin of Mahavatar is Hindu. It represents spiritual as well as physical immortality  deathlessness. The name came to us  we had no choice in the matter. Lizza came up with the original acronym and then Karla changed one of the words, which finally reads MIND HYPNOTIC VISION TOWARDS REVOLUTION. This is a concept that relates not only to the name Mahavatar, but it also correlates to the music we create  it gives direction to the original, which thus opens the mind to the message. Mahavatar  go search.

Are you satisfied with the sales of your Demo 2000 CD? And how big was the response it got so far?

M: So far we have received tremendous praise for our Demo. We have just begun selling our Demo. We sell most of our CDs at our shows and so far, it's been good. If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of our Demo 2000, they can contact us at our official website. We are currently in the studio finishing up rough mixes for some new songs. We hope to provide samples of these works on our official as well as sites soon.

Let's assume that someone hasn't listened to Mahavatar before. How would you describe your music to him?


Which are your basic influences?

M: Life in all its infinite rhythms, music, love, hate, passion, pain

Who writes the songs and the lyrics? Tell me a few words about each one of the songs…

M: Sounds come from every direction  each member contributes to the end result. Right now Lizza is writing all the lyrics.

The Time Has Come: Immortality
Open Your Minds: Knowledge
BH: Love
The E Song: Freedom

Which are your favorites songs from Mahavatar and why?

Peter: Anger  because of my love for triplets and John Bonham.
Karla: Open Your Minds  because it induces a trance-like state.
Lizza: Jungle  because it touches the very core of my soul. The lyrics speak about love and hope and musically I like the interaction between the tribal jungle sound and the intense choppy metal riffs.
Eddie: Control Fix  because it's got a killer groove that I can really bug out to. Plus, I feel it's a great emotional vehicle, song wise.

What about the cover of your Demo 2000, I mean it seems to me that the band follow a specific direction to the Egyptian culture…

M: The actual layout and design work on the CD and our web site was done by Jean M. Ross and Karla. All work was inspired by the ideas of the band. The triangle is very important as it represents a center  it's about the present, past and future.

The past: Egypt  physical length of unbelievable creation.
The present: Sex
The future: Triangles of immortality  life to the last piece of sand, ever. The concept of the band and our music correspond only to certain elements within the Egyptian culture. We follow all cultures of the past, present and future

How would you describe a live Mahavatar performance? Describe me the feelings that overwhelm you while you're performing live

Eddie: It's life, death, love, hate. Total bliss.
Lizza: It's crazy love  just a lot of love. Control  fear  love.
Karla: It's hypnotic. I feel no pain  I float.
Peter: Power.

Ok let's take a break and let me ask you some general questions now… Tell me an entertaining or funny story concerning the band…

M: One night after spending nearly 3 hours trying to get just the right set up for a live to DAT recording, the owner of the studio stormed into the live room like a general on acid. With two swift hand movements he normalized the mixing board and said, you're done  now get your shit outta here!
We were all stunned, but we are happy to report we got it all on video. There was also the time when Peter became contaminated by some special herbs right before a show  lets just say that on that particular night we performed some familiar songs with some new drum arrangements

Other than being a musician, what else do you do?

M: Music is all we do.

If you could jam with any musician, dead or alive, whom would you choose?

M: Aliens.

Apart from music, do you like any other kinds of art?

M: Everything is art  as is chaos… life.

Who or what first inspired you to become a musician?

Lizza: Everything in my environment inspired me.
Karla: I was inspired to pick up the guitar after listening to Crying by Yngwie J. Malmsteen  that experience opened my mind and convinced me of what I must do
Peter: Africa and sounds of pillows.
Eddie: When I saw Cliff Burton in '86.

Ok, let's return to your demo…In which studios did you record it? Are you content with the result?

M: We recorded and mixed Demo 2000 at Bomb Shelter Recordings in NYC. Being musicians we are never truly content with everything we do. Still, we think it's pretty good for a Demo.

What are the subjects covered in your music?

M: Freedom, love, hope, racism, personal experiences, justice  spiritual revolution.

Tell me a little bit about your touring plans…

M: We want to tour nationally and internationally. In the summer we hope to play outside of NY  any bands or promoters who are interested in having us play in their area, should contact us at our official web site.

What other bands do you hold friendships with? What other bands do you like, as musicians?

M: Point 4 Hope, Disassociate, Candiria, the missing, every inch of god, Burnt by the Sun.

As my final question, what has been the best experience for the band so far in it's career?

M: Touching people in a positive and emotional way.

Is there any message that you want to send to the metal fans and to our readers?

M: First we'd like to thank you Makis for this great interview and wish you continued success with Metal Temple. To everyone around the world and beyond  listen to the sounds  open your minds and join the revolution!

P.O. Box 314
JAF Station
New York, NY 10116
212-699-3825 x7438


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