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Marios Sargiannos (Semen Of The Sun)

Interview with Marios Sargiannos from Semen Of The Sun
by Vasilis Odontidis at 23 December 2012, 11:38 PM

Hello ladies and gentlemen. We are having for first time here in Metal Temple the guitarist and singer of the Athens based Rock band SEMEN OF THE SUN, Marios Sargiannos for an interview. Lately the band released a new album named “The Walk”. Vasil talked with Marios about the new album, and the band plus extras. 

Hello Marios and welcome. How are you doing?

I'm better than ever!

So, to start with, who are Semen of the Sun?

Semen are me, Jimmy on bass/backing vocals and George Nikolopoulos on drums.

Semen of the Sun is a quite strange yet original name. How come you choose that one? Is there a story behind this?

Semen of the sun was taken out of a line of your familiar Spiritual Beggars that says "Monster astronauts, semen of the sun". After a while we discovered that "semen of the sun" is called a herbal resin that indigenous tribes of South America used to meet their own gods, so we simply loved the name.

You have a new album released on 13th of October, titled "The Walk". I consider this a very good album and I have to congratulate you for that. Can you give some further details about it?

"The walk" was recorded in spring of 2010, in an old-school recording studio downtown Athens, built in the late 70's early 80's, full of wood and history. We got pretty troubled regarding the experimentation we had to go under to fulfill our purpose, but as a whole I believe that is one of a kind, one to be loved like we love it.

What are the lyrical themes one can find in your songs?

Like the title points, when you walk in Athens you might encounter different situations, emotionally and/or physically. You might find yourself walking happy, sad, drunk or sober, sometimes running, sometimes breathing heavily in a fog of teargas, sometimes dreaming of fields and roses and so on. And so, you have this album.

What are the things tried to achieve with this record and are you happy with the result?

We tried to simplify our music a little bit, and this was a situation that we got into and never understood why or when it happened. We used good ol' times technology, with tape taking the first place in the effect field. And we're happy for this one. But the main advantage is that we got through a difficult situation and we are still strong.

How long did the recordings last? Where did it take place? And what about the mixing and mastering?

The recordings took place between February and June of 2009. The recording studio is "Mousiki & Mousikoi", and Minas Emmanouil is the guy in control of everything. The album was mastered at London Metropolis Studio by Tim Young.

Marios it has been quite a while between the two releases. Is there any particular reason behind the delay?

The release delay was due to the leave of one of our members, John Papachristos (who is playing the drums on "The Walk"). It takes a bit of time to come around. If you ask me I would say that "The Walk" is way different album than the first one, "Radio Adult". Instead of the heaviness and raw energy of the first record there is now a direction towards melody and classic rock forms.

Do you feel you have explored enough those directions and head towards something new or are you going back to your roots?

I think that we simply play what's on our minds at the present time of composing. The first album always will be our first album. But the emotion always changes. Everybody has his day, his moment. And you have to follow your emotion to enjoy the music that you play.

What is your favorite song of "The Walk" and why?

I don't know if I can choose only one..

For what reasons would you suggest to someone to listen to Semen of the Sun?

I think that our music would cheer someone up.

For the end I have kept on personal and one weird question. First  the personal. What are you listening to these days?

Neil Young, Dead Kennedys, Cancer Bats, Blind Melon.

And now the strange one. The chief on the first record suggests cheese and wine. What about the second one?

Take a Walk

As all things come to an end and so does this interview. Thank you very much Marios for being with us. I wish to you and to Semen of the Sun all the best and I  hope that the next album will be released faster than this one. You are free to close this interview as you find fitting.

Thanks for the interview Vasilis. I would like to let people know that they can listen to our new album on our bandcamp page Have a nice day


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