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Mariusz Duda (Riverside)

Interview with Mariusz Duda from Riverside
by Salvador Aguinaga II at 13 March 2013, 11:16 AM

Since their debut album “Out of Myself”, the Polish progsters RIVERSIDE, have come a long way albums of the highest quality of Progressive Metal. Never repeating themselves and yet always sounding as RIVERSIDE, but better and better, they have released in 2013, their new record “Shrine of New Generation Slaves” which has left us astounded. Mariusz Duda, bassist and singer of RIVERSIDE had a chat with Sal about all things you need to know their brand new record.

Hi Mariusz, how are you? Thanks for taking the time to answer this interview for Metal Temple

My pleasure

The new record “Shrine of New Generation Slaves” (SoNGS) is under the record label, InsideOut Music. A label you’ve previously worked with in the past, why the return to the label?

Inside Out is now a part of Century Media so on one hand it’s still the same label, but on the other—a completely different one, but since we signed a new contract with new cooperation conditions, we decided to try again.

Travis Smith has been doing the artwork ever since the band’s first full-length. What’s the relationship you guys have with him and any special reason why you chose him for the job throughout the years?

“Out of Myself” was released abroad on the condition of changing the artwork. ‘Cause it was released in Poland at the end of 2003 with a completely different cover. The new cover was designed by Travis Smith and this is how we met, and we’ve been working together for 10 years now. I think that his artwork for the latest Riverside album deserves huge appreciation. It’s one of the best things we’ve done together.

On the song "Escalator Shrine", I heard what appeared to be a Hammond organ. Who played it or is it just a special effect the keyboard has?

We’ve been using the Hammond organ sound since our second album ”Second Life Syndrome.” Michał Łapaj, our keyboard player, is a big fan of this kind of sound. Before ”SoNGS” he finally bought the original Hammond organ, and thanks to that you can hear it better now (laughs)

I actually read the whole concept behind Shrine of New Generation Slaves but for the reader’s sake would you please explain it again?

The lyrics are about various kinds of enslavement nowadays. In each song the protagonist can’t gain control over his own life. And even if sometimes he thinks he can manage to do that—like in ”The Depth of Self Delusion”—even if he runs and hides, he always remains enslaved.

Now that you’ve explained that I’d like to ask what do you personally think about it? 

I think that the most important thing is for what you do in life to give you pleasure. If you spend the bigger part of your day, and of your life, doing things that don’t give you pleasure, then it’s some kind of enslavement. It’s really scary that some people can be stuck in one place, e.g. in some corporation, hating the way they earn money, and not doing anything with their life, letting the frustration grow with every year. Yes, I think that the degree of contemporary enslavement depends greatly on the level of frustration and bitterness in your organism.

The drummer, Piotr "Mittloff" Kozieradzki, has been with you since the beginning but he comes from a different style of metal from his previous band, Hate, which is ironically releasing an album in the same month as SONGS. Seeing as Riverside is a progressive act, how did you come about recruiting someone from a extreme style of metal?

The band was created by Piotr Kozieradzki and Piotr Grudziński. It was their idea to play this kind of music. Before they’d played in metal bands, so they wanted to try something different, they wanted to try progressive rock. Maybe at that point they didn’t have a precise vision of the music but they started it, so generally they recruited themselves (laughs). I came to the second or third Riverside rehearsal, but I already had experience with this type of music and I had the vision. The fact that both Piotrs were from that different music world made this band so original.

He’s also owned and ran Apocalypse Records and now runs ProgTeam Management where Riverside recorded the EP, Memories in My Head. Was it a budget problem or you wanted to see your bandmate’s potential or what was the case?

Basically we were between two contracts. We wanted to use this opportunity and release something by ourselves. Out of curiosity.

So you’ve decided to record SONGS at Serakos Studio the same place where you recorded the “Reality Dream” Trilogy with Magda Srzednicka and Robert Srzednicki. How far down the line have you’ve been working with them and do you also trust them to give you the best results you expect as opposed with other studios you’ve recorded with in the past?

We’ve been working with Magda and Robert practically since the beginning. We know each other very well. I also record my Lunatic Soul albums with them so they know and understand my artistic needs perfectly. Recently, their studio’s changed the address, it’s bigger now and improved. So we decided to record our album there.

What is your favorite place to tour and what about it makes it a grand place?

I don’t know that yet. I will tell you after the first leg of the ”New Generation Tour” (laughs).

Riverside is pretty much a band that’s been together since its inception except for a minor change in 2003. What keeps the name Riverside alive and the relationships with the rest of the band members? How does it influence the direction in which you all write music?

Each one of us knows his place in the band and agrees to it. We’re bandmates, we’re friends. Music wise, I’m some kind of an art director here. The guys trust my artistic visions and up until now everything have worked without any major screw-ups, so we’re still alive and doing fine.

If you were offered an opportunity to try out a time machine and go back in time. Which period in time would you go and what would you change?

I wouldn’t change anything. Imagine that you change something and then you come back to our Times and you see that Hill Valley is now a gambling paradise, Biff is a millionaire and your mom’s his wife and has bigger boobs. Time travels are not advised, well, maybe just the musical ones.

Mariusz, thanks a lot for the interview. I wish you for a great success for the new album. Take care. 



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