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Markus Ullrich (Lanfear)

Interview with Markus Ullrich from Lanfear
by Cory A. Jones at 07 March 2012, 8:41 PM

The German LANFEAR has been up and running for nearly twenty years producing progression to the side of Power Metal. Recently they signed with their local Pure Steel Records for the release of their new album, after four years, “This Harmonic Consonance”. Cory had a little chat with Ulle, the band’s guitarist about the band, the new album and of course about Metal.

Thanks for doing this interview Markus; I hope this interview will help promote LANFEAR. How did LANFEAR originally come together?

Oh my god! It's hard when people ask you the same question after every album and also with the release of your sixth CD :D We were just some guys who wanted to play music. I think it's not different to bands who found in 2012. It's about the fun to be in a band, to be creative, write songs… We were sooooo young :D

For those who are new to the band; What were your biggest musical and cultural influences, and have any new influences changed the band’s style and sound along the way?

There is no biggest influence. People always wrote that we sound quite unique and this maybe is because there was not one but many influences. I'm a real music fan and I was always interested in the whole metal scene. It's fun to discover new bands and though it's not as refreshing today as it was in my teens this is still my passion. I'm a music junkie!

How would you compare “This Harmonic Consonance” to the band’s previous efforts?

Oh, I think that is more or less your job, hehe. Why should I compare it to my previous efforts? And to which previous album? I think every album sounds different and this is also pretty important to me. The next step is interesting for me, not the last one. I think the new album is a bit more heavy and with a better production than the album before. Maybe more catchy. I'm pretty sure that if you ask our fans everyone will tell you something different. But I think that is what makes music interesting.

How did LANFEAR end up getting on Pure Steel Records?

They showed interest and they are music fans and not just business guys. They grow steadily and do their own thing. We were quite impressed and they really wanted to work together with us. It was an easy decision. Of course the music business sucks, but it's nice to meet guys who are different in certain ways and definitely look for quality.

What other big things does LANFEAR have coming up in 2012 that we should keep an eye out for?

For the US guys: We'll play the ProgPower in Atlanta in September. Maybe some festival gigs here in Europe, some smaller gigs, we'll wait and see what happens.

On the band’s website; LANFEAR’s musical style is described as not being “the easy way to success in the superficial pseudo-scene of these days - but LANFEAR don’t give a fuck!”. I love that statement, but can you please elaborate on that?

We never really were interested what people wanted to hear, we just did our own thing. Sometimes I think you need to be evil, pretend to be a viking, satan's sons or that sort of shit. I mean, what the fuck! The music should be the only thing that matters. We're proud on what we do so there's no need to play with an image to attract fans. To be honest: We don't want fans who listen to our music because of an image - how silly is that?

Do you believe that Heavy Metal will make a return to the mainstream, or does it belong in the underground?

Here in Germany it definitely is a kind of mainstream. I mean you won't hear metal songs on the radio but the charts are filled with metal. Just visit the Wacken Open Air. If this isn't mainstream…what else?

What is the biggest difference between the Metal scene of 2012, and the scene when the band formed in 1993?

Kurt Cobain is dead, hehe :D No, sorry. The biggest difference is that the scene is a bit confusing. There're far too many releases, far too many bands and far too many copycats. On the other hand it's really easy to get in contact with fans or bands on the web. We had to write letters back in the days :D

What is your personal favorite track on “This Harmonic Consonance” and why?

Sorry, can't say that. I think the album stands for itself and simply because it's very variable it somehow depends on my daily mood.

If you could choose any one other band to tour with; who would it be?

Hey, we have daily jobs. No time for a tour :) Can't tell you that. Every band that fits to our style and has a fan base who could also like what we do. And they should be no assholes, of course :)

Thanks a lot for the interview Ulle and I wish you and the band the best of luck!!

 Thx to YOU!


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