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Martin Schulman (Demonical)

Interview with Martin Schulman from Demonical
by Elina Papadoyianni at 20 August 2009, 10:53 PM

The Swedish Death Metal band DEMONICAL have just released Hellsworn an album destined to grab the attention of any pure Death Metal fan and because of that we had a very interesting interview with their bassist, Martin Schulman.

Interview with: Martin Schulman from DEMONICAL

Hello Martin! How's your day so far?

The day has been fine so far, just a bit busy at my daily work… but still time to answer this interview hehe. Friday today and sun is shining like hell so maybe its time for a few drinks later on.

I must say that I consider Hellsworn to be one of the best Death Metal releases.

Thanx!! Yeah have to admit it turned out really great, even better than we expected.

So, how do you see you course as a musician so far and how do you feel about your decision to put a closure on CENTINEX and create DEMONICAL?  

I'm do not regret for a second that I buried CENTINEX and started DEMONICAL. Of course I'm proud and satisfied about everything we achieved with CENTINEX but still, everything feels much better now. CENTINEX was my first real band I played in so the course has been pretty straight forward, up and forward should I say.

Are you satisfied now with the sound that DEMONICAL deliver? Is Hellsworn closer to what Death Metal should sound like for you?

Yes, Hellsworn sounds the way I like Death Metal, this is how it should be. Our debut album was also good and much more death than the last CENTINEX albums but with the new album we have really reached the core we were looking for.

The need to present raw Death Metal is also obvious in the artwork, song names, lyrics…something like showing the full package, right?

Yeah all those elements are important in order to get a good package. You cant have, for example, a brutal tune but then totally wimpy lyrics and some cheesy cover artwork. Everything goes hand in hand. Seems like too many bands out there have forgotten this….

What would you say that are the strongest differences when listening to DEMONICALs debut album and then Hellsworn?

On Hellsworn the material is much better thought; we were much more focused as a band and knew what we wanted. As I said, I do still think Servants of the Unlight was a good album but when we recorded it the band was totally new, we didn't know the vocalist etc. But now for Hellsworn we had toured a lot and the band was a much more solid unit which also can be heard in the result.

Both albums of DEMONICAL were recorded at Necromorbus Studios, are you satisfied with the outcome and the sound quality?

Yes, very satisfied. We spent more time on Hellsworn and you can hear that I think. Besides that our new vocalist  runs Necromorbus Studios so it was a big advantage.

You've just been on European tour with Torture Killer and Facebreaker. What are the overall impressions of that tour?

It was a great tour, had a killer time with those two awesome bands. I had arranged the tour myself, through my booking agency, so I was pretty much in charge of everything… which is good as when you arrange it yourself you know what you will get haha.

And you're also looking at a very busy summer with quite a few festivals

Well, actually the summer has been pretty quiet… or at least so far. The scheduled Unholy Festival in Czech republic got canceled- the whole festival was a big fake but that's another story- so besides that we do only have the Belgian Metal Mean Festival in August. But yeah, in September we do have 3 German festivals in arrow so if you September still as the summer (I dont) then yeah, quite busy.

Plus, you've played at 'Sweden Rock Festival'! That must have been an amazing experience

Yeah it was cool but to call it amazing is maybe a slight overstatement haha. We played of course on one of the smaller stages but there was a good turnout and the show was pretty much a success. We had the former Dismember drummer Fred Estby as the sound engineer so the sound was at least really true, old-school and good haha.

When we speak of Swedish Death Metal, we usually think of heavily keyboard induced melodic death, in the likes of IN FLAMES or CHILDREN OF BODOM. What's your opinion on this kind of music?

Shit!! That is not Death Metal, that's pop with distorted guitars. Swedish death metal are bands such as DISMEMBER, GRAVE, UNLEASHED, ENTOMBED, DEATH BREATH, NOMINON, KAAMOS (RIP), TORMENTED, FACEBREAKER etc.

Name three bands you'd want to tour with and three bands you'd like to beat the hell out of.

Hard to say which 3 bands I would like to tour with but one that comes to my mind is of course DISMEMBER. We did a small tour with them in Finland last year and we had a great time with them so hopefully we could do a longer European tour together. Well lets see what the future brings… As for beating the shit out of some… well yeah, there are a few… actually too many to mention but two that instantly comes to my mind are SONIC SYNDICATE and SABATON. I fucking hate those two acts, haha.

Do you see yourself in a U.S. festival, touring alongside with new MTV supported bands and playing in front of their fans as well? Does the idea make you sick or even more excited to deliver your music to their feeble untrained minds?

Yeah sure, if the payment is good and we can play pure set without restrictions. With some luck we might get one or two new fans, people who are smart enough to realize what real music is. But the payment has to be really good and I doubt that will happen so lets leave it…

What are the plans of the band after the festivals are over?

Maybe I will write a few new tracks or something… We have a new European tour coming up in February so lets see after that.

I leave the last words to you for METAL TEMPLE and its readers.

Thanks for your support, much appreciated !! Stay loyal and remember to keep the Death Metal banner high.


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