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Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman)

Interview with Marty Friedman from Marty Friedman
by Angela "The Hunter" at 04 November 2012, 4:58 PM

For some reason the legendary Marty Friedman will forever remain as that wicked lead guitarist of MEGADETH, back when they were at their prime in the early 90s. However, this spectacular musician has been proving that he has so much to offer when it comes to guitar playing, a lot of style and passion. Angela “The Hunter” talked with Marty about his style, sound, gear and the Japanese life.

First of all Marty, I wanted to thank you for answering our questions! It is an honor to have this opportunity. Let’s get right to the point! What do you have going on in your world of music?

Lots! This week I`ll do 3 TV shows, a guitar seminar/autograph session, I`ll play at the Tokyo Dome with SMAP who`s version of one of my songs hit #1 in August, and prepare for my October solo tour of Europe.

How long have you lived in Japan, and what prompted you move there?

Just about 8 years. I always loved touring there, and I eventually started listening to Japanese music exclusively. I wanted to be a part of the Japanese current music scene so much that I moved there.

Do you have any upcoming DVD’s, or CD’s, you would to mention?

I`m excited to tell you I have 3 albums that just came out in the US on Prosthetic Records, “Loudspeaker”, “Future Addict” and “Bad DNA”. “Tokyo Jukebox 2” and “Bad DNA” came out as a double CD set earlier this year in Europe.

You have done an amazing amount of work over the past years, what band, or project do you think you have had the most “fun”?

The vast majority of it has been more fun than one could imagine. Mixed with a fair share of mind numbing hard work of course. If I was forced at gunpoint to pick the most “fun” I would maybe say “Deuce”, when I was 15 or 16. It was the first taste of the excesses of rock and roll, and the power that you feel when you play it.

When you played with Megadeth, what gear did you normally play with?

Other than Jackson Guitars, I have no idea. I never really paid attention to gear. I let the techs pick out stuff and put rigs together for me. I still do that now.

Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 year?

Playing music even better than ever.

After the 2011Tōhokuearthquakeandtsunam, it is true that you sold all of your Megadeth era guitars on Ebay to raise money for the GlobalGiving foundation? Would you please tell us about the GlobalGiving Foundation?

That`s true. They are a foundation that allows 100% of your donation to go directly to your selected cause, without fees, middlemen or anything like that. They are known as the most reputable way to make a large personal donation to aid disaster victims.

How would you describe your sound and style of playing, as a guitarist?

Tough one! Aggressively romantic.

Who would you say is one of your all time greatest guitar influence, and why?

There are tons of fabulous guitarists out there but as far as a direct influence on me it would have to be Japanese vocalist Misora Hibari. To me, she was a vessel for god to send down beautiful music through, if such a scenario exists. An effortless way of singing, and a true music life. Look her up on the net.

What is your take on music labels suing fans for downloading music illegally, without the consent, or knowledge, of the artist?

I`ve decided not to care. There are realistic arguments on both sides and I`m too busy working on new music to formulate an intelligent and informed opinion.

Where can fans go for all the things they ever wanted to know about Marty Friedman?
Twitter: marty_friedman

Again, thank you so much for answering my questions Marty! So many things I wanted to ask; it was hard to keep it at 11. I would like to say it is an honor to interview someone who has contributed so much to the world of music. Your influence on guitar playing will be felt for generations to come, and we thank you for it.

And thank you very much for your kind words, nice questions and support!


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