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Max Cavalera - (Cavalera Conspiracy)

Interview with Max Cavalera from Cavalera Conspiracy
by Michael Coyle at 24 December 2014, 4:26 PM

As excited as we're sure he must have been, one of our writers, Mike Coyle, was able to have a chat, albeit brief, with the legendary Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, ex-SEPULTURA), regarding his favourite metal, the creative process of the new CAVALERA CONSPIRACY album, his love of circle pits, and a hint at a UK tour in 2014 with his namesake band and KILLER BE KILLED.

First off, thank you for taking the time to do this interview Max. So it has been almost four years since Cavalera Conspiracy released Blunt force Trauma, now in 2014 you are set to release pandemonium, what was the writing process like this time around?

The writing process was similiar to the other two Cavalera album. I wrote the riffs between November and December and we recorded in January. It was a great recording; we had a great time.

What would you say has inspired this album and what influences did you have for the creation of Pandemonium?

Grindcore is the main influence for Pandemonium. Bands like Nasum, Pig Destroyer, All Pigs Must Die, Nails, Noisem, great stuff!

When Cavalera conspiracy first started as a band were there any obstacles you had to face or did it all come together the way you hoped it would?

Just the brother’s playing metal like we did in the beginning of our career. This Album show us playing faster than ever and it is so cool to work with Igor again after all these years!

What Would you say drives the ambition you have a musician?

I love the energy of Metal. Metal is a passion for me. I listen to Metal all day long and I want to hear it more and more and create more records and tour the world over and over!

Over the years what would you say has been your proudest moment all and all?

The making of the first Soulfly record was a huge moment in my life. Working with me of my heroes like Tom Arraya, David Vincent, Tommy Victor, Neil Fallon, Sean Lennon it is been great and I want to work with more heroes!

What bands are you listening to at the moment?

Aborted, Hour of Penance, Belphegor, Anaal Nathrakh, Acacia Strain, Thy Art is Munder, Abysmal Dawn, Nails, Noisem!

Which bands would you say deserve more recognition, as in any new bands you think people should check out and such?

I think Hour of Penance is the best Death Metal out right now, those italians are insane!

What would you say has been the craziest moment in your life as a musician?

The Circle pits on all of our shows, it is my favourite things is to watch a circle pit in motion. It is so brutal and violent it is great!

Will we expect anything over in the UK anytime soon, tour-wise?

I hope so, we hope to tour the UK next year with Cavalera and Killer be Killed.

And finally do you have any words for the fans?

Thanks to all the fans, we love Metal 4 ever!


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