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Megaton Sword's Uzzy Unchained: " We summon the truest spirit of epic heavy metal. Our hymns will ring in your ears and force your fists to counter gravity. And finally, you will remember why true metal shall never die!"

Interview with Uzzy Unchained from Megaton Sword
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 16 August 2019, 3:22 PM

Heavy Metal will never die. Many said it, some thought otherwise and tried to bury it, yet came short-handed. Aren't we all happy about it?! Yes, but we are talking here about True Metal, or there are those to pronounce it as Traditional Metal. Purists intended. Megaton Sword rose on the idea that if there are others keeping the flame alive, it is bound to happen, so they started out. Steinmetal had a chance to talk to Uzzy Unchained, the band's vocalist, about how all went down with the band in its first steps, the new EP, "Niralet" and more…

Hailz Uzzy, it is great having you for this interview for Metal Temple online Magazine, what have you been up to lately?

Mind-travelling to Niralet and back again. Only to discover that some of the cities and civilizations have already vanished under the permanent onslaught of war. What a tragedy …

Bound by glory and with sword in hand, Megaton Sword is here to stay. You guys are pretty new in the Metal scene, yet your Metal style is certainly being here for ages. What can you tell about the band? How did you guys start? What motivated you to write music and start ravaging the Swiss Metal scene?

Well, we started the band in 2018. It was the result of raving metal-dreams about the unending strive for grandeur and trueness that became especially compelling after having raised a few drinks. The sound has been here for ages, which is certainly true. But listening to new and fresh bands like Sumerlands and Eternal Champion we realized that there is much more potential to create epic, heavy and atmospheric music. Megaton Sword is our own interpretation of epic metal.

Why Megaton Sword? Is there a comedic nature to the name, a little smirk with all the seriousness of us Metalheads?

I think there is nothing funny about a huge sword that weighs a million tons. Imagine, with a sword that big, there almost certainly also exists someone able to wield it. Hence, I would be very careful when cracking jokes about it.

Which bands you can say influenced you the most, other than Manowar? What is these bands caught your ears and made you fall for their magic?

As said, Sumerlands and Eternal Champion among the newer bands and from the old guard: Medieval Steel, Manilla Road, Saxon, Grand Magus and Candlemass. I do not know exactly what lies at the heart of their metal magic. But hell, it just makes me want to sprint to the front row as quick as my legs carry me and raise my fists up high!

Recently, you signed with Dying Victims Productions for the release of your mini-album “Niralet”. What is your appreciation of the new album? Why making it only a mini release and not a full-length?

We started in 2018 and wanted to record as soon as possible. After five songs we felt confident to have created the story and dense atmosphere we wanted. Now we work hard on our next record, which will be a full-length.

What is the nature of the title “Niralet”? I am positive that is something bordering with myth and legend, yet your input would be awesome.

Niralet is a continent on a planet that has just emerged from my imagination. At the center of Niralet towers a massive mountain range: The Sword. From its peak’s sputters beer, which gathers in rivers and streams until they reach the sea. Each of our songs unveils some of Niralet’s places, myths and characters. Thus, the lyrics will in time tell Niralet’s story.

Epic and shards of Speed Metal going hand in hand within the depths of “Niralet”. Pretty much a straightforward onwards to glory, with a few stop signs to tell a story. Do you agree with that assessment or you are something more than that?

Uh, yes … I guess you hit it pretty much.

Songwriting wise, how have you been working to come up with material? Are we talking about a joint venture of the group or a single effort?

We are a team. Everybody plays his essential part in the band. But the riffs are conjured by Simon. Afterwards Dan and Chris bring in their respective work on the drums and guitar. My part is the writing of the vocal melodies and lyrics.

Which of the album’s tunes is the one that made an impact on you? Please elaborate on your pick

When Simon presented the first version of "Pristine War", I was awestruck. It was the perfect material to dive straight in.

You were probably told, but you have that voice tone and pattern of Ozzy Osbourne, yet with rougher edges. Does it come natural to you? It sounds really good, quite colorful.

Thanks! I have listened to many singers and was impressed by their voices. I also like Ozzy’s style, but I never deliberately was looking for some special vocal style. The way I sing now is a result of pure intuition.

What can you tell about a live show of Megaton Sword? What makes it kicking and screaming?

We summon the truest spirit of epic heavy metal. Our hymns will ring in your ears and force your fists to counter gravity. And finally, you will remember why true metal shall never die!

Damn man, you had me inspired right there, thank you for that. Yes, True Metal can't, and will never, die

How do you see an old school Metal band like yourself handling in a Metal scene that most of it is modern natured, both in their Metal, approach and sound?

We do not worry. Metal will carry us on.

How do you intend to support the new release? Local shows or perhaps a longer tour?

We already have some nice shows coming and are working actively on adding more and bigger shows to the list. Unfortunately, no tour is planned yet, but that might change soon.

Uzzy, all the best for the new release, you carry on a promise and I hope it would flourish. Cheers mate

I thank you and Metal Temple for supporting us!



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