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Metalian's Ian Wilson: "I think we in the community have similar values and ethics and that's why we get along so well. Like when you`re at a big concert and everyone is rocking out together, you're all friends even though you don't know each other"

Interview with Ian Wilson from Metalian
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 July 2019, 10:18 PM

Why change anything if still kicks ass and sounds good. In overall, that's the story of so many bands out there, but in particular the Canadian hard driving force, Metalian. Steinmetal recently talked with the band's vocalist Ian Wilson about their new release "Vortex", Judas Priest, Manowar and of course, Heavy Metal

Greetings Ian, it is a pleasure having you for this interview for Metal Temple online magazine, what have you been up to lately?

Hey! I`m honored, we`ve just been practicing for the upcoming tours and anticipating the "Vortex" album release!

Your band Metalian is releasing its third album, “Vortex”, signed under a new label, High Roller Records. How do you feel about the new album? Did the end result meet your expectations?

I feel it`s a great accomplishment and hope that the fans enjoy it! It was recorded in September 2018 so it been a bit of a wait haha

You guys recently shifted to High Roller Records, how was the contact made with the label? Were you approached earlier on by the label before “Midnight Rider” was released?

No after, it was through Helmut at Underground Power records who introduced us. They had done runs of our "Metal Fire and Ice" record and "Midnight Rider". High Roller asked if they could send us an offer and added that they didn`t want to impose on Underground Power and our relationship, which I thought was very cool. And after Helmut recommended them as a potential label it`s worked out nicely.

What changed in the band’s musical perception with the songwriting process of “Vortex” in comparison to your previous album?

Nothing really. We are lucky that songwriting is not too strenuous for us. Either me or our other guitarist (Simon Costa) show up with a riff and we jam on it and add whatever is required. The lyrics are always the final step.

It is quite evident that you are an immense Judas Priest fan, whether through the music on a certain level and of course the vocals. I wonder, what do you find in Priest that makes you tick and heavily influenced when writing music? Please elaborate.

I guess to me Priest are the best of the genre, especially "Sin after Sin" and "Sad Wings of Destiny" albums. Halford's vocals are unrivalled, Tipton's bluesy solos and Downing's more extreme solos create some kind of musical perfection. There are other good BNWOHM bands but Priest really grabbed me.

With that asked, with the release of “Vortex”, what do Metalian bring to the table as far as the music goes? What do you think makes you stand out?

We`re not a Priest cover band so I think we still sound unique despite comparisons. Our particular combination as players makes us stand out I suppose.

One of the things that I liked about “Vortex” is the vintage driven sound. Was it your initial intention? Who took charge of your mixing and mastering? What do you find in that early 80s sound of Heavy Metal?

It`s my favorite sound I guess. Ryan Battisuzzi at Studio Beatbox R did the recording/mixing. He`s very good and really easy to work with. For the sound it`s just straight Marshall and Fender amps that give that sound, along with the way we play and I sing.

Which of the album’s tracks are considered to be your prize achievements? Such tunes that you believe would grasp its listeners, energizing their senses. Please explain your picks

Honestly I hope all the tracks do in their own way. In the past, I had been always surprised who`s favorite song is what. It`s up to the individual but yeah I can`t really say one is more an achievement than another.

Recently, I am sure that you noticed, Manowar cancelled their show in the Hellfest Festival due to issues of sound and stage use, or something of asort. It was a debacle, as the show was cancelled in the very day there were supposed to perform. What is your standpoint on that matter? Is this end of Manowar, the final stone in their grave? Does Manowar have a case against Hellfest?

As a musician you can`t expect perfect stage sound… It sucks sometimes, sometimes it`s great. But you have to do your best for the audience. Sometimes we can`t hear anything and I just hope it sounds good to the crowd. I wear earplugs so I can hear my voice no matter what the stage sound situation is. But I can`t comment on Manowar, I`m not familiar with that particular situation.

In an earlier study of the University College London, it was argued that Heavy Metal music is not so wild and chaotic in its antics, but rather, as quoted, “inclusive and governed by etiquette and codes of conduct”. What do you think of that? Aren’t we supposed to be young, wild and free?

Yes we are! But no one likes an asshole haha. I think we in the community have similar values and ethics and that`s why we get along so well. Like when you`re at a big concert and everyone is rocking out together, you`re all friends even though you don`t know each other.

Old school oriented Heavy Metal, as it seems, is in the process of revival, slowly taking back its rightful place after being shot down in the 90s. Do you agree with that assessment? Is traditional Metal an undying essence?

I hope so! I was into punk rock more growing up and the old school stuff has some of that punk attitude, like Maiden with Paul Di`Anno, Motorhead, Tank… It`s so good!

To what bands have you been listening to lately? Do you think that once the early God of Metal would retire from their thrones, the term Metal Gods would still be valid?

I`ve been killing this new Canadian compilation we`re on called "Trapped Under Ice", featuring some of Canada's new upcoming metal acts like Freeways, Barrow Wight, Traveler, Cauchemar, Occult Burial. Other than that the usual stuff.

What about supporting “Vortex”? Any plans made for the foreseeable future?

We will be playing Spiderfest in Canada this July and will be playing Storm Crusher festival in Germany and Pyrenean Warrios Open Air festival in France this September.

Ian, I would like to thank you for your time for this interview, a much appreciated thanks. I wish you and Metalian all the best in your endeavors, you did well on “Vortex” I might add. Cheers mate.

Thank you! Cheers and beers!


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