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Michael Bormann of Redrum (Holiday Special)

Interview with Michael Bormann of Redrum from Holiday Special
by Chiara Pellegrini at 18 December 2005, 9:17 PM

This time Metal Temple magazine decided to interview a Hard Rock singer for our Holiday Special. He's German, he likes being nude, he's not that much into Hammerfall's first album….he's Michael Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart)!

Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone before answering these questions?…

Lars from Rain, yesterday night.

Are you a good cook? If you had us over for lunch, what would you cook for us?

Good cook! Well, I know a bit, but I am far from considering myself a good one. Let’s see. I’d go for Saganaki Special as the starter, then chicken breast with rice and potatoes and a nice sauce (like bιarnaise) and a greek salad.

If you weren’t a musician, what do you think you’d be?

Dead, ha ha. I don’t know. I am an educated electrician. Maybe I had my own company.

Do you like extreme sports? If so, is there an extreme sport you like doing in your spare time and what is that?

Extreme partying! No, I’m not into that. If there was something; I’d like to jump out of a plane (with a parachute, haha).

 Do you like ordinary sports? If so, what’s your favourite team (if any)?

No, not really. Like to play football, squash, but I’m not into passive sports. And I don’t really have the time for it either.

Your top-3 favourite movies of all time are?

This is the most difficult, as I am a movie fan. Well, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Skin Deep.

What do you have in your pockets right now?

Nothing, I’m almost naked.

Have you ever been to a beach full of nudists? What was it like and were you one of them?

Actually yes but I wasn’t a part of. Just walked through it. I wouldn’t mind, as I like to be nude.

Band/Artist you’d love to be trapped with inside an elevator.

Jessica Simpson.

If aliens ever abducted you, what song would you play for them?

Live & Let Die

What’s under your bed?

Probably dust…

Your girlfriend/boyfriend turns out to be gay. Your reaction would be?

If she is, great! If he is, uuurggghhhh…

A Metal/Rock album that everybody loves but you hate.

Don’t really know, cause I’m not into it so much. Guess the very first Hammerfall. But please: I haven’t even heard it all.

 Do you have any phobia? And what is that?

Spiders and extreme heights.

The most ridiculous thing you have ever done because you were drunk.

Tried to piss into bottle (in a skilift), but most of it went somewhere else…

Have you ever done anything that made you feel terribly guilty afterwards?

Oh Oh, a few…

When was the last time you got pissed off at a friend of yours and why was that?

The last time was 1,5 years ago, when I found out, that my friends betrayed me… Known as Jaded Heart now. Still pissed off…

Have you ever been in jail? What for?


If they would offer you a role in an all-star celebrity reality show, would you accept? Who would the top 3 of celebrities be that you would like to have along with you? And who would be the top 3 celebrities that you would ABSOLUTELY NOT want in it?

Well, I wouldn’t do it. But if I was, I’d like to have around: Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and Daisy Duck. I don’t like to have around: Posh Beckham, Paris Hilton or Eminem.

Your wish for 2006…

Health, a whole lotta Rock ’n’ Roll and more Piece. No more terrorism.


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