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Michael Coons (Laaz Rockit)

Interview with Michael Coons from Laaz Rockit
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 03 September 2008, 9:10 PM

After a dynamic comeback to the Metal scene, LAAZ ROCKIT are here to take over the Thrash Metal world and deliver some real steel to the fans. We 'captured' Michael Coons and asked him a few questions about the past and the future of the band.

Hello there and welcome to the Metal Temple pages! Congratulations on your new album! Where do I find you right now? Probably home resting and getting ready for your upcoming live dates I suppose…

Yes, actually I am at home right now in Los Angeles (Aaron and Willy live in the Bay Area, Phil and Sky in Yosemite Valley). But I'm not resting; I'm watching my beloved Chicago Cubs baseball team play on TV. (I was born in Chicago…). I am getting ready by yelling at TV. as they play…

Tell me a few things about the recent events behind the band. How did you decide to reform and why did Agnello leave the band?

We decided to reform the band for the Dynamo Open Air in 2005, and continued to agree to play some live shows after the success of that venture. We went to Japan later that year, which would be Vic's last shows because of his commitments to his growing family and his medical practice. We agreed to do the Keep It True festival in Germany and a couple of club shows in Holland and Belgium in 2007, and Sky performed so well that we started to think about doing a new CD.

How did you choose Harris as your new drummer? Has he played in any other known bands before he joined LAAZ ROCKIT?

Sky had rehearsed with us back in 2005 while we were waiting for Vic to finish his U.S. army duties. Phil brought him in from the Yosemite area, where they jammed together frequently. He is a fabulous talent, a guy who fit in with us immediately. Plus, his personality was a plus. He is as funny as the rest of us. He had never played in a name band before, and people keep asking  Where did find that guy?!!!

How did you manage to sign a contract with Massacre Records? Are you satisfied with their work until now?

Massacre was one of the interested companies after we completed recording Left For Dead. They really felt that they could do the best job with this CD, so we liked their enthusiasm from the outset. They have proven there belief and dedication to us, and we are more than satisfied with the label.

Who designed the new album's cover artwork and what do you want to show with it?

There is a great friend of the band named Mark Devito who has done all our artwork since we reformed. He was doing artwork for us earlier in our career as well. I think the cover encapsulates how many people, outside of ourselves, felt about our band. Many thought we had been away from music too long to come up with anything fresh, and that inspired us to prove the naysayers wrong. I think the cover and the artwork symbolize the spirit of a band that was presumed to be dead, and wrongfully so.

Left For Dead contains your original sound while mixing it with some more modern elements. Do you agree with this statement?

Absolutely!! This is something we wanted to do - we didn't feel we were finished musically. We were aware of new technologies that fit into our sound that didn't change the soul of the music, so we utilized them.

Will we see any future albums by you or will you stop releasing full-length albums?

I'm afraid I can't answer that right now - let's enjoy Left For Dead at the moment!

You said you wouldn't release a new album, but you didn't keep your promise and “Left For Dead hit the stores. Why did you decide to 'break your oath'?

Aaron and I had a sudden attack of creativity, and couldn't keep it to ourselves. It wouldn't have been fair to the people who followed this band through thick and thin. Like I said earlier, we felt we weren't done musically.

Are you planning any tours to promote the new album? Will we have the chance of seeing you here in Greece?

We actually did 6 shows with TESTAMENT in the U.S. earlier this spring that were awesome, priming us for more shows once the album was in the stores. So, yeah, we will be playing out! Playing live has always been my favourite part of being in LAAZ ROCKIT, it is what we do best! We are doing the Loud From The South festival in Holland in late August, and will return to Europe some time after some more U. S. dates. I WOULD LOVE TO COME TO GREECE!!! I hope we can make that happen.

TESTAMENT are back with a brand new album, EXODUS keep producing excellent stuff, ONSLAUGHT are 'back from the grave'… Do you think that Thrash Metal started reclaiming some of its old glory?

Definitely - I think the raw energy of the whole Thrash scene has been sorely missing. Fans love to feel that they are a part of the show, and Thrash is one of the few forms of music that depends on that.

You got Urteaga to produce your album, a well known musician and producer. Are you satisfied with the result?

Juan Urteaga is brilliant, but don't tell him that! Seriously, that dude is hilarious - we laughed the entire time we were recording. This CD is great because of the relationship we created while we were doing it. I am more than satisfied.

You are one of the few Thrash Metal bands that have contributed to movie soundtracks. Will you do it again in the future?

If the opportunity presents itself and it fits us, I would love to do it again.

Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best! Keep reminding us of how quality and passionate Thrash Metal sounds like! The last words are yours…

Thank you for your awesome support, and tell the promoters in Greece to call me, so we can finally set up some shows in your beautiful country! We owe you guys a chance to see us live!!


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