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Michael Dalakos of Metal Temple (Holiday Special)

Interview with Michael Dalakos of Metal Temple from Holiday Special
by Richard at 29 December 2005, 9:19 AM

Once chief editor of another great online magazine, The Temple of Metal, he decided one day to join forces with the perverted team of Metal Temple. We welcomed him, we loved him (you should see us sponge each other in the bathtub) and he's the coolest midget in the universe. He also happens to be the label manager of Greek Burning Star Records (Universal Music, beware!). Without any further ado, I give you Michael, interviewed by Richard of Her Enchantment…

How did you ever get in to metal?

You should blame Whitesnake for that. It was back in 1987 when I saw Here I Go Again on Greek TV (yeah, Greek TV actually showed Metal video clips back then). I was stunned by the dynamics of the song. Music was a part of my life already but my folks listened to a lot of classical music, so yeah I can say I knew about good music already. So, my dad took me to a local store (can you do the math and figure out how old I was back then?) and I bought my first Whitesnake cassette. I was blown away by the solo of Crying In the Rain and the rough riffs of Bad Boys. What more can I say?

What was your first ever record you bought?

First one: Whitesnake's 1987, second one: Europe's Wings Of Tomorrow. From there on I kind of stopped counting. I grabbed anything that was in reach. I was lucky enough to have a couple of older friends already into this music. They taught me a lot of things.

Why do you think George Bush should stay on another term?

George Bush brings in mind the lyrics of Sodom's Get What You Deserve. As long as we let such creatures (calling him a human being I would consider it an insult towards our race). He's no better than dictators like Hussein.

Is Metal supposed to be the new world religion? Why or why not?

Religions lead to fanaticism and I am not buying. As with every other kind of music, it unites the fans under the same roof. That's why you see people from different countries, ages etc. always discussing in a passionate way about Metal music. The good thing about Metal is that it is not so trendy (let's face it: there are trends in Metal music) as other genres so there is room for everyone. I mean, how many bald boy bands are there?

What's your biggest mistake?

Ever? Can I have a top ten? I have done some really stupid things, decisions taken in the heat of the moment. But you know what? I don't give a fuck. Crush and burn, never learn, out of my ashes I'll rise. Honestly it is impossible to start thinking all the mistakes I have ever done just to find out the biggest one.

What's your biggest disappointment?

Queensryche's Hear In The Now Frontier. A desecration of the band's history. Let's see what Mindcrime II will have to say…

What's the use of physics and mathematics you learned in school for your daily life?

First of all, I can't fly. I know that now, thought I have tried to achieve that a lot in the past. Mathematics is much more useful. Without Math I would never be able to understand if my drug dealer's trying to steal money from me or not…

Did you ever achieve any childhood dream?

Some of them, yes. I managed to see Black Sabbath with the original lineup, Whitesnake… I have the honor of being part of one of the biggest online magazines in the world. I guess my dreams are very earth-bound.

What would Metal look like in 2035?

Mercenary's 11 Dreams.

Why is Greece, current European Champions in soccer, not able to qualify for the 2006 World Cup in Germany?

First of all this is not the first time the European Champion is left outside the World Cup. Keep in mind that back then Greece was the outsider, now is the European Champion. Yeah I guess other teams now look at us in a very different way. There are also other reasons. We don't have such a big stock of players so our game is a bit one-dimensional and our coach doesn't have that much of choices.

Who's the most overrated band/musician?


Which movie character should rule the world?

Brain from The Pinky And The Brain Show. The guys from Monty Python's Flying Circus?

What would you have never done, in case you knew back then what you know now?

Sure, take my priceless LPs to make copies of them…

Nuclear Power plants are useful because?

They produce clean and safe energy. Where do I get paid?

Will we ever live in peace?

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance… what more can I say?

Which band should reunite?

Fifth Angel. Respect!!!

Should Metal stay conservative?

Nah, I don't have such worries. For me old school / new school, everything is cool! I respect the fact that people out there like listening all the time to bands that play like Running Wild used to play 25 years ago. On the other hand I hold the same respect to all those who believe that music must evolve. You know, this has to do with what everyone likes or dislikes. Above all music is entertainment and a good way to leave some of our daily troubles aside, so if a guy likes Manila Road and another one likes Mnemic, what's the problem with that? And to be honest with you: after 3-4 beers, it doesn't make a difference to me.

Taking a musician's point of view now. Well, if you like sounding conservative, get ready to be pummeled by people blaming you for cloning. I guess you can sound stereotyped and good at the same time? Yeah, there's always space for personality even if you sound like Stratovarius. If you like being considered groundbreaking then get ready to be pummeled by people blaming you for bastardizing the heavenly gift known as Heavy Metal. As we all know, holding on is easier than letting go. Many bands have called it a day just to get recognition for their achievements after death.

Are there too many people on this Earth and should we help and cure every one?

I only wonder why've managed to make it to the moon and there are still people here dying because they don't have water to drink…

What did you look like during the Glam Rock era?

Eh… quite glamy? (Laughs) Nah, I never followed stylistic orders. For me a poser is anyone desperately trying to fit in a certain movement by adopting fashions and trends. As far as I recall I always preferred casual attire and a nice Metal / Rock T-Shirt. No inverted pentagrams nor big hair for me.  

What do you think of music on the Internet? Does it harm musicians?

The only thing that really harms musicians is bad music. I keep hearing companies complaining about dropping of sales because of the Internet. Is there any chance the drop of sales is caused by other factors as well? For example: tons of identical albums every month, crappy promotion, albums full of fillers ' why on Earth should I buy an album when I only like a couple of songs on it? Plus why the fuck does a CD cost 17 Euro? Do the labels ever ask me how hard it is for me to make 17 Euro at work?

How can you deal with the fact that you're better than most people?

I usually kiss my hands and thank God for making me perfect. Enjoying the fact that most people would kill to have my flawless body, my Adonis look.

What music makes you cry?

The Titanic OST? Seriously now, there are several songs that manage to strike a chord inside me. Fifth Angel's So Long, Labyrinth's Heaven Denied. I also can't stand watching the No One There video by Sentenced. I really can't stand the site of elderly people in pain. In My Dreams by Dokken and Voyeur by Lizzy Borden make me feel somehow nervous; probably bring in mind my school days.


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