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Mick (Destinity)

Interview with Mick from Destinity
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 06 January 2013, 1:46 PM

DESTINITY from France has always been a sort of enigma. This is a long running band that should have been one of the top Euro extreme Metal acts, no doubt about it. After been changing their Metal directive into a crafty shape of extremeness, it is believed that they more or less settled. “Revolve In Crimson”, the flamboyant new outcome from this band, via Lifeforce Records, is a new message of precision, determination and creativity. Steinmetal talked with the band’s vocalist Mick about the new album, strong moments of their career and more…

Hello Mick, is it a great honor having you for this interview on Metal Temple. How are you doing?

Hey man, the pleasure is mutual. Thanks for supporting the band! It's great to hear such great comments on what we do.

Coming forward with an 8th album, named “Revolve In Crimson”, DESTINITY sounds fresh, diverse and brutal. I wonder how have you been perfecting your music all these years?

Well it is our 8th recording but it is actually our 6th studio album. The 2 previous ones were demos. With all the experience we've gained throughout the years we are now able to play the music that we really like! Of course we still have a few elements from our beginning but we're constantly evolving in our music and we're really proud of the result.

What is “Revolve In Crimson” is all about? Can you describe some of the meaning of the album’s power points?

The main themes in the album are individuality, revenge, and finding strength to overcome any situation. Most of them come from real-life situations which I find important since I can scream my guts out on stage and mean every word I’m saying!

As for the album’s music, do you think that your display on “Revolve In Crimson” is a sort of a continuance to the your previous release of “XI Reasons To See”?

Actually there are quite a lot of differences with "XI Reasons To See". With this album, we wanted to create a direct link with “The Inside”. We wanted this album to be more thrashy and more brutal than “XI Reasons…”. So we cut down a bit on the orchestrations and played faster to get that brutl feel to it. I think most metalheads will agree that it turned out pretty good!
Do you think that when it comes to songs’ arrangements, you took your material into a rather catchier direction?

Yeah that was completely deliberate. We really wanted to be more extreme both in a brutal way but also in a melodic and "catchier" way as you say. We put a lot of work on our choruses to get this effect. And overall its sound "catchy" but not as we were sellouts (laughs)!!

Can you share your favored moments of the album’s making?

The best moment? That would have to be the mix. When we heard what Jacob (Hansen of Hansen Studios) mixed towards the end of our studio sessions, we were blown away!! As usual he came out with a sound that was clearer, more aggressive, and even bigger than our previous recording. So the magic worked again and that was when we said "Phew… this is going to be a fucking great release"… It seems many people out there think the same!! But we're modest!

What are your chosen tracks out of this album?

Hard to tell, but I would say "Black Sun Rising", "The Hatred", and "Aiming A Fist In Enmity". These three songs really show the whole span of the album.

One of the greatest songs of the album, “Reap My Scars”, kept me busy for a while as I tried to understand its meaning. What can you tell about it?

Well it's about a person that anyone could know in their lives and everyone can replace this person with their own experience. If it helps them release what they have inside then it worked! I'll let all our fans make the song their own.

I don’t know if you were asked about it before but here it goes. After all these years, you guys being around for more than fifteen years, what do you think is the reason for DESTINITY not being one of the greater bands in extreme Metal? I have known your material for nearly three years and I wondered about that actually.

(Laughs) that's the first time I hear this one!! But I guess thanks to our interview in Metal Temple that problem will be solved (Laughs) !! Well you know, we still have a great potential to grow and we're not counting on stopping so soon. So we can discuss this in our next interview for our next album if you don't mind!!

Looking back to your history, shifting genres in extreme Metal, releasing albums in an impressive rate, not making too many changes in your line up, it would be interesting if you can mention some of the better moments of your past.

The best moments? Touring with our buddies on the road of course! Always a blast!!…and answering your interview for sure (Laughs)!!

Anything planned for you guys in the coming year?

Well touring to promote the new album. It's going to be our main thing for  2013. First a French tour around March, then the Summer festivals around Europe, and we'll finish with a European tour towards the end on 2013. We're going to stay busy.

How about a DVD release? I believe that it’s about time…

We already have a DVD!! But yeah it was in 2006 and it was for the 10 years of our previous record label. Underground black metal stuff! But for the moment we're concentrating on music videos (check out the video of "Black Sun Rising" coming out real soon). Then with a little extra touring video footage we'll be really for a DVD!

Mick I wish to thank you for this interview. I was thankful to first listen to you guys back in 2010 and this latest effort of yours made me a proud fan. Good luck on the road ahead and I do hope to hear more of your new material soon. Any last words to the readers?

First of all thanks for all the compliments; it's always great to hear this stuff from real metal "connoisseurs"! Hope to see you and your readers on the road very soon. Check out our website and Facebook for new tour dates and much more! Thanks again! Cheers!


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