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Mika Lagreen (Facebreaker)

Interview with Mika Lagreen from Facebreaker
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 11 December 2010, 7:12 PM

The Swedish butchers FACEBREAKER amazed me with their latest effort entitled "Infected" and I couldn't help but having a small interview with the band's guitarist Mika Lagreen

Hello Mika and congratulations on FACEBREAKER's brand new album! Do you mind giving us a short bio of the band for start?
FACEBREAKER started back in ‘99 but then I was not in the band.

They started out as a Pro-Pain kind of band but eventually started playing Death Metal. When I replaced the old guitar player (Janos) they had already started making songs for "Bloodred Hell" that later was released by Rage Of Achilles Records. The label went bankrupt so we looked for another label and ended up with Pulverised Records. We recorded "Dead, Rotten And Hungry" and now we are on Cyclone Empire Records with the brand new album "Infected".

Where was the album recorded and who handled the mixing and mastering duties? "Infected" surely features a pretty strong sound!
We recorded it at Black Lounge Studios and at The Abyss Studios. Both Jonas Kjellgren and Peter Tagtgren recorded the album and Jonas mixed and mastered it. I think that both of them were involved with the whole sound thing. It became very strong as you said and it is cleaner than the sound that we are used to have.

This is your fist release through Cyclone Empire Records. First of all, why did you leave Pulverised, and secondly, how did the contract with Cyclone Empire came up?
Well, we left Pulverised for some different reasons but I don't wanna go into that. They did a great job for us when we were on Pulverised but it was time to make a step forward. Cyclone Empire has been great to us in so many ways and they were our first choice when we were looking for a new label. They have pushed the album really hard and now we are even releasing in USA and Canada through Metal Blade Records.

How is the feedback you've got been so far? Are the reactions from the press and your fans what you expected?
The feedback and reactions have exceeded our expectations. We did not expect that it would be that great feedback from fans and press.

Who designed the cover artwork for "Infected" and why did you choose the specific design?
We have always been working with the same guy, Mick Kenney, and we think that he did an awesome job this time as well. We gave him some ideas as usual and he did the rest. We wanted the cover of "Infected" to show sickness and world death and the cover really shows what it is. Some creature coming up from the ground with maggots and dirt on its face, with only one thing on its mind, to kill and eat human flesh hehehe.

What are your influences as a band? What do you think makes FACEBREAKER's sound differ from other Death Metal bands out there?
First of all we don't try to sound like any other band out there. We are aiming for a more mature and modern sound. I listen to a lot of BOLT THROWER so a lot of my influences comes from there. I listen to a lot of music besides them and the other guys do as well, but FACEBREAKER has its own way of sounding like we do. If someone in the band left then we would not sound the same anymore. We are all doing something that combined turns out great.

What are your live plans since "Infected" has already been released? Are there any gigs or tours scheduled?
We have signed a contract with Blast Corpse Promotion and they have already started to book shows for us in Europe. We will for sure get out on the road really soon.

You used to be a member of BACKWARDNESS. How do you feel that your singer back then, as well as FACEBREAKER's Roberth Karlsson have joined the same band? Are you working as a scout for SCAR SYMMETRY? Hahahaha!
Hehehe, well maybe. I have been helping them out as well with some gigs when Jonas Kjellgren could not go with them. We did some shows in Hungary and Sweden together. It was a great opportunity for Lars to start as a singer in SCAR SYMMETRY, since we had laid BACKWARDNESS to rest. I know that Roberth will always be a member of FACEBREAKER so I don't make a big deal about it.

Speaking of SCAR SYMMETRY, has Roberth's program with them affected FACEBREAKER?
When we were on tour last year with FACEBREAKER they had some gigs with SCAR SYMMETRY but my little brother jumped in as the growler then. We met up at 'Legacy Festival' and Roberth sang with FACEREAKER first and later with SCAR SYMMETRY the same day. Nothing more than that, but if it collides again we will work something out as usual.

Lately, there has been a kind of trend with bands turning back to the old school sound, mostly in Thrash and Death Metal. What's your opinion on this?
Well it has always been like that. Bands that played music that was not on the right time or fitted the music scene can now do it again. Thrash and Death Metal is back again. It is almost like we are back in the good old days again.

You have been a band for over a decade now. What are your dreams for FACEBREAKER? Where do you aim?
Well the plan is to play brutal Death Metal around the globe and to record more albums.

Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best! Any last comments?
Thanx for having me do this interview. This one goes out to all the readers and crazy maniac metal heads: Keep on supporting Death Metal and FACEBREAKER or I will come and Kill You! Cheers!


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