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Mika Luttinen (Impaled Nazarene)

Interview with Mika Luttinen from Impaled Nazarene
by Yiannis Doukas at 25 November 2007, 12:34 PM

We have the honour to present you Mr Mika from the demonic horde named IMPALED NAZARENE. These lunatics from Finland have returned with a killer new album in the paths of the previous one. Read also about their source of hate (the touring for the Pro Patria Finlandia) that, despite the fact of causing them a lot of troubles, we can also say that it was the seed for the new masterpiece. I will not do any political statement but I believe that when someone claims he is an anti–fascist, having these opinions and acting like this, is a fascist too. Anyway, I hope all these shits will go away from the band's path and their European tour will happen.

Hail!!! Thanx a lot for the ear pleasure that you offer us so long time. How do you succeed in releasing so good albums in so little time? I mean ’Pro Patria Finlandia was killer and I couldn’t believe that you’ll surpass it so easily! Where are the roots for all this hate and aggression that you release? What makes you have so much inspiration?

After Pro Patria Finlandia came out, we went on for a long European tour. This trip was supposed to last 10 weeks and we were supposed to play 64 shows in total. Things went wrong and the whole trip turned out to be total disaster. German Antifa managed to get us banned in almost all places in Germany, we also faced shit in France, Austria and Switzerland. To make a long story short, we almost split up due to all shit we had to swallow. We did not split up, as you know, and put all our hatred and anger into this album.

’The Antichrist Files looks like coming from the past. Did you listened recently to your old records? Who is the composer behind? I have to say that it is killer, man!

Repe, our drummer, composed this song. His idea was that album starts with a really old-school song. It worked out perfectly, this song is indeed a real killer.

The punk attitude and vibe of IMPALED NAZARENE is once again obvious with (example) You Don’t Rock Hard. What is his lyrical theme? Who is that guy that doesn’t rock hard? Do you have in mind any specific band? What are your favorite punk bands? There is a lot of DISCHARGE in your sound, do you agree?

We are not necessarily talking about any band or person so to say. It deals about that tour and all the crap that happened there. There are lots of songs (Pathogen, Suicide Song, When Violence Commands The Day etc about this. I needed to get this shit out of my system. You are partly right about DISCHARGE. You see, we are influenced by EXTREME NOISE TERROR and they are, of course, influenced by DISCHARGE. Apart from E.N.T., punk shit that kick ass is: RIPCORD, IRSTAS, THE EXPLOITED, RATTUS, TERVEET KADET,PUHELINKOPPI. Plus Metal/punk hybrids like S.O.D., CARNIVORE, M.O.D., D.R.I., ADRENALIN A.D., AGNOSTIC FRONT, CRUMBSUCKERS, THE ACCUSED and so on.

This feel that old metal and punk bands had has been lost in our days. I mean the disposal to go out and destroy anything you see. On the other hand, IMPALED NAZARENE has this ’till now, like you are a crazy horde from South America or something. Do you find anything special in today’s scene? Any new band that force you to headbang 24 hours per day?

I am rarely impressed with anything but I must say that MUNICIPAL WASTE is a band that really brought back old-school thrash/HC! Fucking fantastic band. I wish there was more shit like this out there.

Funeral For Despicable Pigs is a song that differs a lot with the others in Manifest. What is it about? In the end it is like a requiem. Also can you talk to us about Dead Return?

Surprise, this one is about that fucking tour again. Basically this is about their funeral, those pigs who opposed us. This song was composed by Tuomio, our ex-lead guitarist. Church organ in the end was his idea and is played by him as well. He did not tell us about this so it was a nice surprise and really fits to the end of the song. Dead Return is from the pen of Arc Basstard (bass). When I heard this song for the first time, it was clear that this would be the ending track of the album, kinda grand finale. Lyrically Dead Return, well, is about dead returning on earth.

In some songs like Planet Nazarene, Goat Justice, Original Pig Rig - to name a few - are more metal than ever in your career. From old-school thrash ’till ACCEPT, making them live dynamites. When you rehearse and compose your songs do you imagine them in live environment? Please enlight us also about the concept of these songs.

Not really, you see, we never compose songs as unit. We compose at home alone. Then we meet at rehearsal place and if we all like new stuff, we keep it. If we don’t, we throw it away. Three songs, three different composers here. Planet Nazarene is one of the first songs that was written for Manifest, in fact Pro Patria Finlandia was not even out when Arc Basstard had this ready. Lyrically this is twisted mindfuck. You have to see Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, starring Johnny Depp to understand this song (ed. note: Really great movie, and great book). Goat Justice is another Tuomio song, really killer old-school thrash. Lyrically we go back to that tour again, goat justice will be done sooner or later. Original Pig Rig tells the story of those brave men who built crucifix that Jesus was crucified on! This song is from Repe’s pen. Original Pig Rig is therefore crucifix!

Touring is synonym with IMPALED NAZARENE. Did this thing is still enjoyable? Is it possible to transform into a routine? What are your favorite lands for live performing? How is the audience in Mexico or South America? I learned that it is very powerful.

Playing live is the salt of life! It is the best fucking thing there is, you are in total control for once in your life when you are on stage. Nothing is better than conquer new countries, meet new people, eat local food and get wasted on local drinks. Best countries, well, there are lots of them. Italy, Greece, France in Europe. Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico. Mexico is a wild place, fans are totally crazy there. We have never been to South America, we have been to Mexico three times (all of the tours there). If you are on a long tour, some shows will suck for sure but you will forget them easily when you play the next day a killer show to a killer crowd. A special mention is needed here for Athens and Thessaloniki crowds last autumn. You guys fucking saved this band really. We almost split up and then we came to Greece and we remembered again how fucking great this can be!!!

Why Tuomo left the band? He was perfect. Would you introduce Mr UG? Did you know him from before?

Tuomio’s personal life took a turn where it was impossible for him to continue with IMPALED NAZARENE. And we understood and hail him for staying with us this long. We have known UG for over seven years, he has been our session guitarist since 2000 when one of our guitar players have been unable to play a show or to tour. In fact you guys saw UG with us last year in Greece when Tuomio was unable to join us. UG knew all our old songs so it was very easy to take him in.

I’ve learned that there will be some re–releases in your back catalogue. Which albums will they be? Would they have any differences from the old copies, any new songs maybe?

Remastered Rapture is already out (live bonus tracks, new cover and layout, sound has really improved). Next year you shall see remastered Latex Cult (same deal as Rapture, live bonus etc). We will also release Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz and Ugra Karma as a double 10 vinyl. Now these two has full 10 EP filled with never-before-heard material taken from our own collection of soundboard tapes. From various European tours (?, ?) and even live shit dating back to 1992. Limited to 300 both and definite collectors items. And only on vinyl.

Please give us information about the beautiful flower in your ’Hardboiled And Still Hellhound video clip. How did this cooperation happen ? Who is your favorite porn star? Did you discover any new good one? Also do you prefer silicon in tits or you want them physical?

She is Rakel Liekki, she used to do porn but quite the business few years back for whatever reason. A friend of Jarno knew her and we got her for the video via that channel. There are lots of porn stars I dig, Ariel Rebel, Gauge, Liz Vicious, every fucking girl on and so on. This list would be endless. There are some damn good sites nowadays. I don’t care if tits are natural or silicon, it’s all the same to me really. Small, big, natural, anything goes.

Did Osmose make any voodoo and hypnotize you? You are so long time there. Did they give you free drinks and persuade with evil ways? I guess you’re completely satisfied, eh?

We have excellent relationship, we are more friends than business partners. But the most important thing for us is total, 100% artistic freedom. No label schedules, no questions about how is new material, we need pre-production demos etc. No complaints about where we record, when we record, with whom we record. We do exactly what we want to do, when we want to and we choose the people we work with. We deliver 100% ready package (music, cover, layout) to Osmose, they just have to put it out. It works fucking well this way.

Any future plans for the band now? You know touring etc.

Touring at the moment is really hard as we just learned that our show (which was supposed to happen on 29th of December) has been banned in Germany AGAIN. I can’t fucking believe this crap. Therefore, we cannot really plan European tour as we have to skip Germany. And, unfortunately, Germany is the biggest market for Metal in Europe. This situation is really fucking retarted. FUCK.

Taking the opportunity from Suicide Song I want to congratulate you for the song Suffer In Silence from the All That You Fear album which was dedicated to Teemu. In the end I’m chicken foot. Did these songs have same theme?

Nope. Suffer In Silence was about the aftermath of Teemu’s death here in Finland. People, whom he despised, were explaining on Internet forums how they saw him last and shit like this. It made me just sick. Suicide Song is an open message to those who oppose us and have caused us too much trouble. Kill yourselves you glue-sniffing retards.

HAIL SATANAS! Thanx a lot, I hope to see ya live very soon here. And don’t forget to play the Original Pig Rig.

Thank you. Original Pig Rig is indeed on setlist from new album so let’s hope somebody brings there again soon!


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