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Mike Semesky, Greg Macklin, Gunter Ostendorp (Ordinance)

Interview with Mike Semesky, Greg Macklin, Gunter Ostendorp from Ordinance
by Daniel Fox at 28 February 2016, 11:44 AM

Romecore. Caesarcore. Imperial Death Metal. Whatever you want to call it, the Maryland natives of the Progressive Death Metal band ORDINANCE have just released their second album, titled "The Ides Of March". If that wasn't enough of a hint, it's a concept album about the assassination of Julius Caesar, with a majority of the songs written in narrative through the eyes and ears of his allies and detractors. Daniel spoke with vocalist Mike Semesky, and guitarists Greg Macklin and Gunter Ostendorp via conference call about a variety of subjects, namely the long history of the album, Mike's fascination with Roman History, and how the lyrics literally brought about "Roman-sounding" riffage.


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