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Mike Dimareli (Mike Dimareli Artical)

Interview with Mike Dimareli from Mike Dimareli Artical
by Grigoris Chronis at 09 December 2007, 1:47 PM

Mike Dimareli, an excellent Greek guitarist, has just released his latest album, Horizon, through his MIKE DIMARELI ARTICAL project. Classy guitar-orientated neoclassical/Heavy/Power Metal that leaves limited space for complaint. Let's see what Mike had to say regarding this recent work.

Mike, greetings from Metal Temple. We had the chance to listen to the new MIKE DIMARELI ARTICAL release, Horizon, and – indeed – we had lots of ’clicks’ on this album review. So, the band’s base is in Greece? And – weird, huh - you’re a Greek musician, too?

The band is based in Greece and of course I’m Greek, too. It is truth that in my country we don’t have heavy production of this style of music but on the other hand I ’ve lived some years abroad, so you may call me an international musician.  

Is the lineup for the recordings of Horizon a ’permanent’ one? Or the rest of your colleagues are on ’session’ status?

The line-up of the Horizon is not permanent. All the other members of the ARTICAL band were session musicians. Right now I am in the phase of recruiting members to make a solid lineup to play my work live. I’m happy to say that the new lineup will soon be announced at my web space, Artical on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads.

How long did it take you to write the songlist for Horizon? Are there any tunes dating back to your Fantasy debut days or all songs are newly penned?

The writing of the album it took me a whole year. In truth all the songs are brand new, except the basic tune of the song Vengeance that is originated back in Fantasy days.

Did you use any help from other musicians in composing the basic structures or finalizing the tracks’ melodies?

Not at all. The composing is my job. I would of course give a credit to all the session musicians and technicians that help me to record Horizon in the studio.

By the way, Fantasy was released in 2004 (via the Secret Port label). This means three whole years in between the two CDs. Why such a long space gap?

I admit it took so long to make this new album but the ’trading’ with labels is somewhat difficult especially in Greece. Keep in mind, too, that I also wanted to develop my sound and that is consuming fast your time.

Even if the obvious comment is being (the so called) neoclassical Metal, I did ’see’ some more ’classic/power’ Metal paths being explored, too. Or, you think, this is due to the vocal lines of Bill Aksiotis? To what kind of Metal fans you think Horizon will apply better?

I think Horizon’s music style is for all the fans of power and progressive metal. I really don’t care about what is the music genre of my songs. I just want to compose songs that express me and I think that the result will apply to fans of good music.

Really, how did you begin to play guitar and develop this particular taste? What was your youth like, both as a musician and a music fan?

I began to play guitar in the age of 20. I m a big fan of STRATOVARIUS, RAINBOW, Malmsteen, Vai  and so on…There are so many to tell them all. You know, every tune that I like is somewhat a little piece of my style.

A technical question: could you share some info regarding the gear you used in Horizon? I mean, guitars, amplification and recording unit(s). Your sound is crystal clear, I must confess, but also bears some ’old school European Metal’ flavor in parts.

The basic gear that - I can remember right now- used for the recording was as follows:

- Guitar: Peavy Guitar 2003 model
- Amplifier: Marshall 200w
- Drums: Tama Artstar kit
- Bass Guitar: Yamaha
- Keyboards: Korg

Do you have your own studio to use for rehearsing & recording?

No, unfortunately. But I have a home studio; you know, to do the basic composing stuff and training.

With Horizon what’s the first goal to achieve? Sales? Recognition? Inner satisfaction? Guiding newbies to grab guitars? All of them? How do you see Mike Dimareli in today’s ’stiff’ music world?

Most of all is inner satisfaction. You know, if you make something that you like the result will fulfill all the side goals like sales, recognition etc. As for the second part of your question, I have to say that the music world is full of talent and it feels difficult to classify myself. I prefer to let people formulate an opinion.

Have you scheduled any live activities? Is Burning Star Records supporting you to get on the road?

There is no specific live scheduled this time. I will try my best to play as many live shows I can here and in abroad (mainly Italy and Germany).I hope to begin the tour at the end of February. Burning Star from their side make their best they can afford to support my work.

In the meantime: The new songs are composed so they can be delivered 100% complete on stage without any samples and backups. Each note in the new album can be recreated live, says a Press Release regarding the new album. Listening to tracks like The Rising Sun, Rising Shadows or Vengeance over and over again, I found it really interesting to check out how easy this will be.

You maybe have a point here, my friend. I can assure everyone that the guitar parts will be delivered without any mistake live. As for the other parts, this is why I delay my tour. I m trying to find the best possible lineup to perform the songs perfect. I want to reassure everyone that I will be on road only when the band is ready to rock the stage without a single mistake.

In many interviews given by solo guitarists, there’s a certain tendency in bringing up their ’I-Am-The-God’ ideals. Is guitar such a ’sneaky’ instrument, capable enough to alter your character?

I don’t think that guitar is capable to change my character. Is simply the instrument that expresses my work in public.

Mike, thanks a lot for your precious time! Really hope all the best for Horizon and the MIKE DIMARELI ARTICAL future.


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