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Mike Novak (Every Time I Die)

Interview with Mike Novak from Every Time I Die
by Brandy at 19 May 2006, 1:40 AM

What can you say? Metalcore is in and it's running rapidly throughout the states and beyond. Every Time I Die are on tour right now promoting their latest album, Gutter Phenomenon. While in Nashville, I was able to take a sneak peak on the tour bus and have a talk with Every Time I Die's  drummer, Mike Novaka.k.a. Ratboy</b >

So, how was your trip to Nashville?



 (laughs) yeah

Well that is never fun (laughs). First off, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to talk with me .When I asked me to do the interview, I jumped the plank, I am such a big fan.

Awesome, thank you.

So can you tell me who came up with the name Every Time I Die, and the story behind it?

Well there really isn’t a story. We were just really young, and were at the point when we really wanted to do it and we really needed a name. It doesn’t have a real meaning to it, we have hated it for the last five years. It’s probably the worst name ever, it’s too late to change it now. (laughs)

(laughs) yeah, so with that out of the way, can you tell the readers a little of the history behind the band, how did you get together?

(laughs) Well, we are all from the same town. We were always doing shows together. Me and the guitar player Andy, were in a shitty band together, fucking around for no reason and Jordan</b > was in a band and we wanted to jam together, cause we all kind of noticed we liked the bands. We would go to shows we liked and later talked and you know said, Wanna start a band that sounds like that band? We all got together on day in my basement. We wrote our first song in a couple of day. We decided then, Hey, this is awesome! It was refreshing and exciting…it was really cool. We needed a singer and Jordan is like, My brother sings. So we were like, Alright, done! We found a bass player from there and we have had many of them, but we found one and that’s where we are now.

Cool, cool - So how is the touring life treating you?

 Pretty good. It’s like, our drummer got really sick. He got an infection in his face, and his face got swelled up and he had to go home, so we all got bummed about that. Other than that, it has been awesome. The shows have gone great. That’s what counts the most, you know? Just playing in front of a ton of kids every night, and having a good time. So that’s what’s been really happening.

Awesome - So what would you say would be your favorite performance so far?

Um…hmm, that’s a tough call… (silence)…I don’t even know, I am going to go with Buffalo, like our hometown obviously. It would probably be like up there, but I know there was another show that was like, Wow, it’s amazing. Oh, it was San Francisco. We did two nights in a row. It was insane both nights. It was so awesome.

That is awesome, Mike.

 Yeah, it was amazing.

Do you have any horror stories that you can share that have happened on tour?

 Um, not really this tour. It’s been a kinda chill tour. You know, last year on the last tour, we crashed our van, so that was the worst thing ever. So that’s a big horror story. So, we decided to take the bus route. Hopefully no crashing now (laughs)

Yeah definitely, that had to be a scary situation. So I know you have been on an international tour…is it different, the fans reactions from the kids overseas or here in the states?

Um, it’s good in both places. I would say that in Europe, it has more of a weirder vibe. I kinda wanna say that they are kind of like five years behind us. They don’t catch on as fast, like for some reason. When we went over there, it’s been awesome. Just to play that far away from home. Just to have kids stocked, even if it’s like twenty kids, like who cares, it’s awesome. I personally like the States more, but Europe was awesome.

Cool, cool

They are just a little further behind, to catch on. (laughs)

So, what is your favorite song to perform live?

 Um …wow, I am going though the set list in my head (laughs)…Um, I have a lot of fun playing Kill The Music

So, when you are finally off tour and you are home, what do you enjoy the most?

Sleeping in my own bed, taking like the first shower back at home, is like the best thing in the world. Just to wash all the touring filth away. I like seeing my dog, real meals, watching TV, I like to go bowling and stuff. I like to go to the movies but I really just like to relax and chill and enjoy home.

Yeah, I can imagine - So, is there a new CD in the making or are you guys going to continue touring for awhile?

 Right now, we’re just trying to finish off to get this CD off. We are really excited about this CD. We are really proud of it, but yeah, after this tour is over, we are either going to go on another tour or sit down and write the new CD.

Well, I know I’ll be looking forward to a new album in the future. I loved this one and I can’t wait for the aftermath.

 That’s awesome, thank you.

Can you tell me some of your musical influences?

 Um, I think musically, we all grew up on Converge,Metallica,Led Zeppelin. I think we had a little Queen Of The Stone Age influence there. We tried to not listen to too many bands for influences, though I believe some shine through in our music. For the most part, we just try to keep ourselves away from loud or heavy music and just like write something that is totally ours .I don’t know, we feel like it’s like pretty original and it kinda not really like a Metalcore band, we’re not like a punk band, we just try to bring something different when we get on stage, so that’s what we went for.

Awesome - I was curious about a couple of songs that I really like a lot…Gloom and How It Gets That Way and Tusk and Tamper, Can you share some light on both tracks?

Gloom, was like a real, quick written song. We’re just like, just have to have a few riffs, that’s really short and that’s like to the point, really heavy and in your face. Tusk and Tamper, that one took a little longer… (laughs) It had so many riffs, we were like, ’We gotta like make it shorter’. Somehow, for some reason, those two songs don’t work right on stage…like the kids don’t get into them…

Oh, wow…that’s a bummer.

 (laughs) Yeah, it is a bummer. We would love to play those two songs all the time, but we have to work with what the kids like.

If you could work with any performer, who would it be?

Um, for me it would be Dave Grohl. Just anything with Dave Grohl, he’s an ideal musician. He’s a great drummer, great vocalist, and great performer. Just to be able to play drums with him. I would be so happy. I love him. (laughs)

He is a really good performer, good choice - So you are working with Haste The Day right now, how is that going?

Haste The Day…Well, Bleeding Through asked us to go on tour. They picked Between The Buried And Me, They were like, You guys pick a band to go on tour with. So we were like, Haste The Day.  They are the perfect band to go on and work with for this tour. We are like really good friends with them. They are like the nicest guys in the world.

So, if music wasn’t your career path, what would have been your second choice?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. Just like, I can not think doing anything else but music. Even if it was just selling a CD at a music store, or being an agent or a promoter for a band, just something having to do with music.

That’s how I feel about it. I myself have always had such a love for music and having it surround my life I can’t imagine anything else either, so I know how you feel.

(laughs) yeah, I know.

So, is there anything else you want to share with the readers of Metal Temple?

Just buy the new CD, Gutter Phenomenon and check us out on tour.

Awesome, well Mike thank you so much for having me and talking with me for a bit, and I am looking forward to the show this evening.

Very cool, it should be a good time.


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