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Mike, Rude (Before The Fall)

Interview with Mike, Rude from Before The Fall
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 10 May 2008, 7:57 PM

The Austrian Hardcore metallers released their debut album and I was the one to review it. Since I really liked it I thought that an interview with the band would be a good chance for them to present their work and for me as well to learn some things about themselves. Enjoy what they had to say to Metal Temple.

Hello and congratulations on your new album. Let’s start with some introductory stuff. Tell us a few things about the band.

\[Mike & Rude]: Hello and thanks! Well, Before the Fall was founded in 2005 by Mike and Rude in Vienna /Austria. The line up is following:
Mike - Vocals, Guitar
Rude - Guitar
Bane - Guitar
Hannes - Bass
(Phillip Deniflee - Drums)
At the moment we’re looking for a new drummer, because Phillip left the band after the tour with GOREFEST to do his exam. But we already have some candidates to choose the best one for us.

How did you choose to have BEFORE THE FALL as a name? What does this mean for you?

\[Mike]: Many things stand before the fall. Religions, governments, societies etc. It shows the instability in the world.

\[Rude]: But it’s also a synonym for the adrenaline kick such as you stand on a high rise before the fall.

From what I found out, you had no other releases before your debut album. How did you manage to sign a contract with your label without any stuff recorded?

\[Rude]: Before we signed at Twilight Records, we had a contract with Noisehead Records, a label in Vienna. So our debut on Twilight Records is a re-release. Since one year we are managed by Werner Stockinger, who helps us a lot with the business stuff. He also managed the contract with Twilight Records for us.

What do your lyrics have to do with and who writes them?

\[Mike]: The lyrics are basically about socially critical stuff as well as private things which makes me pissed off. They’re critical but I don’t want to take any politically stand. Writing songs and lyrics is the only and perfect valve where I can relieve my aggressions in a useful way.

Your music is a nice mixture between Hardcore and Thrash Metal in my opinion. How would you describe it to someone who has no idea of how BEFORE THE FALL sound?

\[Mike]: I’d call it simple Metal. I don’t like these categorizations. It just involves me. Music is about emotions and feelings. Nothing you can put in a drawer. But of course, there are some different influences. That’s why on our album are brutal thrash riffs and break-downs as well as melodies and smoother passages from time to time.

Which bands have influenced your music?


Have you managed to share the stage with any well known acts until now?

\[Rude]: We supported GOREFEST on their European Tour in October 2007. It was a great experience to be on the road for over a month. We also already shared the stage with HEAVEN SHALL BURN, HATESPHERE, PUNGENT STENCH, ABORTED, OBITUARY and many other bands on diverse festivals.

Are there any plans for a new album?

\[Mike]: Of Course! We’re very busy at the moment with writing new songs. And let me tell you the next album will kick every fucking ass! I never had a better feeling during the songwriting process like these days. There will be a little bit more of everything. More Thrash Metal, more theatrical melodies, more dynamical power and aggression.

\[Rude]: We went through a phase of very many sided inspirations and emotions in the last months. So the next album will definitely sound more individual and more varied. We will probably release it in the end of 2008 and we have already plans for touring after the release.

From Mutism To Riddance has a really nice sound quality, something that I didn’t expect to tell you the truth. Where was the album recorded and who did the whole mixing/mastering work?

\[Mike]: Well, From Mutism To Riddance was produced and recorded in our home studio by ourselves. Because of that I’m busy with mixing and mastering, I did the mix for the album. Something, that I’ll definitely focus in the future, not only to work for BTF, but also to produce some newcoming bands. Finally we went to the Noisehead Studios in Vienna, where I did the finally mix with the help of Mario Jezik. For the mastering work, we could engage one of the best sound engineers in Europe - Tue Madsen. We’re very proud of it, because such cooperation is by no means a matter of course.

To tell you the truth, I never knew any Austrian Metal bands. Can you suggest any nice Metal bands from Austria that you believe people will like?

\[Rude]: We got a very aspiring Metal scene here in Austria. There are many good bands like THE SORROW, BELPHEGOR, IN SLUMBER, PERISHING MANKIND, PANDORA’S DAWN etc. But I can’t believe that you never heard about PUNGENT STENCH. In the 90’s they were one of the biggest Death Metal bands in the world!

(Sorry man, I already knew BELPHEGOR, PUNGENT STENCH and THE SORROW, but as it seems my damaged brain cells won’t help me… LOL)

I suppose you don’t live by playing music, so I would like to ask you how do you make a living…

Well, we all got normal jobs such as waiter, media designer, office employer etc. At the moment we can’t live only by playing music. But it’s definitely our goal. We live for the music and there’s no other possibility to realize our dream!

Is there any chance we may see you performing live here in Greece?

\[Rude]: As we said, we’re now busy with songwriting for the next album. But there are plans for a tour after the release. We’re very glad to have a professional management, so there’s definitely a chance to rock Greece in the future! For us it would be a big pleasure, not only because of the exquisite food and nice girls ;)

Tell us your 5 all time favourite Metal albums!

1. PANTERA - Vulgar Display Of Power
 2. CARCASS - Heartwork
3. FEAR FACTORY - Demanufacture
4. SEPULTURA - Arise
5. MESHUGGAH - Destroy Erase Improve

1. SEPULTURA - Arise
2. HYPOCRISY - The Final Chapter
3. METALLICA - …And Justice For All
4. AMORPHIS - Tales From The Thousand Lakes
5. CARCASS - Heartwork
6. PANTERA - Vulgar Display Of Power

What is your opinion regarding the relationship between music an internet? Do you believe it harms the music industry and the bands?

\[Mike]: It’s a difficult situation. On one side, the internet is a big chance for young bands. On the other side, I think everyone should be paid for his work, which stands in controversy to free music downloads.

Rude: Of course it harms all involved persons but times changed. Every band I know has a Myspace-site and there’s a good reason for that - advertisement! So I think it’s ok to hear some tracks before buying a CD.

Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best. Any last words from you?

\[Mike & Rude]: We’re still not there where we want to be and know there’s much work for us. Our goals for the future are for sure many concerts and festivals but also a great new album which will achieve many metal-fans. We would like to thank everyone who supports us! A big cheers to our friends out there. Be prepared for the future - thx for the interview!!!


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