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Mike Tramp (Mike Tramp's White Lion)

Interview with Mike Tramp from Mike Tramp's White Lion
by Grigoris Chronis at 09 November 2005, 7:20 PM

If I had the money, I'd do this interview by phone; my expense. Mike Tramp's White Lion roars with a brand new live album - Rocking The U.S.A. - and, by e-getting back the answers from one of the best Melodic Hard Rock voices ever, I ended up wondering: 'feeling bored' or 'a few words for a plentiful meaning'? Be my guest…

Mike, I guess you must be getting really tired by continuously having to answer this: Why White Lion, even Mike Tramp’s?

I am not tired talking about White Lion when I am about to release a live album under that name and close to announcing a tour for early next year. But if we were talking about Mike Tramp solo, then it would be another question. Now that TWL (Tramp’s White Lion) is alive and Mike Tramp solo are alive, they are two separate items.

There were several attempts - if all the Internet info we get is true - for an ’original’ White lion reunion. Leaving aside the facts/obstacles that prevented this re-’gathering’ in the past. Do you feel Mike Tramp owes to carry on the legacy, even partially?

It’s not a matter of that owe to anyone to carry on. But right now is the right time for me to do this and everything feels right. After the band was on Bang Your Head festival, I don’t think there’s any doubt that this is a strong band and that we honour the sound and songs of White Lion.

Let me share with you the belief that it’s really ’honest’ not to label your current activities under the name ’White Lion’.

Yes it is. I am doing what feels and seems right. But most concert venues will announce it as White Lion, trust me.

Since you’re involved with new band mates - not that popular to the average Rock fan - could you tell us some basic info ’bout them? I think you’ve summoned them from all around the world!

Just like when I formed Freak Of Nature with unknowns, so I formed TWL. The many reasons are that they will honor the old band and the songs and play it the way it should be played. Known players want to be themselves. I want a TWL concert to be like a White Lion concert.

Jamie Law (guitar) is from Australia. Claus Langeskov (bass) is from Denmark. Troy Farrell is from the U.S.A, and Henning Wanner (keyboards) is from Germany.

So, Rocking The U.S.A. should be out by now. Did the tour setup result in the recording of this album or would you do this anyway in America, Asia, Europe or anywhere else?

I had planned to record this tour no matter what, and I am happy I did.

Frontiers released the Rocking The U.S.A. album. Is it a long-time deal for anything Mike Tramp’s up to? I remember Songs I Left Behind also came out via Frontiers.

We work on one album at a time.

Michael Wagener: some friends are forever?

Michael and I are friends for life and I thought it was cool to have him revisit the old songs, and he really enjoyed doing it.

There seems to be a rather ’logical’ track listing featured in Rocking The U.S.A.. Should we consider this to be the ’typical’ Tramp’s White Lion gig playlist for the U.S. dates or did you have any ’obscure’ surprises for your fans?

No, this was the set; beside Road To Valhalla and Till Death Do Us Part.

Enuff Znuff was also on the bill, I think?

Yes, the bus was a 24 hour lit joint.

Cool… Do you still have the courage to chat with fans after your shows or do you really come to a critical point where all you think about is to go home after the last date?

Every single show I talk to the fans, but - yes - there are many times I just want to go lie down. But this is my way of saying thank you.

I believe that - even if TWL is the reason we’re now communicating - Mike Tramp is the basic scope for Mike Tramp (sic) for the future. Is there - in your mind, at least - a closure date for TWL? Have you set up any other dates after the U.S.?

2006 should be a full year of TWL in Europe.

How would you react if one of your former WL band mates came to see one of your TWL shows? Or has it already happened?

Why would I act any different? Greg came, and James asked to join. But it’s all too late, I am not going back.

Your wife and son; in what level do you consult them regarding your ’musical’ plans/thoughts?

My private life is something I solve by myself not on the Internet or in the Press.

Bang Your Head festival, Germany: you were a very special guest last summer. What was it like?

This is where the band belongs. (e.n.: meaning?…)

Did you get to see any other bands performing live there?

My old friend Dio, who always sings awesome, plus we partied hard with Sebastian Bach.

I was glad to see a ’Mike’s opinion’ page on your official site ( The Web brings people closer, I guess.

Sometimes you just have to speak your mind.

Born in Denmark, where do you believe you would end up being if you hadn’t moved to the States?

This is where I was born; this is where I will most likely live again real soon. But for now home is Australia.

Call it ’cynical’, but looking forward seems to it’s gonna be only ’Mike Tramp’ even if I liked White Lion more. Reunions result - at times - in the completely opposite direction than the original idea conceived. Would you end this interview with your philosophic thinking?

Not sure what you mean by that. But, Mike Tramp is already working on his next solo album and having TWL being alive gives me much more freedom to explore music in my solo world. Now, when I perform solo there won’t be any White Lion songs and I do feel now that I can truly express myself musically, and that I enjoy. I know that fans that like my solo stuff and fans who like TWL will both love the next solo album.


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