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Mille Petrozza (Kreator)

Interview with Mille Petrozza from Kreator
by Dimitris Antoniou at 22 October 2001, 12:47 PM

I don't think there could be an introduction good enough to tell about Mille and Kreator. A thrash mastermind answering questions that have possibly been asked to him again and again…Well at least I tried… If I failed, that's up to me to decide :P. Cheerz..!!!

Greetings Mille, please tell us, how come did you release Violent Revolution, which is more thrashy than Endorama and Outcast?

Yeah!well the thing was we had done two very experimental albums, you know Outcast and Endorama, in a row. So we got really not that we got tired, I mean I still think Endorama is a very important record for Kreator, without the release of Endrorama there wouldn't have been any Violent Revolution record, because we combined the melodic and…


Technical… umm… We had ambitions in the music to such an extent that we felt the need to come up with a more brutal record again.

Are you happy with the outcome of the record?

Which one? Violent Revolution?


Yeah, I'm very happy. I think it's definitely one of the most aggressive yet and most melodic Kreator records, it has a vibe that combines all Kreator history in one. It has the atmosphere of let's say of Outcast and Endorama, the melodic vibes, but it seems to have the speed and aggression of Coma Of Souls and Extreme Aggressions. So I think it's a nice mix. It's definitely something that is very unique and very much up to date to what we feel. This is necessary for us when we release a record.

Violent Revolution sounds like a mix of Old School Thrash and Swedish Death Metal. Did you plan this or did it just happen?

That just happened, because you see you always have to keep in mind that bands, like in the Swedish Death Metal scene, their major influences must be Kreator, (thinks about it) or Kreator. So it wasn't like a conscious influence, as if we put an In Flames record at home. I think it's more or less something that came right out of us. And we have a guitar player from Finland, so we have the Scandinavian influence there.

Is Vetterli no more with the band? Has he left?

Yes he left, so he is not with the band anymore. We have a Finnish guitar player. Maybe that explains your previous question, when you asked, Why the record sounds Scandinavian or Swedish, we have a guitar player from Finland now, called Sami Yli-Sirnio.

Any band he was in?

Yes (I din't catch that one) Vitally (??). Do you remember them?

Any releases?

Yes, a couple of records, but of a totally different style, more experimental stuff.

You're going on tour with Cannibal Corpse, Disbelief and Krisiun right?


Do you like any of these bands?

Oh Yeah, I like them a lot. Especially Krisiun, we've been on tour with them already and Cannibal are good friends also.

Do you like anything besides metal? Like Hardcore, GrindCore, Nu-metal?

Oh yeah, Oh Yeah. Except for nu-metal, I don't like it that much. I don't like anything except for System Of A Down, but it's not just a nu-metal band. I don't like labeling things too much but I like a lot Hardcore and Grindcore stuff. Well, it depends on the music. If I like a band, it doesn't matter which background they have, you know. I think it's the music that is important, not the label.

Ok, this is a question from a friend. Do you like Nasum?

Nasum? The Swedish Grindcore band?


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I've seen them live once. I think they're pretty good, very powerful.

With the last three recordings, what have you been trying to accomplish? I mean, many old fans don't enjoy the new stuff, but you´ve won a good amount of new ones.

It wasn't anything to piss people off or something. We didn't want to piss off fans. We just did what we felt like doing, you know. At the time we did Endorama, it was for us, it was the time to do that record. I mean, we follow our instincts basically. We don't go out and say Well, let's do a record like this or that, you know. It just comes out naturally. And it was also Vetterli's influence in a way. So as a band we always try to explore new things. With Endorama and Outcast, we discovered all the stuff that we used to listen to in the early 90's. So we wanted to put that in our sound and redefine it a little bit, which we didn't want to do with Violent Revolution. There was a whole different ambition behind that record. We just wanted to write an aggressive Kreator record.

After so many years in the scene (16) you've reached the rank of a veteran band, right?

(He Laughed)

Did you see it coming back then? And how do you feel about it as a band member and as an individual?

I don't really see things like that, I always look ahead, I always look into the future rather than looking into the past. I think, to me, it's important not to loose your integrity all over those years and to do whatever you feel like doing, you know, without compromising to yourself or to your audience. So I guess that the most important thing is to just do whatever you're happy with.

But you've got to admit you're one of the greatest Thrash Metal Bands.

(Laughs Again) That's up to you to decide, the audience has to make that decision.

I want you to rank all of your records in a scale from one to ten starting from Endless pain.

Endless Pain: 7, Pleasure To Kill: 9, Terrible Certainty: 7, Extreme Aggressions: 9, Coma Of Souls: 8, Renewal: 10, Cause For Conflict: 6, Outcast: 8, Endorama: 9, and Violent Revolution: 10.

You seem to like all of your albums eh?

In a way, yes.

Witch bands pushed you to become a musician? And what are your greatest influences?

Back then it was definitely Venom and all early hardcore punk rock, and the early metal stuff. Bathory, Extreme Noise Terror later on.

Which CDs have been playing in your cd-player lately?

Umm, System Of A Down, the new record. It's good huh?

Yeah it is.

And the new Slayer record, I have it too. Not bad,better than Diabolus In Musica. Those two and the new Cult record.

What are your plans for the future? For Kreator?

Touring first of all.

Ah so in December you're gonna be here.

Yeah, with Cannibal Corpse.

Are there any side-projects on your mind right now?

I was thinking about it, but I don't have the time now, so it might be possible on the future. But at the moment, no.

Can you predict or guess what will be on the next Kreator album?

That is too early. I can't answer this question right now. It's too fresh.

You had the video clip Betrayer shot in Greece (Acropolis), but they would not allow you to do it.

We sneaked in without permission.

Why did you want so much that video being shot in Athens?

We definitely wanted to have the Acropolis.


Because it's a historical building and our concept was to find the link between history and tradition with modern technology.

Some words about the fans  that will read this interview?

Yeah, Thanks for your support and check out the new record. It's very cliche but it works. The Greek fans have always been very loyal to us, and we want to say:

Thanks again, we come in December and we will be very happy.


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