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Mind Driller

Interview with Mind Driller from Mind Driller
by Kyle Scott at 03 June 2019, 4:39 AM

MIND DRILLER recently released their newest album "Involution." Metal-Temple writer Kyle Scott had the chance to catch up with the Industrial Metal band to talk about the new album, and a few other subjects.

What went into choosing the album name?

Estefi: The truth is that it came out from a joke about ourselves. Daniel said something like “over time we were becoming more idiots, that we were involutioning ” and wrote something like “Involution tour”, and I remember that as I read it, something clicked on my mind and that's it. We thought that it sounded pretty well so we started to develop everything around this idea until it came to reality.

What is the music scene like in Alicante?

V: - I think there're good bands and good artists, but unfortunately, the support is getting lost from the media and the venues. Also, the new generations don't go to concerts. It's a shame to let so much talent die.

What were some of your favorite moments in the studio recording Involution? How has it stood out from your other albums?

Estefi: Javi, Ramon and I went to Asturias (north of Spain) to record the drums and I think we spent a very good time there, it was a nice experience and one of my favorites, but I enjoyed every moment making this album. On the previous albums everything was recorded and mixed by Javi at his home studio but this time we've been into 4 different studios so the process has been totally different and we're very happy with the results.

What are your biggest influences? Not just music-wise; art, novels, tv shows, political discourse, etc, what things went into the formation of MIND DRILLER?

V: - I personally have been influenced by bands like STATIC-X, AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE or CLAWFINGER, and specifically, for this album, we've been very influenced by the BLACK MIRROR series.

Lets talk about your visuals. Your band outfits and makeup have an interesting Steampunk Mad Max vibe. Why a dividing line between looking pale and sun damaged?

Estefi: haha yes, if you look carefully at the album cover you can notice that it is split into two different images. The image from the right (or the album cover) is more lucid and bright and the one from the left looks more dirty and deteriorated, and we wanted to keep that visuals in our outfits and make up. This division reflects the confrontation between and an advanced society and at the same time its darkest side.

Which of your albums is your favorite and why?

Estefi: I think we all would say “Involution” because we are really happy with our work in it and everyone got involved.

How are you planning to outdo or expand on Involution with your next release?

V: - What an anxiety! (laughs) I think it's still too early to think about that. We just released this album, and we plan to squeeze it to the fullest. We know that the day when we'll have to work on new material will come and it will be very difficult to be original, but we're a band that likes to go step by step.


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