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Monika Pedersen (Sirenia)

Interview with Monika Pedersen from Sirenia
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 01 March 2007, 9:56 PM

Sirenia's new single My Mind's Eye has earned some significant air-play in the radios and the tv-shows. Metal Temple grabbed the opportunity to question the newest addition in the band's line-up Monika Pedersen whose beautiful voice took the leading role on the vocals beside the Morten Verland.

First of all I’d like to offer my felicitations on your new album and personally to you since you have a wonderful voice.

Oh thank you very much.

How did you get into SIRENIA?

I saw on SIRENIA’s homepage that they were looking for a new singer and by that time I was looking for a new band. So, I sent and e-mail to Morten with all the information needed and he responded saying that I should go through and audition. After this, two more auditions followed. The second was to record some tracks for Nuclear Blast to see if they were happy with my voice. Everyone was happy and Morten gave me the green light and so I moved to Norway.

Were you familiar to SIRENIA’s music before you joined them?

Only a little bit. But I like this kind of music.

What happened with SINPHONIA? Are they still active?

We’re in a stand-by situation. We’ve recorded a demo and sent it to some record companies to see the feedback. Unfortunately, no one was interested, so we decided that we should concentrate on other bands.

Let’s go to SIRENIA’s new album. Did you face any difficulties during the recordings?

In fact we did. We recorded in France with a guy that we didn’t know before and we had some communication problems. Apart from that I learned some things from him on how to express myself through singing. It was pretty challenging.

Did Morten have special demands regarding your singing performance?

Not really. Before he had a new singer he had in his mind how she should sound; when he listened to my voice he said that I was exactly what he was looking for.

Were you involved in the song writing process?

No, Morten wrote it all. Of course, there were some changes in the melodies to better suit my voice.

Can you say something about the lyrics?

Even though Morten wrote them I can surely say that they express a lot of feelings, some dark and some beautiful thoughts.

What are your favourite tracks?

The Other Side and Sundown.

Are you satisfied with the album? Is there something you’d like to change?

I think there will be always something to change but you don’t have all the time of the world. Taking into account the time we used I am really satisfied.

Have you been on stage with your new band?

Not yet, we’re going play in Russia in three weeks for the first time.

Do you feel a little bit anxious about it?

Of course, I feel anxious but I am really looking forward to it!

Do you think SIRENIA fans will compare you to the previous singer?

No, I don’t feel this way, because she wasn’t singing that much; she was more like a second voice but she was really cool on stage.

It seems now that you have the leading role on the vocals?

Yes it’s more like that. The band has made a change towards female vocals.

Except from Russia, do you have other tour plans?

We have confirmed some summer festivals.

Will you make a pass from Greece?

I don’t know that yet but I think we will because the guy from the record company told us that people from Greece really like the new single so it will be nice to visit your country.

What is your musical background?

It’s really a long story. I have been singing since I was 6 yrs old in school.

When did Metal come into your life?

When I was about 13-14 yrs old. By that time, there weren’t many female fronted bands. It was an unreachable dream to sing for Metal bands.

Can you name your personal Metal influences?

I don’t have any direct female influences but I am really a big fan of NEVERMORE, FAITH NO MORE and some Death Metal bands.

Death Metal! Like?…


I like you more and more!

(laughs) Great! I have a wide taste in music. I also like Classic and Pop music but definitely no Rap!

Where do you prefer to be; on stage or in the studio?

Oh, I think I prefer to be on stage, but it’s kind of difficult to compare stage and studio.

Do you think that the Metal scene is a rough place for a woman?

No, I feel more safe in that place.


It’s so easy to talk with people that are into Metal music. When Metal people come to concerts they are relaxed since they come only for the music; this is what I really like.

What are your personal goals in music? How do you like to see your career after 50 yrs from now?

50 yrs! I will be an old woman then (laughs). I will be just happy if I have fulfilled all my dreams and have done exactly what I wanted. I’ve always been dreaming to go out and sing. Record an album and hopefully quit my day-job and live by the music.

What is your day-job?

I started working as a bar tender but there were too many stupid people everyday so I am there for some days per week. I am also working at a really cool clothes store selling Metal clothes.

Did you find it difficult to move to Norway?

Not at all. I like trying something new. My boyfriend from Denmark moved with me and I can’t complain about anything.

Is there any band that you’d like to tour with?

I think this would be NEVERMORE; but I know that the guys from the band would prefer something like NIGHTWISH, WITHIN TEMPTATION or EVANESCENCE.

NIGHTWISH are still in search of a new singer.

Yes, although I’ve heard that they have found one and they haven’t announce it yet.

Did you ever think of getting into NIGHTWISH?

I actually sent an e-mail to the manager of the band talking about sending a demo but he never responded.

Do you intend to write music for your new band?

I don’t know if I can. Because as I said, Morten does all the writing. Of course, If I have a good idea he will be willing to listen to me.

Can you say that Morten is a difficult person to work with?

No, not at all. Well, I don’t know if the others will think like me. Working together was really cool. The communication between us was very good from the very beginning.

There has been a delay on the album release for Germany and Austria. Is there a special reason for that?

I actually wrote these news on our homepage but I haven’t got additional information about it. Maybe, it’s for promotional reasons.

Ok, these were my questions, thank you for your time. Would you like to send a message to the Metal Temple readers?

I would say that I’d love to see you in Greece and visit your beautiful country. I hope that you like the new album. Thank you!


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