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Mordechai Von Renvaktar (Istapp)

Interview with Mordechai Von Renvaktar from Istapp
by Panos Pagonopoulos at 14 September 2010, 4:09 AM

The Swedish melodic Black Metal band ISTAPP have just recently released their impressive debut album “Blekinge”. So, METAL TEMPLE grabbed the chance to speak with the vocalist of the band Mordechai Von Renvaktar who answered each question in his own unique 'cult' way.

Your debut album “Blekinge” was just recently released. Are you satisfied with the reviews from the critics and the response of the Black Metal fans so far? What are your expectations?
We are satisfied with our work but we are of course not satisfied with the response. Neither will we be satisfied before the day when every single human being chants the hymns of ISTAPP while they collectively lay down their repelling bodies in snow and begs to be frozen to oblivion.

ISTAPP were created in 2000 and since then the band had released several demos that included versions of the majority of the songs that are present in your debut album. So we can say that “Blekinge” sums up many years of hard work. Why did it took you 10 years to release your first full - length album?
It actually sums up what has been happening on the ISTAPP front for the last 5 years. We did not release a full-length before simply because we were not complete. It all started when Fjalar was sent out to lay the first foundation of this campaign in 2005.Ashuck entered to widen his spectra and that lead to our first appearance amongst you. Not until Mordechai decided to add his power to this front of the battle were we complete and could set our banner down in “Blekinge” and call to arms and finally release “Blekinge”.

Would you like to tell us a few words about the songwriting (who writes the music and the lyrics), the recording sessions, and the production of the new album and in general describe the whole process?
The production was handled by ourselves and our minions on the Salt Island off the frozen cost Blekinge. Lyrics before the rise of Mordechai were written by Fjalar and Erkblerk. From now on the preaching is handled by Mordechai. Music is composed first and foremost by Fjalar. Ashuck contributes and all three add to the arrangements and production.

In general the lyrics talk about the battle against the sun and light. Can you give us a more detailed description about the thematology of the album? What inspired you to have these themes in your lyrics?
Our songs exclusively tell about the forthcoming ice age and the rebirth of the absolute Zero. We sing about the death of every single mother, child, man and animal that bend their knees in front of the Evil Star. We did not choose from any themes invented by some confused and mislead sun-worshiper. We’ve always served winter, that is our only purpose and naturally we also sing about it.

The lyrics and the vocals are all in Swedish instead of the more commercial and worldwide known English language. Why did you decide to use your mother language in the entire album?
The album is actually not in Swedish, it is in Blekingska, the tongue of the true cold. Our message will reach out to those ready to embrace it, no matter what language we use. Those who are frozen in their soul and heart will learn to know our commands.

Why did you choose “Blekinge”, which means “Dead Calm”, as the title of your album? Is there any special reason or meaning behind this title?
Blekinge is the name of our stronghold. It is a physical place presently located in Scandinavia, where the true poles draw their cold energy and it is the home of the Absolute Zero. It is the only spot on earth where the Evil Sun never touches the eyes of the proud inhabitants. You should all visit one day.

Can you tell us a few things about your tour plans?
No. We will strike where it is most needed and least expected and therefore I could never relive our plans beforehand.

You have done in the past a video clip for a demo version of “Snö”. Do you intend to make a new video clip for any of the songs from your debut record?
We actually started out doing one for “Vinterriket”. Sadly the people involved in the production proved to be worshipers of the sun. One day on the set, at dawn, the producer was found with his forehead to the floor, sunken in deep prayer to the scorching star on the horizon. We killed him and abandoned the production. We probably won’t do any new video-attempts on this record and if we do, we will do it ourselves.

Which are the Black Metal bands that mostly inspired and influenced the sound of ISTAPP?
Our music reflects the glory of Winter. We have absolutely no passion at all for the unholy tunes composed by any mislead and soon to be dead worshiper of the sun. We know some so called Black Metal bands in the past used to wear the masks of the Faithful. But at the end of the day they were all caught with their pants down and knees on the floor, taking rays of sunlight up their asses and enjoying it dearly. We have nothing but death in preparation for most of those bands.

Your music also contains a wide variety of influences from other Metal genres. For example I noticed melodic Death Metal elements in many riffs, folk Metal elements and other little details and influences blended successfully into your sound. Which bands or Metal genres outside of Black Metal inspire your music the most?
We do not know the differences of human cultural manifestations of this or that kind. We simply bring out our message of unrelenting Winter and the message writes the music. That is why our tunes chill you to your core, nothing else.

In the past you were a member of SPAWN OF POSSESSION, you are still in DISRUPTION and with ISTAPP currently you are doing something that is much different from the style of these bands.What leaded you with the other two members to form ISTAPP?
The war towards the Sun is fought on many different fronts. The scheme is so grand a limited human brain cannot even begin to understand the border-less spectra the battle moves through. So, focus on ISTAPP and never again stay from that path, so that you may die a peaceful death.

Thank you very much for the interview. Congratulations for your debut album “Blekinge”, impressive work. The last words of the interview belong to you.
Må det aldrig töa.


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