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Mysterizer's Tomi Kurtti: "… we all have responsibility for this earth. I hope future generations will see how many beautiful places we have now in our world"

Interview with Tomi Kurtti from Mysterizer
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 31 October 2021, 8:37 PM

War after war and it appeared that mankind has yet to learn from its past mistakes, it is easy to take a life for land and resources, other than working together. History tells that with assurance, a lot have been saying that it would never happen again, but it does, again and again. One day, people would wake up to smell the roses, understand that it is possible to reach out to thy neighbour and do great things. Recalling history of one of mankind's savage periods is Mysterizer, with their new album, “The Holy War 1095”, a perspective towards actual events. Steinmetal had to find out about this short history lesson by talking to Tomi Kurtti, the voice of the band.

Hello Tomi, it is great to have you for this interview for Metal Temple online Magazine, how have you been doing?

Hey, it's my pleasure! I´m doing great right now thanks for asking. We have a couple gigs this year and also we are recording new demo vocals now, so the light is at the end of the tunnel.

This last period of time, with the pandemic still relevant and looming, provided a chance for bands, which most of them are part of a culture that was on a hold, to rather continue their musical efforts, other than staying dormant. What can you tell of how Mysterizer survived the extreme periods of time within this viral mess?

We survived fine, because when this pandemic started, we started recording a new album almost at the same time. So we were able to focus only on recording that album.

One of the career moves that the band made was to find a new home, which is outside of Finland, as part of the growing roster of Rockshots Records. Since you have been a local band, also signed to a local label, how do you relate to this move to a new label? How did your vision of the future of Mysterizer blended with the label’s?

We wanted to try something new and I think that was a good thing, because maybe outside the Finland record label, we found new listeners. - But let's see how things start to roll with Rockshots Records and we are open to mind for everything now.

Through Rockshots Records you released your sophomore album, “The Holy War 1095”. On my first listening session, I thought to myself that you are emphasizing your restlessness in regards to religion, and its impact. However, it seems that there is more than meets the ear on this album. How do you relate to that?

Hmmmm…. Mike Hammer does almost everything lyrics in this album except "Virus C '' and " The Fountain Of Immortals", so I leave it for the listeners

About the released sophomore, how do you find the reactions to the record? Do you feel that there is newly found formation of fan bases due to the second release?

Yeah maybe a little bit, but we hope people found our band and someday we could do this daytime job. And of course again next album we try to do better and sound better than this album.

Speaking of the Holy War, which other than conquest and an excuse of conquering lands, do you believe that the world learned a lesson that has frictions that still apply or did mankind fail in its attempt to understand the error of its ways?

That is a big question, but we all have responsibility for this earth. I hope future generations will see how many beautiful places we have now in our world

Which of the lyrical narratives of the album found their way to become those that you feel related to at most?

I have to say "Virus C" because I wrote this song.

Mysterizer continues its efforts on becoming an impressive fusion of Heavy and Power Metal, sliding through old school qualities along with fumes of the modern form. Musically, is “The Holy War 1095” directly a continuation of where your debut album stopped?

Yes, and no. We have a new bassist, second guitarist, drummer and keyboardist, so I think we have a bigger scale to do songs, but basic things still remain with Heavy/Power twists.

If there is something that a lot of artists, and people overall, don’t really bother to learn is from an error, or errors that were done in the past. Would you say that “The Holy War 1095” includes these learned lessons from the work done on the earlier album?

Yes, but you still have to rehearse almost every day, if you want to reach something someday. Hard work will be rewarded sooner or later, I think.

As a songwriter, and also a vocalist, how do you relate to what “The Holy War 1095” demanded from you? Did it make you a better songwriter, enhanced your vision and made it a reality within the songs? What about maintaining a strong basis as frontman?

Guitarist Mike Hammer made great songs again. I think it will be easier to do the next album, because we now have a good way to do and record songs.

We talked about songwriting, in regards to “The Holy War 1095”, what can you tell about the sessions that were made while working on the record? What moments, or new tricks, did you take from these sessions?

We did almost one year of this album, because almost everyone still has a daytime job. And also I learned how to record and that was a big thing for me.

Half of the band of Mysterizer is actually brand new as you mentioned, people that were recruited to the band while it was under lock and key due to the pandemic. How did the work on the record improve or kindled the chemistry between you guys? What can you tell about the new members’ contribution to the record?

Recording process went well, Joni, Henri, Janne and Juho are great musicians. I think all the time we are merging more and more. I`m really excited that we can play live shows together in the future.

“The Holy War 1095”, other than the displaying the qualities of European Power Metal, it also shares a fair share of moments that exemplify the choir backing tracks. What can you tell about the vocal production on the record? In your view, how did it intensify the magnitude of the featured songs?

It was a big process. I sang many tracks on this album. But also I asked my musician friends to sing with "Alea Iacta Est" and "Virus C" and I think that songs are kicking better now. But recording it was a little bit easier than last time, because now we have a good way to do songs.

 “Alea Lacta Est” and “Heroes” sounded more like a Metallic opera, similar to Avantasia, yet at times finding its way to be like earlier albums of Edguy. There is quite a drama going on, since we mentioned references in mind, what are those in your opinion?

Okay thanks, because I have to say I like Avantasia and Edguy.

“The Holy War 1095” song, at least at first, sounded like a lost track that was kept away by Sabaton. When it comes to music meets lyrics, what can you tell about the cohesion between the two in this particular song that tells a dreadful point in time?

We definitely wanted that "The Holy War 1095" song to be the last on this album, because this song is dramatic and ends mightily. This song tells a historical true story about the Christians ‘war against Muslims in Jerusalem.

I wonder, when you listen to the record, from top to bottom, all by yourself, what does it make you feel?

Honestly I´m not listening more than a couple times to that album, because I heard songs so many times when we were recording. Maybe I`m waiting for half a year and listening album with new ears

How do you view the near end of 2021, will you be supporting the album this time around or 2022 is rather more interesting to plan for?

We are doing a couple of gigs this year and promoting this album of course. Hopefully 2022 will be a better year and bring for us new winds.

Tomi, it was a pleasure to have you for this interview, may you continue being true to form with your music and your passion. All the best

Hey thanks a lot and same to you and for everyone. All the best, Tomi.



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