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Nate Bergman (Lionize)

Interview with Nate Bergman from Lionize
by Emily Coulter at 30 August 2017, 2:52 AM

BLOODSTOCK has a reputation for booking bands you'd never expect to see play at the festival and LIONIZE is one of those picks. Coming off the back of a successful UK tour and a performance at Ramblin' Man Fair, Metal Temple photographer and writer Emily Coulter sat down to speak to frontman Nate Bergman about festivals and upcoming new album.

You're going to be playing the SOPHIE stage at Bloodstock tonight, how excited are you?

Pumped! It's at 8'o clock, its right before AMON AMARTH so it should be a fun set.

Have you had a chance to watch any bands today?

No I've not been able to unfortunately.

You're one of the rare bands to play Bloodstock and Ramblin' Man Fair, how big is the contrast between the two?

Well rock n roll is rock n roll and heavy metal comes from that so wherever they'll have us, we'll play.

Would you say there is a difference between the fans of each festival?

I'd say heavy metal fans are some of the most open minded so they're willing to try new stuff at both festivals.

You've just come off a UK tour and the festivals, what does the rest of the year have in store for LIONIZE?

We're gonna be doing some more dates in the US then back here in the winter and hopefully back in the summer for more festivals.

LIONIZE has a new album coming out in September ''Nuclear Soul'' what can you tell us about it?

It's super heavy and funky, really gritty and we are very happy. Hopefully everyone will like it or even love it.

Is it in the same style as previous albums or have you gone for something new?

Its a step forward for the band and the sound has deffinatley grown since the last record. The heavier stuff is heavier and the lighter stuff is lighter.

You've recently moved to The End records, how was the transition?

It's been great so far, they've really been trying to get the ball rolling with us so we can be exposed to new people. We're looking forward to a great relationship.

How is it working with Jean-Paul Gaster (CLUTCH)?

He's a musical powerhouse! Full of great ideas, never short on things to do in the studio, has a lot of patience and is a great friend.

Is there anyone in the music industry you'd really like to work with on an album?

It would be really cool to work with Bill Ham who did all the ZZ TOP work, Brendan O'Brian (MASTODON) and some older guys too.

What genre would you class Lionize as? You have many roots and styles.

We're a rock n roll band who pull a lot of other influences. Alot of groove.

Emily Coulter


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