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Nature Ganganbaigal (Tengger Cavalry)

Interview with Nature Ganganbaigal from Tengger Cavalry
by Matt "Wolverine" Johnson at 26 July 2015, 4:47 AM

Mongolian Folk Metal: bet'cha never heard of that one. TENGGER CAVALRY are such a band, based in the US, whom blend "overtone throat singing, Mongolian horse-head fiddle and other nomadic music tradition of North-Asia with heavy metal music, creating an unique music genre – Mongolian folk metal." They might just be one of metal's greatest examples of musical ingenuity. Matt had a short chat with songwriter and fiddle-player Nature Ganganbaigal about their eccentric music, the new album, and the benefits of cyber music sharing for niche bands.

From where did the inspiration for "Blood Sacrifice Shaman" come?

It is inspired by Mongol Shamanism, the ancient nature religion. We seek to combine the spirit and musical elements of shamanic music into heavy metal, to go one more step further, to expand our original sound.

How long, from conception through post-production, did this album take to write and record?

It took about two months to get everything done, from recording to orchestration and arrangement and at last mixing and mastering. It was pretty quick since the musical idea was formed.

What were some of the challenges during the process?

Not really, actually it was lots of fun to experiment new sound and instrumentations, and add multiple fiddle lines together.

How did you as a band incorporate so many different styles of Metal genres and instruments into this album while still keeping to your individual influences?

It is hard to answer. I listen to tons of genres, from film music to world music to metal, i guess when I start to compose they just come out naturally. I like people to experience different stuff in my records.

Will Tengger Cavalry be touring in support of this album and if so, when can the world look forward to the next tour?

I am trying to build TC and recruit people here in the states, so hopefully you will see us on stage very soon. But can't promise anything yet

There is a noticeable void in terms of vocals across the album. What reasons were there and do you think there will be more in the way of vocals in the future?

I just got tired of screaming. I want to use music to entertain people. Sound sometimes speak more than human voice.

What can you say to describe the synergy of individuals as a band?

Actually I write most of the stuff, including song structure, main melody, main riff and chords. So I assign the structure to individual and that's it.

How much do the origins of Mongolian Folk Metal influence your style?

A lot, that's why we call our self Mongolian folk metal now.

How has the digital music format helped or hurt your success since Tengger Cavalry first formed?

No, actually it helps us collect mechanical royalties overseas. It is a good thing I think, also people from far away your place can reach out to you and appreciate your stuff.

What bands can you list as influential of the musical style exhibited over the course of the band's history?

Eluveitie, Alash, and some film music too.


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