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Necromaniac (Necromessiah)

Interview with Necromaniac from Necromessiah
by Yiannis Doukas at 11 November 2007, 2:38 PM

Do you like the early works of SODOM, BLASPHEMY and IMPALED NAZARENE? Then you have to check these Italian terrorists, I guess, for your neck's satisfaction. Their new album Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad is out under the Blasphemous Underground label and Necromaniac is here to give us some informations. Total nekro black thrashing kult eternal!!!

 Hell-o and hellish blasphemies from Metal Temple. How are you? Why are you so pissed-off with Christianity and the Pope? What have they done to you?!!!

Hi man!! I’m fine thanks…just more tired from yesterday. I was fukking drunk, heheeh!!! We are pissed-off with all religions but especially the organized catholic religion of the Vatican because with their policy they lobotomize people and control our society. I don’t know how people can believe in their shitty hypocrisy! In Italy we aren’t free to approve any new discovery of the science without the consent of Vatican (for example) and they are corrupted and full of gold and money…they had more properties than the state so I ask myself…

…where is their humility?? Where is their fukking assistance for poor people??? And where is their fukking merciful god in front of the lies, hate and scorn of this fukking shitty life??? This speech is so much long…but we have much reasons to be against the church here…believe me…man is god of himself…there is no god over him!!!

 Your previous band was FROZEN DARKNESS. Was it a serious band? I read somewhere that it was like a cover band. What covers did you do? When did this all end and you were renamed as NECROMESSIAH? Did you released any demo tape or something initially?

Well: FROZEN DARKNESS was just a band born to revive some great names of the old black metal scene. We played covers about MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, TORMENTOR, VENOM, CARPATHIAN FOREST, SATYRICON etc. I changed the name of the band when we started to play our songs, this was the only reason…I released some demo tapes with other projects sometimes ago.

 During May 2002 you released the demo In Nomine Deus Quad Ecclesias Igne Absumor. What does the title mean? I think it is more ’black’ than your works nowadays. Do you like it?

The name says that in the name of god let the churches burn, eheheh!! It’s a song of that tape that we have re-recorded in the new full length Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad. I think that we weren’t more blackened in the past. If you listen the old stuff you can find the same influences that we have nowadays with different sounds!

 Your first album was named …Instar Gladii In Corporem Cristi; it was out as a tape. Can you give us more information? When was the original-via Plasma- seen the light? Any line up changes?

It’s not correct, because it was released for a first time in pro CD by Slava Productions (Thailand).We had reprinted it in tape for the Old Cemetery records but it was a very shitty re-release. They had ruined our work with a photocopied cover and a recorded tape! RIP OFFSSS!!! Our lineup is now formed by Sgt Baal (Bass), Darken (drums) and me at guitars and vocals. The old line up had Necrowinter at drums and Nekrofelyam at bass.

 There is also a promo release called GoatWar Promo 666. What is the exact track listing? Are all songs in your second album? Did those versions differ in anything?

The promo was released just for give a preview of the recent full length. It differs just a bit for the recording quality.

 How did you convince Chris Moyen for the cover? It’s great, as always. What other paintings or covers do you like from him?

Chris Moyen is my favourite artist for Metal covers. I’ve contact him also for the cover of our first demo tape but because it was self-released we hadn’t money to pay him! So I’ve been waited a lot of time but I’ve reach my goal now!! I have for my new release a cover from H.I.M., eheheheh! I like all the stuff drawn by Chris Moyen, especially the old works for bands like INCANTATION, BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY etc.

Don’t deny your IMPALED NAZARENE influences or the CELTIC FROST influence on Fukking Bastard God. Confess? What is your favourite IMPALED NAZARENE album? The new one Manifest is also killer!

I just like their first works; no new material of that and another band. I don’t like the new releases of the Metal scene, I prefer just old stuff. We had some influences of that bands but I think that our sound is old and already listened but own…

Why can your black metal be considered as ’Christ crushing’? Do you know there is a MARDUK one as Christ Raping Black Metal? I must admit that I prefer your song!!!

Yes I know! But it’s not a copy of their title or song I think, ehehehe! It’s just a song that describes our type of black & roll! Is one of our ironic sentences; we are not so serious ahahaaha!

Are people in Italy involved or listen to such music (like VENOM, BLASPHEMY or CARPATHIAN FOREST)? How many live performances have you done? Did all of them take place in Italy? What was the reaction of the audience? Do you like playing gigs? Is it the right place for unleashing your violent music or you preferring rehearsals?

There are much metal maniacs here that listens these bands! I’m one of them, ehehe! We did some gigs here in our island but we want to exit from here for spread violence in other places, ahahaha!

Are you lunatic with SADISTIK EXEKUTION? Why is there a k in place of c?

I like also SADISTIK EXEKUTION!!! Very great cult! But we use the k because it sounds more aggressive than the c in words!

Really, what exactly is C.D.I.?

C.D.I. is the bacco militia…our crew of alkoholists metal heads!!! C.D.I. = CONFRATERNITY OF FUNNEL in Italian Confraternita dell. Imbuto is called as it because we use the funnel for begin a member in the confraternity and for drink and have fun every night!

Name some of the latest releases that you bought and desecrated your soul. What is your opinion about Monotheist? Is there any band in your country you want to propose us? Don’t tell me about MORTUARY DRAPE, DEATH SS or BULLDOZER! Something new.


You have pretty girls in Italy! What is your favourite Italian porn star (laughs)? Do you know Aria Giovanni? Is she only in lesbo-movies?

Yes I know Aria Giovanni but my preferences are over all Angelica Bella and Milly D’abbaraccio…see their films, ehehehe!!!! (editor note: be sure for this man!) Very good 80’s stuff!!!

OK, that’s it. If you want something other to tell us this is your chance. Once again congratulations and please write the address for anyone who wants your previous releases.

OK, thanks for your interest in us. You can order our full length here: I also use this small space for thanking Silke and Blasphemous Underground Productions for her good work! DRINK BEER & FUKK CHRIST!


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