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Nick Melissourgos (Suicidal Angels)

Interview with Nick Melissourgos from Suicidal Angels
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 30 January 2012, 1:13 AM

They have been thrashing our bones for some time now so why not letting them tell us their tale surrounding their new album “Bloodbath”. Steinmetal talked with the Greek SUICIDAL ANGELS’s vocalist, Nick Melissourgos, about the new album, its proceedings, their local scene and themselves as a Thrash Metal machine.

Hello Nick, it is a real pleasure to have you for an interview for Metal Temple magazine. How is everything going for you?

Pretty good, thank you so much and thanks for having me. All’s well, just a few days before the release of “Bloodbath”, less than a month to hit the road with the “Full Of Hate”tour, I am really getting sick of practicing every day and just want to hit the stage!

First I have to congratulate you and the guys of SUICIDAL ANGELS for the release of your new album, “Bloodbath”, via NoiseArt Records. How do you feel about it?

We are most psyched about it! It is truly our greatest work, it is a collection the best songs we’ve ever written and that’s why we put so much effort into it. We are really satisfied with the result although a musician can never be fully pleased with his recorder’s work. As time passes he always finds new ideas and ways to improve an old song, so I guess that in time we will say the same for “Bloodbath”, but right now, fucking A! Thrash Metal at its finest if you ask us.

What do you think is so unique in “Bloodbath” in comparison to your previous release “Dead Again”?

I believe that “Bloodbath”is a step forward for the band. Each new record should be, for all bands, something new, something fresh, something different than the previous. “Bloodbath”has exactly these same characteristics. We worked really hard on the details that would make the difference. Within the borders of the music that we love, Thrash Metal, we wanted to create something different. I think that this album is sufficiently representing the mood of the band this period.

What does “Bloodbath” stands for? Was it intended to state a joint belief of you four?

Well with all this mess in the world right now, we think that at some point people will be a lot more aggressive. I think that we will eventually reach a point of no return, a point at which things will either get really ugly and mankind will revolt, or everyone will just bow their heads and accept a the tyranny. We hope that the first thing will happen, that free men will rise and cleanse this world in blood.

I noticed that the Karl Willetts, vocalist of the British BOLT THROWER, made a guest appearance in the track “Legacy Of Pain”. Did you just get in touch with him and asked for his participation?

That’s right. We’ve had friendly relations with BOLT THROWER since 2005 or 2006 when we drove all the way to Italy to see them Live! Recently we met again; performing at the “Metalfest”s and supporting them live in Athens for their headline show. When we wrote the song we thought that Karl’s voice would sound good in it, and we never had a guest before in our albums. So we mailed him, and being the Englishman he is, he replied the very next day! We nearly pissed our pants!

How do you personally feel about his voice integration with yours in the song?

Karlis awesome man… And this thing, having him sing next to me, you don’t know how that feels. A living legend and an awesome voice, singing my lyrics over SUICIDAL ANGELS’ music! Fucking A… He did great, he blended right in the song as if it was meant for him and in comparison to my voice, I think we make a really interesting combination leading to a fantastic result.

I noticed that Lia Liapkis, vocalist of MYSTIC PROPHECY took care of the production as he did on your last album, were you personally pleased with the production’s outcome?

Well, we worked for the 3rd time in a row with R.D. Liapakis, the singer of MYSTIC PROPHECYand DEVIL’S TRAIN. We have worked in the past for the other 2 albums, we were satisfied, and so we chose again Liato work with. The fact that we know each other for quite a long time, makes him like the 5th member of SUICIDAL ANGELS. He knows what we want, and how we want it, and along with the way that the songs are, we create the proper sound that is needed for every album. Let me note here that Jorg Ukenand SoundLodge Studiosare responsible for the mix and master of the record. All in all, we couldn’t be happier with the final result, it’s a step forward for us.

Ever since I heard you for the first time, I was quite evident to me that you guys are true fans of SLAYER and as far as your material goes, its SLAYER based. Some guys I heard even nicknamed you the Greek SLAYER, do you agree with that notion?

I’ve heard that too, and even if it sounds good, it’s not fair… No one will ever be as good as SLAYER, no one will ever play the way they did. We are fans, of course, and have been heavily influenced by their great music, but we are not trying to copy them, we just play the music they taught us. On the other hand, it’s really hard to not sound like they did back in the day, when they have been around for so many years and have played every Thrash riff possible, haha!

Do you think that you guys being so influenced by the American giants, and of course your admiration, made your material to sound less original than what you intended in the first place?

We never wanted to sound original. If we did, we wouldn’t play old-school Thrash Metal. We know that what we play is dated back in the 80s mainly, every man with ears can tell you that. What we want to achieve, is sound fresh, alive! Play Thrash Metal the way it should be played under the modern prism. Respect the heritage and take it a step further.

How do you individually connect with the new wave of Thrash Metal today? Do you think that it does the old school days justice?

We are part of it, of course. We are riding the wave right now as so many other bands do. I think it’s a different kind of music though, compared to the old school. It’s a step further, it’s evolved. The old giants have done their part; some of them still do and show the youngsters how it’s done. But the new wave, it’s taking music to the next point. Some people like, others don’t, it’s ok. The important thing is that something fresh is born, something to keep the water flowing, you know?

How do you perceive your local Metal scene? Do you think that it can rise to the challenge, in terms of magnitude and impact, as of the Metal scene up north in Germany, UK and Scandinavia?

The local scene is rich, that’s for sure. Talented as well! What the scene is lacking compared to others is professionalism. If they could be serious about their work and actually struggle to achieve things, there would be a hell of a lot of bands coming out of Greece, same way the German ones do or the Scandinavian ones. We are proof of that actually, we started small and slowly but steadily worked our way to the point we are now. Not high, but higher than lots of others.

What is coming next for SUICIDAL ANGELS? Will 2012 be a busy year for you dudes?

So far we’re booked for the “Full Of Hate” tour in February, after that we’re working on a summer tour supporting a big band and we’ve already been booked for quite a number of festivals including “Hellfest” and “Extremefest”. Further down the year is still under discussion but yeah, busy year for us!

Nick, I would like to convey my thanks for the interview. I really hope that you will kick some asses with this new album and of course good luck on your upcoming gigs and tours.

Thanks a lot for your time and this interview. Many thanks to your readers for reading it all the way to the end as well! Hope we will meet on the road sooner or later! Thrash On!


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