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Interview with Nobby from Saint Deamon
by Harry Papadopoulos at 30 January 2008, 6:31 PM

When a new band releases its first album, it is obvious that their members are full of excitement and a certainty that there will be noise around their name. Well, SAINT DEAMON - with their first release In Shadows Lost From The Brave - is a band that (in my opinion) will make some heads turn. Nobby, a really talkative person, is giving us some details about the band, their album and the Metal scene in general.

Hello, Nobby! Since this is your first interview for METAL TEMPLE, would it be a good idea to give us a small bio of the band?

SAINT DEAMON came to stay for a lot of reasons, but in the beginning mainly because of a burning belief we had, in good friendship and good music. We have to go 2-3 years back in time, when the embryo of the band was formed by Ronny, Tobbe and Ragz.(Tobbe Lundgren and Ragnar Widerberg who, in the final shape of SAINT DEAMON, works as songwriting partners). Next to join up was Toya who, after a late night at Ronny’s local pub (and too many beers), woke up finding himself as a new partner in Studio Seven and front guitar man for the band. Maybe a bit shortened version of the story, but nevertheless true. Me, and Ronny shared some great years in DIONYSUS, and I was, of course, sad when he decided to leave the band, but when he called me early 2007 and asked if I would be interested in joining up with his new band, there was no hesitations, I had already made some bass recordings for them earlier, so I knew the high quality of the songwriting, and what great guys they were to spend time with. Now things really got a boost and we found ourselves heading for final stages with lightning speed, Ragz and Tobbe sadly had to decide they couldn’t follow their embryo to birth, due to time issues. This is when we sent some of the material to Jan-Thore, whom, in our opinion, has one of the best voices in the Metal scene. The demo blew him away and he came over to Sweden for rehearsals and preproduction the following weekend. At our premiere gig, supporting TNT, our newest member Ketil Ronold joined us by taking a place behind the keys. All preparations for the release were done before he joined the band, so he’s still a bit anonym for our fans, but as we progress in time you will see a lot more of him. So here we are today, our debut album on the verge to release, and the band still has that burning belief in good friendship and good music.

Well, after that short history lesson, lets talk about music! Your first album In Shadows Lost From The Brave is out. Can you tell us a few things about the recordings of the album, the studio you worked and who did the production?

First of all, we decided that Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios had to be the master of disaster. Me and Ronny have worked with him on two previous occasions, and he always manages to precede our expectations .So, drums were recorded first, at Jens studio, After that, Ronny and Toya done all the work for the guitars and keys at Studio Seven. As soon as they finished a song, they sent it to me and I recorded the bass tracks at my little studio (the basement of my home).

Then it was time for Jens to take over again, Jan-Thore came over from Norway and blew the roof of the studio with his mighty roar! All the lead and second vocals and choirs were finished in no time. After some guitar re-amping there was only the final mix left, this was the main reason to choose Jens as producer. At this time, he really was at his favorite playground.

The Press describes your music as pure Power Metal. Do you agree with this tag? How would you describe your music and what is the concept behind the band, if there is one? Can you tell our readers the story behind your name too?

Well, there are for sure some pure Power Metal elements in there, as well as pure Metal and all the way down to old fashion Rock’n’ Roll., So, I think there will be something for all to feast upon in there. Maybe you could find some similarities between the music and the name SAINT DEAMON, the duality between the smooth melody lines over the growling guitars and vise versa The name also symbolizes life; the world/people around you could be the saints or the daemons of your life, nothing or nobody is only good or evil. It depends on what you choose to find or bring out from a person and your actions upon them.

And since we are talking about the press, what is the feedback you receive from your fans and the press, magazines, webzines about your release? How are the sells going so far?

It’s been quite breathtaking so far… beyond our wildest imaginations actually! Every day a couple of reviews, and fan mails hit my mailbox that makes it shine like gold, and the album hasn’t been released yet!

I have the promo at my hands, so obviously I don’t have the lyrics. Can you tell us a few things about them and with what are the issues that you are dealing with? Is there a concept in the album?

No, there is no actual concept in the album; some lyrics deal with the image of SAINT DEAMON around the fictive ghost rider S. Deamon; like Deamons for example. Some lyrics like The Burden deals with more real subjects, how you pull your self together after a life crisis, or how to deal with the negative and positive challenges you will face in life.

You have already shot a video clip for My Heart. Where did the shooting take place and who was the director? Did that move helped you in someway? What I’m trying to say is, did the video was played in many tv shows? Are there any plans for a second one?

The director of the video was Thomas Tj?der, who previously made videos for IN FLAMES. It was filmed partially in a real cool, all wooden, church from the 1500th century in Ronny;s old birth town ?torp. You can find it on YouTube here. The making of this video has for sure paid of, but the usage for videos has changed a bit the last couple of years. It’s a chance for the band to give the fans, and the presumptive new ones, some visual appearance on internet via YouTube or your homepage or from myspace, since we haven’t released our debut album yet, I think it’s pretty cool that we’ve already received some thousands of hits on YouTube, and get questions about it from the press. I think, this video is, hopefully, going will help us. We have plans on filming a second video somewhere in mid February. We haven’t decided which song yet, but we will keep everybody posted via our homepage.

Just about a month ago, you played live, supporting Jorn Lande. What were the reactions of the Metal fans? Are there any plans for a tour during 2008? If yes, are we going to see you performing in Greece, or we will have to come abroad to listen to you guys?

This was truly a great night to remember, first of all sharing stage with a big idol of mine, And the SAINT DEAMON show was a real blast! As for JanThore, he was singing like a God for his Norwegian countrymen. There are no plans for tours this year, but we are hoping for a shitload of festivals, it all depends… Please help us promote the band by sending emails to festivals, radio stations and so on so we can come to a gig near you!

The band is not more than 2 years old, if I am correct, but all of you as units, have played in many bands in the past. Does anyone have a project or playing at a second band? Is SAINT DEAMON your first priority?

Yes all the members have side projects running, because there are so much fun playing and writing different kinds of music, but the main priority is SAINT DEAMON..

I know that it is probably too early to say anything, but are you satisfied by the album as a hole? Most of the bands after listening to their albums for a long time, they find some things that they want to change. Do you feel the same, or the album is exactly the way you wanted to be?

As it feels now, there’s absolutely nothing I want to change. I actually never look back and regret what has been done. What’s done is done! When it’s time for a new recording, the page is blank, a bit more experienced since the previous recordings, which hopefully makes it easier to achieve what I/we have in mind.

Let’s talk a little bit about the artwork of the album. Who made the cover? Was it something you made, a proposition from your record company or something that is the artist representation of your idea?

The artwork was made by Giulio Cataldo Frontiers Records Graphic Design, and we really think it was a great representation of the music/lyric idea of SAINT DEAMON.

What is your opinion about the power Metal scene? Any new bands that you think they are going to keep the scene alive?

Even though I’ve been part of the Power Metal scene for a while now, I actually don’t think that it is a part of some special kind of music. For me music is music, in this case hard rock, and there are for sure some great bands ongoing and upcoming.

Since you are in the music industry for a long time, what advises would you give to a band that is in their first steps?

First and most important: have fun! That’s the magic secret for success. Of course there are some serious hours in the rehearsal and at home practicing as well, but that won’t do you any good if you loose the fun of it. Last but equal important: Never lay back and think that someone else will do the job for you. As soon as you find yourselves calling your band-mates/promoter/record company, asking what is happening, you’re on the wrong track; you are the one in charge of the situation, it’s you with the help of your band-mates who are going to make things happen. Good luck.

What are your influences as a band and you personally?

If you listen to the CD, I think you will find influences from a whole variety of bands, like HELLOWEEN, JUDAS PRIEST, MANOWAR, IRON MAIDEN and a whole lot more, sins everybody is involved in the writing, except me. Personally I’m listening to a whole lot of RUSH, DEEP PURPLE, Yngwie Malmsteen, DIO, IRON MAIDEN, WHITESNAKE. Bands I grew up with.

I’d like your opinion about the connection of the internet and the music industry. In the old days we had the tape trading. Now things are a lot easier since you can download almost anything you want via the internet. Do you think that this phenomenon is bad for the bands and the record companies?

I wish there was an easy answer to this question, but there isn’t. On one hand, Internet has made it possible for bands that would never have left the boundaries of there home town, to meet a world audience. Bands like us, are using the net for great promotion work, and the music is spread via downloads to a wider audience which, hopefully, will help us sell more copies of our CD. But here lies the problem: To be able to record the CD, there’s a whole lot of money that have to be spent, from the band itself and the record company producing it. So, if the majority chooses to just download our music and never buy it, there will be no more CD’s, and this would be quite sad I think.

Even though you just released your first album, are there any ideas or ready instrumentations for your second one?

Yeah, actually I got some new stuff via mail from Ronny the other day, he called it the single for the next album.

I would like to thank you for the interview, Nobby. Hope all the best for you and the band. Anything you want to say to your fans and the readers of Metal Temple?

Thank you all the same! We will play for anyone anytime as long as we get the travel expenses and hotel. Please force you local Metal festival to book us!


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