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Nuno Monteiro (Liar Symphony)

Interview with Nuno Monteiro from Liar Symphony
by YngwieViking at 14 April 2015, 11:07 AM

After a beneficial four year break, LIAR SYMPHONY is back for good! The quintet of musicians from Brazil, who perform in a classic Heavy Metal style, adding a lot of Power and Progressive nuances to their sound. Their fifth studio album “Before the End” released in late 2014 is their best by far, the second incarnation is a triumphal return in shape!
The talented vocalist Nuno Monteiro talks about the new disc with the South American metal enthusiast YngwieViking.

Hi Nuno, First thank you very much for taking some time out of busy schedule to answer to my questions! Kudos, I think that “Before The End” is a winning and a very interesting album , as a fan of Power Metal from South America, It was for me a real treat… What will be your words to describe it?

Hi YngwieViking, my pleasure to share with you and your readers, a bit of my history and the history of Liar Symphony. And already talking about our new album “Before The End”, it was totally produced by our guitarist and producer Pedro Esteves in his studio, the Masterpiece, which is here in Brazil. We started writing the album in 2010 and finalized everything in July 2014. We had in mind to do a cohesive work, direct and without many technological tricks. We recorded everything as organic as possible. We wanted that the listeners, could feel the band playing. If there is something I do not agree with many of today's productions to date is that the bands are using so many resources in the studio, which are increasingly sounding all the same, without identity. The guitars, for example, have no effects pedals, has only the sound of the amp miked. The voices were all done humanely, no computer folds.

For mixing, followed the same line. We use few resources. The result of all this is an honest CD, you feel the band playing. It’s visceral, at the same time very modern and heavy. That was what we were looking for. Regarding the theme of the lyrics, they don’t have a fixed theme. The lyrics deal with themes of human evolution, about how man is destroying the planet, we also talk about the internal struggles of each of the problems and obstacles that we all go through in life. Usually, our letters are always kind of autobiographical. We use our music to vent and expose our feelings. Title “Before The End” was chosen because it is a very interpretative title, each will give a different meaning to it. For us, it is all we can do before the end of the world, life, etc. This is our fifth studio CD and continues trying to sound more modern and renovated possible. We have reached a standard we were looking for a long time. We did this work very calmly and took four years working on it. We are very pleased with the result.

Can you first tell us about you, your personality, your background as a musician… Your past or recent involvements in other bands!

I’m from São Paulo / Brazil and I’m 44 years old. I was born in 1970 and intensely lived the 80’s, being influenced by this wonderful period in the history of Rock'N Roll. At this time I knew what I wanted to do in life: Singing. I was part of many bands whose goal was to play in bars at night in Brazil. Despite being self-taught, I did singing lessons later and still do to this day, because life is always a learning and who does not learn does not evolve. In 2004 I joined the Liar Symphony, which at the time had already released three albums, and went in just to make the third album Tour, “Spirit Machine“ (2004). Since then we released four albums, “Choose Your Side“ (2005) which was my debut in the band, “Choosing The Live Side“ (2007) live album that records the tour and also has its DVD version, Acoustic, “Alive In Studio“ (2010) a remake of Liar Symphony songs in acoustic format, and “Before The End“ (2014) our new original songs CD.

You seems to take the meaning of the lyrics quite seriously, can you tell us more about your operating when it comes to writing?

When I joined Liar Symphony, the songs to "Choose Your Side" were almost ready, but I could still contribute a song called "Cry Of The Damned". This lyric is a spiritual content. One night I dreamed with this song and when I woke up it was almost ready, music and lyrics. In “Before The End” I could contribute more lyrics and ideas, and as we made the songs the lyrics flowed almost automatically as the mood of the song. I’m spiritualist and I believe that we are just a channel, a large antenna that captures the universe, you just open your mind and let it flow.

Can you give us some information concerning the reasons of the Liar Symphony initial split and happily its resurrection?

In fact the band never stopped. We launched the acoustic album in 2010 and has started writing the "Before The End". What happened is that we needed, as musicians, reinvent ourselves, reinventing Liar Symphony.

We continued bringing us even if only to make small talk. In Liar Symphony ran truly like a family, we go out to drink, fellas about the houses of others, is very cool. This gap each was doing a different project, Pedro specialized in producing career, Anderson played with many different musicians and different Brazilian musical styles, which added much and his musicality. I sang with many people and I perfected my style. During these four years of pause, Pedro, Anderson and I, we wrote and recorded an unreleased album for a side project called Dead Man Walking, which is a very modern sound in the style of Disturbed and Soilwork. We allowed it to launch with a label. We hear new things, we open our minds and our souls to the new and incorporate all this influence on the LIAR SYMPHONY sound. I believe we got it.

In the review for your latest album “Before The End”, my Metal-Temple Colleague Matt Coe stated that you provide beside the very dramatic and expressive nature of your voice, some powerful snarls and great harsh screams related with the Thrash Metal singers… What is your feelings about this quote?

I fully agree. Matt Coe was very good in the comment. Despite my vocal training as a traditional singer, I have a strong thrash metal singers influence like Russ Anderson and Philip Anselmo

In the same analysis, he also pointed a few similarities between your voice/Singing style and the great Rob Halford and consequently with Ralph Scheepers, it is a fluke ?
Or did the famous Judas Priest frontman influenced you in a way or in an another? Where are you coming from as far as the vocal influences are concerned?

The analysis was perfect. The Metal God is certainly one of my main influences and is one of my TOP 5. What ends up connecting directly to Ralph Scheepers who is also one of his disciples. What influenced my style when it comes to Rob Halford? It was a masterpiece called “War Of Words“ by Fight . As I said earlier, my training is the Classic Heavy Metal Singers and what influences me more is the master Ronnie James Dio.

Being constantly compared with those iconic singers is a blessing or a curse?

In fact the two things, lol. It is a blessing when my work is associated with my idols, for truly started singing because of them. Who never wanted to be your idol?

It is a real honor and gives the feeling of accomplishment. It is very rewarding. But there is another side, where there is a charging of always having to be perfect or be compared, but this is something that does not concern me much, because every work, my own personality becomes more evident.

About your voice & your singing style, as it has evolved very much for the best of course, do you consider yourself as a better singer lately and why ? Tell us about your warming techniques and how do you prepare yourself before a show!

Certainly today I am better. Big business is continuing to learn and be open-minded to new ideas, and that's what makes you a better person and a better professional. The musician who does not evolve is ostracized. I’m not fussy before beginning to sing, I only work a short sequence of heating with musical scales and to relax the muscles of the face. I do not smoke. I drink socially, but rather to make shows ever.

Do you think that the complexity of some song structures or the Progressive demanding parts in Liar Symphony’s music, can be a block for some listeners , do you keep this aspect in mind while composing , or did you just get the inspiration flows?

We get the inspiration flows. Of course want to please our fans, but we make up for ourselves, is what we felt at that time when music was made, music is our soul right then translated into musical notes, rhythms and adrenaline, and this translation is that the leaves happy and renewed. So when someone like that part of our soul, our joy is huge because there is a harmony between all of us.

As a band from almighty Brazil, with a plethora of great band out there, what do you think of the Metal scene in your country?

The metal scene in Brazil is currently being reborn after a very bad period, but still bad. Brazil has many great bands, with world-class work, but everything is very underground. The Brazilian heavy metal in general is very much marginalized by the media and the public. It may seem strange, but we have more space outside Brazil. Here the large space is given only for those two or three when already at the top, here is Sepultura and Angra and the others.

Do you think that the South American sound is a reality or just a journalist gimmick trick?

I believe that the South American Sound is a reality. We came to stay.

Are you aware about young bands from Sao Paulo that we have to reckon with in the next few years?

Absolutely yes, has a lot of good popping up here and should emerge soon, but the one that has my attention, is a hard rock band called Desert Dance, with musicians in their late teen, great band.

Are you interested in producing some new bands, by yourself?

Never thought about it, but I confess that it would be an interesting experience.

Tell us, what we have to expect from your side in the future to come?

Liar Symphony plans for 2015/2016 are two things: first is to license “Before The End”album in the European and Japanese market, and second is to make a European Tour. We want to expand our audience and our market and I think we have a lot to offer for you. Attention promoters of Europe, I'm sure we are viable… lol. In 2016 maybe a new album.

What do you think of the new state of the market in 2015? What is your opinion concerning digital downloading legal and illegal?

The music industry is going through a crisis in the past decade is no secret. Mainly in Brazil, where many have not yet joined the MP3 purchase, download full albums for free has become the most common practice. Heavy Metal lovers will also use this device, either to meet new groups, to know whether they accept the new album by a band that already follow or if it is worthwhile or not investment in physical CD in the sequence. Of course we would prefer that all buy our CDs, but we know a lot of people who go to our shows today and sing our songs met in lowering our records these illegal providers. When the labels stopped investing in artists who, in turn, have no professional structure to make a distribution and comprehensive disclosure, illegal downloading finishes at least making the work of the band reach an audience that would not reach the legal way. If there is a positive side of digital piracy, that is. However, the quality that these albums are ripped and made available illegally, it is often bad.

Thinking about it, many artists decide to offer their own albums for free on a voluntary basis, so that the quality of their work is not compromised. After a quick search on the net, I found that all our records were to download for free at several different providers, some with very bad quality. Since we cannot fight it, in some important occasions, we make available our older songs on our website, because at least those who download there will have the same quality as the official CD. As will download for free, that is with quality. Say whether the bonus of illegal downloads outweighs the burden is on. But one thing is fact: in a country like Brazil, where taxes on goods and services are overpriced, will be very difficult for people to choose to pay for MP3, after so many years downloading songs for free. If the lower face our CDs for free and happen like what he heard, appears in our show and ends up buying the official CD or a T-shirt, I think is valid. This has happened to us several times. Anyway, Liar Symphony already joined the sales through digital media, our complete material already found in places like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play etc.

Please let us know your Power Metal TOP 5.

Blind Guardian
Iced Earth
Primal Fear

Please let us know your ll time TOP 10 Albums?

“The Number Of The Beast” Iron Maiden
“Holy Diver” Dio
“Operation: Mindcrime” Queensryche
“Painkiller” Judas Priest
“Cowboys From Hell” Pantera
“War Of Words” Fight
“The Sound Of Perseverance” Death
“Iowa” Slipknot
“Led Zeppelin IV” Led Zeppelin
“Dehumanizer” Black Sabbath

What is the last CD you have purchased?

“ .5: The Gray Chapter“ by Slipknot

Please let us know your Brazilian Underground Metal TOP 5?

Liar Symphony
Desert Dance

Now it's time for the Chinese portrait aka Le questionnaire de Bernard Pivot , which is inspired by Marcel Proust but This questionnaire is probably more familiar to English audiences as the one that journalist James Lipton asks at the end of  the TV show "Inside the Actors Studio."

What is your favorite word?   Please
What is your least favorite word?  No
What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally?  Hope
What turns you off?  Politicians in Brazil
What is your favorite curse word?  Fuck
What sound or noise do you love?  The crowd at the show
What sound or noise do you hate?  The clock alarm
If not yourself, who would like to be?  No one. I like to be myself.
What profession would you not like to do?  Politician
Who would like to see on a new bank note ? Ronnie James Dio
If you reincarnated as some other plant or animal , what would it be? A Penguin of Madagascar
If God exists, what you like to hear him say at the gates of Heaven? You Win!!!

I wish to thank you for this interview and wish you guys the best of luck with the new album and on the path ahead.

Thank you brother!!! I appreciate the opportunity very much and invite your readers to know the Liar Symphony work.

Anything else that you want to share with our readers out there?

I leave it to you several links where you can to know the band, listen to our work, buy songs and albuns, and more.

The entire catalog for sale digitally by CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and other digital media:

Physical CD Sales
Official Website:
Band Mail:

Soundcloud: liarsymphony | Free Listening on SoundCloud


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