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Oyvind Osa (El Caco)

Interview with Oyvind Osa from El Caco
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 18 June 2001, 1:00 AM

Ever saw a man but found out later that it was a woman with a beard? Ever saw an elephant and thought it was a mouse? Well, from the land of Black Metal comes a Hard Rock band with a tricky name and a tricky album! Singer and bass player of El Caco, Oyvind Osa, spoke to us about this weird situation!

Since I’m from an Internet Metal Zine, my first question is what’s your relationship with the Internet?

What I use it for?


Well, I use it. I usually check out new bands and stuff

 Do you download stuff?

No, not really. I’m more into buying the records. Mainly I use it more for information.

 What’s your opinion on MP3s?

I can’t say I’m against it because it’s also an opportunity for a lot of bands to get known all over the world. And they can put their songs there so that people will listen to them.

 You’re not against MP3s but do you think that in a way it’s damaging the Record Companies?

Well, I read that it doesn’t \[laughter]. Some people are probably not buying records anymore but I think it’s a good opportunity for them to show what they’ve got. In a way maybe (it’s damaging) but I don’t think so because people get to listen to what they have and usually they want to buy a record too.

 So you believe that people eventually buy records they really liked listening to somewhere.



Your band is called El Caco and it’s a Stoner Rock band right?

No, I wouldn’t say that.

 Then describe it to me in a few words.

I think it’s hard rock and we’re not Stoner really. We’ve got so much more than just Stoner. It’s more like Rock ’n’ Roll band and I wouldn’t describe it as a Stoner band.

 Well, listening to your CD someone could easily say that your music is sort of Stoner anyway

We can’t say that we’re not influenced by it. I think every Rock Band who’s listening to Rock nowadays they’ve heard a lot of Stoner Rock. We’re based on Stoner but we’ve got a lot more than just that.

 If you take it from the Cover with the little skeleton and all, if you notice the band’s name (El Caco) or the album’s name (Viva) someone would think that you’re a latin band or something like that! Mexican probably.

Yes, we do that mostly to fuck up people’s minds I think! \[laughter] We have that name and it’s a very Spanish-Mexican thing and we thought OK, let’s just take it all the way and make a cover of that. Some people thought they can’t possibly be a Rock Band! They must be a Salsa Band or something! \[laughter] Maybe it’s a bit confusing for people but I think it’s a different thing to do and why not do it that way! People are sometimes narrow minded and think that if something looks that way it is that way!

 You think that the first look is the one that stays forever?


 I mean mostly if you don’t check it out further.

Yes. I think it’s good for people. OK, it looks Latin but it’s not

 It’s tricky!

Yeah it is! \[laughter] As I already mentioned, we said let’s just do it and see what people have to say about it!.

It’s really awkward you know cause Norway is mostly known to the rest of the world for it’s Black Metal scene and it’s kind of strange when one comes to think that this is a Norwegian band playing Hard Rock.

We’ve had a lot of questions about that. In Norway the Black Metal scene is much bigger abroad than in Norway. All the Black Metal Bands search out abroad. There are also quite a few Rock Bands in Norway like Lucifer. It’s not that big but there are bands playing this music here. We hope we’re going to change that.

 I see. I guess you’re a big Rock fan then.

Yeah, bands like KISS.

 Kiss are Gods.

Yeah, they are!

 I listened to Viva a bit and there was this song I wanted to ask you about It’s the song called She-Male


  what’s it talking about? \[laughter]

\[laughter] Um, ok. Well a She-man

 Is it about a transvestite or something?

It’s almost like one! I think it’s more like you know, ever met a woman that talked like  oh fuck you, I’m the mother fucker here! . Not feminine at all.

 So manly like!

Yes! I’ve seen things like that more than once or twice and I though Fuck! I have to write a song about this!\[laughter]

You wrote the song?


 Did you write most of the songs?

I write all the lyrics. When we put out the album I want people to listen to it and give their own opinion about what I’m singing about. I want to explain what I’m thinking all the time. I always like to get my own feelings about what is right or bad whenever I read a book. I never want to ask the writer if he meant this or that. If people will get their own thoughts because of my lyrics then it’s ok.

 What inspires you the most?

Hard question! \[laughter] I can’t say one thing. There a lot of things that inspire me.

 You like dealing with various matters

Yes, exactly. It’s more like my own experiences. Books inspire me too a lot. In the past I’ve read a lot of H.P. Lovecraft

 And Poe I guess

Yes, Poe too. That’s more in the past but they were like really good. They wrote about the darkness and I can see myself through these things sometimes I’m not a dead person though!

 Really, what kind of persons are the El Caco band members?

We’re folks who like to practice a lot our music. We drive traffic motorbikes from Japan

 You are?


 Expensive ones?

Well, I got a ’72 Honda 754 and it’s a classic.

 You love bikes, right?

Yes I do. All the guys in the band love bikes.

So El Caco are bikers! \[laughter]

No, we’re not! We drive the bikes but we’re not in a gang or anything! \[laughter]

 What else should the people know about El Caco?

We’re just a bunch of well I can’t explain what we are

 Are you happy persons?

Yes, we’re having a good time playing Rock ’n’ Roll. We use all our energy in Rock. And all the anger comes out too

 Like it usually happens

A good thing to do and a good way to do it!

 The band is formed by three members only. Is it easy for you just being three guys?

I think it’s easier being three people than being four or five. We get along together very well, we’ve got a good team and we’ve played together for so many years. We tried to be like four or five members but it didn’t work out.

 So you don’t think you actually need a second guitar player or some keys

No. Not at all. We don’t need anything else

 Are you going to promote your music through any concerts?

Yes, we’re going to play in Sweden and maybe in Italy. We’re not sure about Italy though. It’s mostly some small festivals in Norway.

Maybe you’ll be in Dynamo sometime or Wacken

I hope. I don’t know though.

 Are you satisfied with your cooperation with Music For Nations?

A lot!

 Everything OK there?

Yes, it is. I mean, they’re working really hard for us. I think the most important thing is that they really enjoyed the album. We’ve also signed a good contract with them.

 Finally, a message from you to all the readers that will read this Interview.

I’d like to say that Buy more Rock ’n’ Roll records and just go to concerts. Come to El Caco’s concerts and we’ll have a really good time! We’re going to give it all to you.

 Oyvind it was a pleasure talking to you. Take care!

You too man!


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