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Paul Logue & Michael Eden (Eden's Curse)

Interview with Paul Logue & Michael Eden from Eden's Curse
by Grigoris Chronis at 27 August 2007, 5:56 PM

Looking at the EDEN'S CURSE review over and over again, I suppose I should have placed an even higher grading. Eden's Curse can as well be one of the most notable Hard 'n' Heavy releases in 2007, let aside the fact we're talkin' about one of the most impressive debut releases I've listened to the last years… Paul Logue (bass) and Michael Eden (vocals) are kind and fluent enough to let us know how does it feel to record such an excellent 'melodic' stuff in some 'angry' 21st century.

Greetings from Metal Temple mag! It was very good to hear such a wonderful debut album from EDEN’S CURSE. Still, in my mind – and as I wrote in the relative review – I wonder if EDEN’S CURSE is one more ‘project’ or (I hope) a normal band.

(Michael): Firstly, there is no such thing as ’normal’. I don’t believe in projects and anyone outside of EDEN’S CURSE who says this is otherwise then they truly do not understand where we are headed with this band.

(Paul): It’s 100% a band! The P word is banned in Camp Curse. This is no one-off, we aim to have a series of albums and, sales permitting, a tour.

Really, how did you all meet in the first place? Also, a comment for Pete Newdeck, Thorsten Koehne and Ferdy Doernberg (who we all already knew from ROUGH SILK)?

(Michael): I met Paul via the Internet and he lined people up like bowling pins. One by one we pick and chose who would make the final cut. I’m very picky as is Paul. So believe me….If we didn’t like ‘em they got the boot right away. It’s a no brainer to work with only the best guys who represent not only themselves in a professional way but also the CURSE. My boys are shit hot! Believe me when I say…..They are ready to bring it live. You can count on it!!!

(Paul): As Mike mentions, we met via the Net. I found a post of his on a musician’s message board reading singer looking for band. I checked him out and made contact and I am glad I did! Pete was an old label mate of mine and we had recently discussed some production ideas on E-mail and liked each other. I promised to give him a shout if anything came up and was man to my word. We put an ad out on a popular Rock website looking for a guitar player and after some fifty applications later we settled on the immense talents of Thorsten Koehne, who was brought to our attention by Carsten Schulz of EVIDENCE ONE. Originally we had been using a session guy on keys but things didn’t work so Carsten hooked us up with Ferdy, very later into proceedings, and he completed the line up.

Months ago, I had read an interview Carsten Schulz gave to a Dutch magazine, stating bout helping out to the debut album of a band called EDEN’S CURSE. Now, how helpful was Carsten actually? I know he co-wrote a couPaule of songs with you and also donated an EVIDENCE ONE track?

(Michael): Carsten is one funny little dude. He stands next to my waist. He actually came on board early on and is very supportive of what we got going. He knows the score!!! He gave us a track and we rocked that fucker big time!! He co-wrote some stuff but by no means is that a permanent arrangement. I’m happy to hear stuff from everyone. Carsten knows what we want. Sometimes it’s hit or miss. Time will tell what happens next!!

(Paul): He was an important cog in the machine, that’s for sure! He made contact because we referenced his own band as a style of music that we would be writing and from hooking us up with Thorsten he offered services for writing lyrics, which we decided to take. It was certainly less pressure for Mike and I – a good song is a good song regardless of who writes it. I may write the majority of the material, but I am not driven by an ego that makes me not want to listen to other people’s ideas. If it fits with the CURSE sound then it will be used. Eyes … was a perfect example that worked wonderfully for us.

So, you hooked up to write songs for your debut album. Was it clear you’d focus on the melodic Hard Rock side of music from the very beginning? Or, you did jam endlessly to find the fitting style?

(Michael): Paul wrote all the songs in Scotland as he is the brains behind the musical foundation which is EDEN’S CURSE.  We did everything via the Internet because of the long distance involved. Distance did not stop quality in the end, nor will it ever stop us!!

(Paul): Well, I write from the heart where nothing is forced and these songs are ultimately one percent what I am all about. I am blessed that Mike loved the songs and shares the vision of where my music was going, as do Thorsten, Pete and Ferdy. It’s the type of music I listen to and I guess at the end of the day I wanted to create music that I would personally love to listen to, as is always my motto.

Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69): he delivered a great job again, production-wise. I guess you are satisfied, too. Any other artists that helped out to the making of the album (guests etc)?

(Michael): Dennis Ward walked into this thing knowing he might never make a dime, knowing that it was a total risk 100% on his part. He chose to believe in this band and our music because he is one of the most professional guys on this planet. I lived in his home for nearly two weeks. I don’t have a bad thing to say. It was an experience I’ll never forget. Cheers to him for having the balls to see this through. Now the reviews come in and his work and dedication pays off 100 fold. We are keeping Dennis around for the long haul. He can’t get rid of us. I know where he lives and where he works and shops for food. Now I’d say he is truly fucked. EDEN’S CURSE will curse him for life, in a good way of course!!

(Paul): We also had Doogie White (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, CORNESTONE, ex-RAINBOW), David Readman (PINK CREAM 69) and Carsten Schulz assisting us on backing vocals – a.k.a. The Curse Choir!

Eden’s Curse bears a cover artwork a little bit too mystique. Meaning: I would not easily find out the band’s music style judging from the cover alone. Really, who’s idea was it for the cover artwork? And, additionally, who should we give credit to for the making?

(Michael): The concept belongs to the senior partners Mr. Logue and I. We could have hired anyone to do the artwork as it was our money paying them. We chose to bring in the mighty talent of Thomas Ewerhard because he is the very best of the best in all of Europe. Incredible illustration by a mega talent spelling shit kicking on any level you slice it!

(Paul): The main idea was to sum up what the meaning of sin and the curse of the Garden of Eden was all about. I guess Eve being caught red handed eating the forbidden fruit in true Thomas Ewerhard style does just that. You can definitely tell it’s a Metal album and I think this is definitely a Metal album but with lots of melody.

Even if I enjoyed the album very much, I must say I’m worried if young fans will find it interesting enough. I mean, the Rock/Metal youth of today seem to require more and more aggression to a band’s music. On the other hand, old-school (or 80s-based) Hard rock/Heavy Metal music seem to always be appealing to the listener’s ears. Did you by-default decide not to ‘diffuse’ modern elements in the album’s track list?

(Michael): Firstly, please never worry as it causes stress and undue pressure on the heart and other organs. Stress will kill you!! What a person requires is not my concern. We are not a band put together by a label because the label realizes what the kiddies require. If today’s youth as you call them need angry music and aggression to get by in life then I say only one thing. Sorry about your mother fucking luck. Please drive safely as you go to flip burgers because you were two fucking stupid to get a clue in life and live the dream. Live any dream!! Live it anyway you can. Be the very best you can be!! If all you wanna do is bring yourself and others down to a pile of depressed puke then feel free. Just remember…There are no get out of jail free cards for ignorant little pricks that don’t listen to common sense.

(Paul): There are definite ’old school’ influences throughout our music, as most of my influences as a writer hail from the 80’s or early 90’s, but as Mike says this is no manufactured band put together for today’s youth. If anything this band was put together by a group of Melodic Rock/Metal heads for Melodic Rock/Metal heads. There is a definite market out there and I feel Dennis Ward has married our influences with a modern production. If I truly wanted to go the route of today’s youth it would be down-tuned guitars and a hot looking chick singing like Pavarotti on acid fronting the band. Not for me, I’m afraid!

Really, which tracks would you consider to be your favorite ones off the debut EDEN’S CURSE album? I already vote for Eyes Of The World and (mainly) After The Love Is Gone!

(Michael): If I didn’t believe in 100% of it I can honestly say it wouldn’t be there. I didn’t write Eyes… but love the song. Voting or saying I have a favorite would be like if I had 10 kids and played favorites. My kids would learn to dislike daddy after a while. We gave birth to all of these and baptized them by fire Dennis Ward style!! I just dig all of it!!

(Paul): It’s hard to pick favorites as Mike said, but they all mean something different to me. They are all highlights to me, but I’ll point out Fly Away which is the heaviest song I have ever written with a catchy chorus. I was listening to a lot of EDGUY when I wrote this and loved how Toby marries melody and heaviness effortlessly. I wanted to give that a go! What Are You Waiting For I just loved because it has some killer riffs and in my opinion features Mike’s most emotive vocal of the album.

Which are the resources you’re summoning inspiration from, lyrics-wise? I can see the usual love themes, but there’s seems to be a further extend in some songs.

(Michael): There are many themes that play into our songs. I guess it depends on the inspiration for that day. It’s all in the mind of Paul so he is really the ultimate guy to answer this one!

(Paul): Resources used are mainly real life experiences or opinions that I have at that particular point in my life. Some of the themes covered are betrayal, pressure, lust, death, love, making a better life for yourself, sin, dream and of course history in the shape of the tale of the Scottish King Robert The Bruce.

Do you think the roster’s multinational dimension help to bring up a sound/style applicable to both European and American fans? Really, will the album have a normal distribution to America and Japan?

(Michael): The guys in the band have everything to do with the final outcome as their performances were superb and top-notch!  It took Dennis Ward’s touch to get it PERFECT!!! As I said before Paul wrote the songs musically so he truly determined and set our style from the beginning. I think our music is for everyone. As well we have four great labels putting out four different versions all over the world.

(Paul): I think Mike definitely brings the US influences on vocals, but some of my main influences as a writer are American bands and also European bands, but we never deliberately followed a path, I just wrote what came naturally to me. The album will be released in USA via Metal Mayhem Music, Japan via Spiritual Beast/Universal Music and in Latin America through Dynamo Records/Century Media.

And, as for live activities? What’s up for the near future? Have you fixed any dates yet?

(Michael): The band very much wants to play live. I know it will be a force to behold. Can you imagine the look of Ferdy’s face as we heist him 30 feet into the rafters for his solo? Now even I would pay to see that! There are no dates set as of now but we look forward to the chance of doing some in the future!

(Paul): There is no doubt album sales will play a big part here, but we firmly believe we have the right label behind us to back us with a tour. I mean, we aren’t just going to be another catalogue number!

Paul, you’ve already been familiar to many Hard Rock fans since the CRY HAVOC Fuel That Feeds The Fire debut. An album that stayed unreleased for 7 years, right? Are you planning to make a next CRY HAVOC album or you have EDEN’S CURSE as your first priority now?

(Paul): Many might be the wrong descriptive; as not many people bought the record… I think the album stayed unreleased for 5 years. I spent the last two years recording demos for the second album but lack of label support brought the guys in the band losing interest and I had to cut my loses and concentrate on making music with people that appreciated me and shared my vision. CRY HAVOC is dead, shed no tears!

Really, how ‘lucky’ do you feel towards Mike’s terrific voice? Really, how did you react when hearing him singing for the first time?

(Paul): I feel very lucky indeed. I mean to think I found him on a musicians message board, where had been searching for like-minded musicians for a few years. Good things come to those who wait. His voice is definitely different to other people currently out there but everyone absolutely loves it and he deserves all the praise he gets as he works very hard. I remember being surprised by the range and power Mike had, but one thing that really blew me away was in Germany how his voice stayed as strong from the first to the last day without any problems. This guy drinks more water than a camel in the Sahara … and it works!

In EDEN’S CURSE is there someone on top of the others, in terms of…you know…what to do? Furthermore, have you stabilized the band’s lineup from the debut album already?

(Paul): Mike and I are pretty much the main guys who make all the band decisions, but everyone else has their own talents in other areas, like Ferdy is the most experienced at touring and would be the ideal candidate to be our tour manager when we go on the road. Pete is a fireman, so he could be our pyro technician!  All the guys in the band are here to stay, as far as I know! This isn’t a project, it’s a band, and so far so good. We are like a big family where everyone speaks with a different accent!

Who are your guitar heroes? Not only in terms of technique but also in songwriting ‘approach’. I can ‘see’ Dave Meniketti, Neal Schon and Axel Rudi Pell. What do you think?

(Paul): A strange question for a bass player to answer, however as the song writer I guess it makes sense to talk guitarists than bassists! As for the names you mention I’d say 0 out of 3 so far! I’m not overly a fan of Pell, and Meniketti is an awesome player but not one of my favorites. Schon I love, but I don’t here any of his influence in my writing. My main guitar heroes - who I feel payed a vital role in shaping the CURSE riffs - are without doubt George Lynch, Chris De Garmo/Michael Wilton (QUUENSRYCHE), Alfred Koffler (PINK CREAM 69) and Matthias Jabs (SCORPIONS). Also some of my favorite song writers like Dann Huff (GIANT), Mark Spiro, Dennis Ward, Kip Winger and Tobias Sammett have sprinklings of influence here there and everywhere.

OK! And as regards bassists?

(Paul): Here you go! Kip Winger, Mark Snake Luckhurst (original bassist of THUNDER), Eddie Jackson (QUEENSRYCHE), Brian Wheat (TESLA), Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69), Mike Brignardello (GIANT).

Are Paulanning to write an EDEN’S CURSE follow-up really soon?

(Paul): I have around 30 ideas demoed already. My wife gave birth to our first child, baby Emma, in February 2007 so I decided to get ahead of schedule whilst I had a chance. Once we complete all of our promotional activities we’ll tale the rest of 2007 off to re-charge the batteries – after all it’s been 20 long months of blood, sweat and tears, and then we’ll start looking at ideas and encourage the other guys to submit songs too.

Mike, we were really left unspoken with your vocal abilities in the debut EDEN’S CURSE album. The weird thing is I cannot recall seeing you in an other band’s release. So, is this the first release you’re participating at?

(Michael): Well, I always said if the question was asked I would answer. No, this is surely not my first album. I’ve been playing in the Chicago area for over twenty years. My first good band that made an album came out in 2003 in the USA. It was a band called SEVEN TEN. The album was called Love And War. It also came out on Metal Mayhem because I’m very good friends with Ryan Northrop, the owner. SEVEN TEN was a lot like all the California Metal bands and held those influences like DOKKEN, SLAUGHTER, POISON, MOTLEY CRUE, RATT and the like. It’s out there to be had. Hit Ebay! (ed: I just did!)

Really, who are the singers that influenced such a wonderful voice? Do you keep yourself occupied, too, with more recent/modern vocalists, to find interesting elements?

(Michael): For starters, thanks for the nice words! To be honest there are way too many to name. I’d say Dio, Perry, Stanley, Dokken and St. Holmes just to name a few. There are hundreds to be very honest that have added to my style. As far as modern voices go…It’s a very different ballgame. I find none of them here in the USA great.

Your voice can sing virtually everything, I think! It’s not just the range, you know, but also the touch of your throat. Are you thinking of singing something more ‘metal’, in the future? You know, bands like QUEENSRYCHE should keep an eye on you!

(Michael): Well, I love Metal for sure but was raised on bands like JOURNEY and STYX as well as R.E.O. SPEEDWAGON. I learned those styles first and then adapted to all the Metal stuff of the 80’s. QUEENSRYCHE? My god what a compliment!! For such remarks you get my first gold album. No ,seriously……That’s a great comment and one I’ll always remember! I wished we could do so well. I plan on making this band my top priority! However, if QUEENSRYCHE or those types’ came knocking I’m sure Mr. Logue would be the first to say go fucking get ’em!

EDEN’S CURSE would never stop. After all, I’m not like a few guys who became puppets to sing another guy’s music. I have my priority with this band and no amount of money or power could take that away. I could never work for a boss so to speak. I could do a job if required but surely never be told how to sing or act on stage. As well to sign an agreement to stay quiet if the shit hit the fan is not my style.There is no money that will silence me unless it’s into the millions of dollars! That’s the only way I’d stay quiet. I’ll give a word of caution to those who can’t keep their singers on a leash. One thing about a pit bull you gotta remember: put it on a leash and you risk your nuts being chewed off!

Do you feel the chemistry between you and (mainly) Paul in the band? Do you foresee a long future for EDEN’S CURSE?

(Michael): The magic is 100% between us. However, make no mistake about it; Newdeck, Koehne and Doernberg are very much a part of this monster. We could never ask for guys more professional than them. They are nothing short of the fucking beast that helped make this a slammer!

You think music (any kind) can be revolutionary in our days? People seem to be rather inactive for various things going bad in the world? The 60s/70s where an era when music had total power in creating movements/protests. Are you optimistic for the role of music in the future?

(Michael): Things have changed in this business every year for the last twenty years. I never mix politics on a personal level with Rock music. I’m not sure where it’s headed. I’m still trying to get in the door that others are trying to close. One thing those assholes should remember: I’m good with a switch blade and there is always the window. One way or another EDEN’S CURSE is crashing the party and we don’t give a fuck who says we ain’t invited! Several tried to stop us on the way to the party. My first thought is for them to get on their knees and surrender during the party … but that’s another song!!

Thanks a lot, both of you! Really, we hope all the best for the EDEN’S CURSE future!

(Michael): NO! We thank you!! And we wish the Temple all the fucking best! Now and forever! Stay Metal my friend and see ya on the road!

(Paul): We absolutely thank you. I am bowing in adoration at the Metal Temple…do I leave my Chuck Taylor’s at the door or what ?


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