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Paul Logue (Eden's Curse)

Interview with Paul Logue from Eden’s Curse
by Grigoris Chronis at 13 October 2008, 7:48 AM

It's good news when a band's debut album is excellent. Then, it's even better news to receive an impressive follow-up. The Second coming should nail you down, if you're 'into' the melodic yet powerful Hard Rock blend of the interleagua clan of EDEN'S CURSE. Songwriter/bassist Paul Logue is here again to verify all the beautiful things you'll about to listen to from late October onwards.

Hi Paul, good to talk to you again!

Hi Greg, and you too !!!

So, what happened after the release of the EDEN'S CURSE debut and prior to the The Second Coming new CD? I recall there's been some lack of news/updates in between, that's why I'm asking. A brief timeline would help, haha!

I'm slightly surprised by this question because we were extremely busy and always kept people up to date on the official website and mySpace! After we finished the Press run for the debut I began collating all the songs I had written for album #2 and started writing some more material. In the end I had forty songs to choose from and began the arduous task of picking and demoing 13 songs. We were also approached by our US label to record an acoustic EP. We had given them two acoustic bonus tracks and they just loved the versions. So, we headed straight back into our studios and completely re-arranged seven tracks from the debut and came up with Seven Deadly Sins - The Acoustic Sessions. I produced and mixed this EP and it was eventually released June 1st in the USA only. It is available to buy on or by visiting our I finished mixing the EP on Friday and the recording sessions for The Second Coming began on Monday. We had no break whatsoever!

Are there any of the songs penned for the new album outtakes of the Eden's Curse era?

No, it was all completely brand new fresh material. There were no outtakes for the debut. I wrote one demo track called Are You Ready which Michael didn't think was Eden's Curse and it never got any further than that. Some of the band members haven't even heard that song, ha ha! I just wrote the debut and that was it.

Would you feel The Second Coming is a more conscious album? Listening to it for many times in a row, I decided it's even more attractive than the debut. The hooks, the melodies, the musicianship, it's all here, but - in a way - I feel the band's more…what's the word…phew…hmmm…aware of its value, maybe?

Thanks for the kind words. I agree 100%! On a debut a band is always trying to find its feet for the first time. I'm immensely proud of the debut and still love listening to it, however this album is a continuation of the style but is just better in every shape of form. The songs are better, the choruses are better, the production is better, the artwork is better. We consciously decided to bring Ferdy Dorenberg's keys out in the mix more and have him play more. Ferdy joined very late in the debut recording sessions, so this record has more of his style on it. Pete has also burst out of his chains and has really been let loose and the drumming is just superb! Thorsten is in my opinion one of the finest guitar players in Europe and he just kills on this album. Finally, Michael sings like a dream. Great melodies, great deliveries and emotion that tug at the heart strings like a stuck up brat in a toy shop!

Agree! The team stays the same (musicians, producer); this means things worked great for EDEN'S CURSE, I guess. What vision did you have for the new CD while writing new songs?

Exactly the same I had for the debut. These songs and this style is Paul Logue at his most honest. I write from the heart and write exactly what I want to hear. I'm extremely grateful that so many people enjoy the music, and it means I can just do what I do on each album and know that people will get where we are coming from.

The guitars' work is more powerful now. Was this a conscious decision or you had some kind of can you get more 'heavy'? feedback and decided to turn it up a little bit?

Thorsten deserves all the credit for this. He invested a lot of time, energy and his own money to build a sound booth in his home studio and has his Marshall stacks cranked up in there. He worked, worked and worked a little more until he got the perfect sound. When we played the tracks to Dennis Ward he said I won't need to do anything to this guitar sound…it's GREAT!. Accolades don't come much higher than that!

Does Dennis have a strong saying in the band? He surely is experienced in producing albums now, plus he's totally aware of the specific sound/style, but - I wonder - how much opinion does he put on the songwriting process specifically?

He has no input on the songwriting whatsoever. He plays a huge role in the production of the album, and works very well with Michael when we record the vocals - coaching him and me (as co-producer). Never at anytime does he want to add or remove pieces of songs. What you hear on record is what is written by the band before we start recording.

Would not forget mentioning Michael's vocals are - again - terrific! Don't want to ask anything in particular, haha, just wanted you to congrats him again!!!

I'm sure he'll be delighted to read that and knowing Michael he'd be the first to thank you for saying so and your continuous support of EDEN'S CURSE. I also agree wholeheartedly by the way!

So, there's a great team of guests in the new album: Tony Harnell, Doogie White, Carsten Schulz and Pamela Moore. A word or two for each one's contribution to the album?

Tony: When we knew David Readman couldn't do the album we thought it would be cool to replace him with another superb vocalist, or better if possible. They don't come much admired in the Hard Rock scene than the huge emotive voice of Tony Harnell's. Honestly, I never thought we'd get him, but he liked us and what we did and was a pleasure to work with. He sung some incredible harmonies with Michael and both their voices knitted together like two strips of velcro.

Carsten: Our little Blood Brother! Lizard is an incredible vocalist with a range that only dogs can hear. He's also a super cool person and kind of like the sixth member of The Curse. We love him to bits and he sung parts ABOVE Tony in many cases. Unbelievable.

Doogie: Not content with having one mad Scotsman in the band we have two!! It's almost like a wee Clan. Doogie is another Blood Brother and one who will be always with The Curse. Super cool guy with a super cool tone. Adds a real warmth to the Curse Choir!

Pamela: Sister f*****g Mary, can you f******g believe it ??? We're all massive QUEENSRYCHE fans and we approached Pamela and were delighted she said yes. She's got a super husky sexy voice, and she is so super sexy in person too. A real lovely girl with no airs or graces and was a pleasure to deal with. She sings a duet with Michael on Angels & Demons and like Fed-Ex she delivers!

In addition, the participation of Pamela can evoke lots of assumptions for how the song(s) she's guesting at may sound. How did you decide to invite her?

As the song began to take shape, the lyrics were suggesting a question and answer kinda of thing in the bridge and chorus where the Angel would speak first then the Demon would answer back. We could have easily asked Michael to add some light and shade hear, but the introduction of a female voice made it all the more interesting. So we brainstormed and came up with two names and approached both at the same time via email. Pamela came back immediately and loved the song and we called and spoke with her. It turned out she was 15 mins from Michael near Chicago. She then flew off to Seattle for rehearsals for QUEENSRYCHE's European Tour and she recorded the track up there in a studio when she had some time off. I managed to meet her in Glasgow in June when QUEENSRYCHE hit town, so that was really cool.

Angels & Demons you decided to offer as a digital download. Did you have enough hits to make you happy?

Yes, we've had it online for a week now and it's been played 5,500 times!!!

IRON MAIDEN vocalist Bruce Dickinson also played Angels & Demons in his BBC radio show recently; feel some kind of recognition in this one?

As a MAIDEN fan, absolutely! Bruce is a living legend and this is the second time that he has played EDEN'S CURSE on his show, that I know of. Very cool.

As always, did not have the chance to read the songs' lyrics 'till now; still, there's a track-by-track analysis posted on your official website. You feel there's something more to be added? I'd e.g. ask for more regarding the spirit of West Wind Blows (as long as it's not too 'personal') or Just Like Judas (personal experience?).

I think the track-by-track says it all. However, West Wind Blows was written about a close friend of my wife who was dating a Major in the British Army. This guy was a survival specialist and his passion was walking the mountains of Scotland. Two years ago he went up and never came back. His body has never been found to this day. The girl has moved on now, but in many ways there is no closure for her or his parents. A sad song for a sad situation. It's written from her perspective.

Just Like Judas is really all about someone we worked with letting us down by focusing on what we believe was a lesser opportunity instead of sharing the vision of greater success. Hellen Keller once said the most pathetic person on earth is the man with perfect sight and no vision.

Have you shot a video for the new album? Apart from the 'studio sessions' teaser, I mean. Is AFM Records supportive in shooting a video?

No, we haven't shot a video and, no, they are not supportive. It's a lot of money for just a bonus on a CD as the opportunities to get the video aired outwith YouTube are pretty limited. It comes out of budget too, and if it means compromising the quality of the record then it's a non-starter as far as we are concerned. Maybe in the future!

A second album with the same label brings good news. You're OK with them? Will they push you on tour in fall 2008? Any dates planned yet?

Yes it does! They did a great job on the debut, and not to forget our global partners Metal Mayhem (USA) and Spiritual Beast (Japan) either. They all collectively make up Team Curse. They need us and we need them. AFM want to watch how the album performs first and I guess the right tour package has to present itself. However, we are now working with a Management Company and their remit is to get the band a Booking Agent and some shows. It is our primary goal after the album promotion is done. I would say 2009 will be more realistic for us playing some shows.

OK Paul, thanks for this brief talk. Waiting for the retail release of The Second Coming and - I wish - this album strikes on even more Hard/Heavy souls worldwide! Anything you'd like to add?

Thanks dude! I expect this album to be a success for EDEN'S CURSE, and we aim to be around for many years to come. Thanks again for the support and we'll see everyone on the road in 2009!


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