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Paul Tucker (Sathanas)

Interview with Paul Tucker from Sathanas
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 07 June 2008, 6:41 AM

Crowned Infernal by SATHANAS was an album that blew me away with its honesty and passion. Quality Black/Thrash releases are hard to find nowadays and the US metallers are here to remind us that raw and uncompromising music is still here and never went away. Still having second thoughts? Let's see if the band's frontman Paul Tucker can convince you.

Hello Paul! Congratulations on your new album! Tell us a few things about SATHANAS. How did the whole story started?

It started back in 㥠. We released the demo ripping evil containing the track Jaws Of Satan, which got the ball rolling. We only were together for short time and split up due to personal problems, but I reformed the band again in 㥦. After the BATHYM project went through many lineup changes, but got good lineup now after all these years.

If I am not mistaken, you released two albums in 2007. Why did Hex Nefarious and Crowned Infernal got released at the same time?

Well Hex was released end of last year through Death To Mankind Records, so they were not released the same time. It's just Hex Nefarious is not getting the promotion Crowned Infernal has so it seems they are released the same time.

I had a question. Was BATHYM another version of SATHANAS or was it a completely different band?

It was different band, but I write music and did vocals for it, too. It has different members, but also those members also write some music, so it had little different sound. Not as evil as SATHANAS in my opinion.

Really, was it hard for you to find these two musicians? Especially an experienced drummer like Strauss.

Well Bill has been with me for about 15 years, Jim about 4. Both are great musicians and into SATHANAS. We are glad to have them aboard. They are a big inspiration for SATHANAS. Great style and attitude for this music, so they both add to SATHANAS.

Which bands have influenced your way of playing music?


How did you manage to sign a contract with Pulverised Records? Are you satisfied with their work until now?

We were in contact back in 㥫. They were supposed to release our Cruentus Diabolis MCD, but at the last minute they had some problems, so I looked elsewhere. Drakkar Productions then released it, but I was in contact with them again in 㤍. Noticing they were starting up again, Roy offered the release something new from us. I said what the hell, sounds good, so we released Entering The Diabolic Trinity through Pulverised. After that we were happy with Pulverised we decided to do another release. Then came Crowned Infernal. We were going to stay with Pulverised for another one, but they are busy with many bands now. We have interest from Pagan Records from Poland. They released our MCD Flesh For The Devil a few years back, so we will decide at the end of this year what label it will be.

You have changed many labels since your formation. Why is that?

Many reasons. Mostly cause few of them went under money problems. We are starting to get better offers, but most smaller labels can only do so much. Most can't put you on tour or pay studio costs. I have been lucky with that. Most of them did for us. Also Pulverised sent us to Europe in 㤎. Pagan said they would send us over in early 㤑 if we decide to go with them.

While looking at your Myspace page I found only two live dates. Is it because you are not much of a live band or you just haven't scheduled any more dates yet? Are you planning to do any touring to promote Crowned Infernal?

We have more shows. Just some are more local. In our area, the scene isn't too big. We do most shows in Ohio. We are playing more out of state, if it's worth the trip. Money, gas etc. We plan on coming to Europe again more than anything just because it's more dedicated there. USA seems to have some good place, but the travel expense doesn't seem worth it. Once again unless we get label to pay for that we need to make so much money, since we all have families etc.

Why did you choose Crowned Infernal as the title for your new album?

It just came to me!!!! I had few other choices, but after seeing the sketch from Wahlin, it seems to fit.

Crowned Infernal was produced by the one and only Tore Stjerna. Are you satisfied with the result? How was it working with him?

Hell yeah!! We are planning to use him again. Fucking great job. Should have used him earlier, but great to work with him now.

How did you manage to have Necrolord do the artwork? How did you get in touch with him?

I emailed him. He said he would be glad to do it. He was a fan of SATHANAS for many years. I plan on using him again in the future. Wait and see!!!

Thanks for your time and I wish SATHANAS all the best! Anything last you'd like to add?

Thanx for the interview!! Get your copy of Crowned Infernal. SATHANAS at its best!!! Until the next one, which I'm writing now. Even more brutal satanic thrash!!!!


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